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Among Chasidim, this period is one of teshuvah, fasting, and selichot. And the Jewish Kabbalistic-ethical works talk about this period being one of teshuvah and introspection.

When Dentistry Meets Halacha: An Interview with Rabbi Dr. David Katz

I want to be very clear, though: Almost everybody holds that even if a kohen can attend medical or dental school, he cannot participate in any way shape or form in the actual dissection of a dead body.

Thirteen Outrages In The Rubashkin Prosecution

In denying a request from an AgriProcessors employee that she recuse herself from his criminal case, Judge Reade did not disclose to him or to Rubashkin’s trial lawyers that she had participated in the planning of the raid.

The Forward And Sholom Rubashkin

But it is questions about the treatment of workers that have rocked the industry.

The Times Gets The Vapors Over A Party Vote In Israel

It’s about time, though, that Mr. Abbas and perhaps the Times as well get over their pique at the president’s introduction of a new approach to a problem that has defied all the old ones.

President Trump And The Iran Protests

All of this is coming in the context of Mr. Trump’s vow to gut some of the key sweetheart deals the Iranians wangled out of the Obama/Kerry team.

Eim Habanim Smeicha

Mingled with laughter came the tears as she described the terrifying fear she endured every month before she opened the envelope with her latest test results.

My Broken Refrigerator And The Holocaust

When your yardstick for measuring pain and discomfort is the Holocaust, it’s difficult to get too upset about life’s minor problems – and that’s what they are.

The Mischlinge Expose

I wanted to try and begin to understand the unfathomable: How did such evil come about?

An End To The Madness

And what about the Jewish singles themselves? What are they doing to help alleviate the painful problem of not having found their soulmate?

Growth Or Fixed?

Think about a really successful person. Do you think this person achieved his or her success with little or no effort?

Rahel Bluwstein: Rahel the Poetess

Her parents provided private tutors for her general education in addition to her Hebrew learning. As a result, she began writing both Russian and Hebrew poetry at a young age.

A Feud for the Ages: A History of the Jews and the Church...

When the United States opened its doors to new immigrants, both Jews and Catholics responded in large numbers – and soon discovered that old prejudices had immigrated too.

Shevi’s Journey – Chapter XIII

"Yeah. That's… that's why I know it hurts. He pretends it doesn't, he ignores it and all, but… I know it hurts."

A Feud for the Ages: A History of the Jews and the Church...

Catholics like Father Coughlin weren't the only threat during this period.

Rising From The Depths

She becomes a typical American girl and suppresses all her Holocaust memories, never discussing them even with close friends.

Parshas Vayechi

Each one of us has his own role and path - so there is no reason to be jealous of another person.

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