Here A Fascist, There A Fascist, Everywhere A Fascist

The hysteria, and evident delusion, over the perceived sudden resurgence of fascism and the subsequent demonization of anyone who expresses conservative thought, supports Trump, or refuses to cave to the thrall of identity politics and political correctness on campuses, has given campus activists a new and potent tool in their campaign against any ideas they do not like –meaning, of course, any ideas that challenge their preconceived and leftist notions.

The Space Between Us

Abraham was acting on both occasions--the banishment of Ishmael and the sacrifice of Isaac--against his emotions, his paternal instincts. What is the Torah telling us about the nature of fatherhood?

The Conductor

As we grow up and become more independent, we tend to think that we are in charge and that everything is in our hands.

Q & A: Attending Weddings During Sefirah (Part I)

Question: My friends are getting married on Rosh Chodesh Sivan. I tried to convince them to do otherwise, as many people have a minhag not to attend weddings until three days before Shavuot. They told me they spoke to rabbis who allowed it. Is this right? May I attend? Name Withheld By Request

Fifty Years Of Plenty

Today, fifty years and six million (!) people later, Israel is truly a different world.

The Trump Mideast Plan: A Palestinian State Or Not?

The reported plan was instantly denounced by the Palestinians who said, rather amazingly, that it was plainly too pro-Israel.

A Dual Universe

What I believe we can take from this thought is the understanding that there is a dual universe, a spiritual-metaphysical universe that mirrors the physical one that we live in.

Rabbi Meyer Juzint: The Torah Scholar Who Made A Deal With God And...

How did a teenage Torah genius, armed only with the Word of God, survive so many near-death experiences?

Daf Yomi

Don’t Tread On Me ‘If One Consulted A Sage, He May Not Consult Another’ (Avodah Zarah 7a)

Good News For Yermiyahu – At Last

Pisgat Zev lives in the present, looks forward to the future, and remembers the past.

Dom Bruno Of Belgium: The Heroic Priest Who Saved 400 Jewish Lives

Dom Bruno was clearly a courageous man, risking his own life to save four hundred Jewish lives, most of them children.

Daf Yomi

The Greatest Reward Of Public Service ‘…[He] Who Leads The Public Gently …’ (Sanhedrin 92a)

Q & A: Praying In Other Languages (Part VII)

Question: When reciting a berachah in English, does a person fulfill his obligation if he says “Hashem” instead of “L-rd” or “G-d”? Yosef

Why Do We Sing Shalom Aleichem?

The Maharsha explains that each mitzvah in the Torah has two angels appointed over it, one good and one bad.


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