UK to Ban Public Entities from Declaring Boycotts

Boycotts erode “community cohesion” and “overwhelmingly target Israel.”

Energean Discovers Gas off Israel’s Shore near Karish and Tanin Fields

“The economics of gas produced and sold from Block 12 are not subject to royalties payable to the original sellers of the Karish and Tanin leases."

Video: UK’s Boris Johnson Says Passover is About a ‘Journey to Freedom’

The British prime minister says Passover is about faith in the midst of hardship and a reminder that there will always be better times ahead.

Moshe Kantor Quits European Jewish Congress in Response to UK’s Blacklisting

“Dr. Kantor will be stepping back with immediate effect as President of the organization."

European Jewish Congress Shocked by UK’s Sanctioning Its President to ‘Starve Putin’s War Machine’

At the top of the list of the Russian elite supporting Putin, Foreign Secretary Truss included “Viatcheslav (Moshe) Kantor."

British Company Produces 1 Million Kosher-for-Passover Matzahs for Ukraine

Roughly 70,000 boxes were ordered; the packages will be sent to Hungary and then transferred to Ukraine.

Residents of London Town Throw Eggs at Jews, Scrawl Graffiti, says Watchdog Group

Community Security Trust is asking witnesses and victims to report the crimes to the police.

Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended After Russia Adds Ukraine-Linked Demands

European Union foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell said a “pause” in the nuclear talks was needed “due to external factors.”

Billionaire Roman Abramovich to Sell Chelsea FC, Donate From Sale to Help Victims of...

"In the current situation, I have therefore taken the decision to sell the club, as I believe this is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the employees, as well as the club's sponsors and partners," Abramovich said.

EU to Ban Russia from SWIFT, US Sanctions Putin, Ukraine to Get More Military...

Russian soldiers are finding the invasion tougher than they expected: A Russian soldier was heard on a radio call saying, “We don’t know who to shoot -- they all look like us.”

UK Government Launches Process to Outlaw BDS

MP Rob Jenrick: "BDS against Israel is all too often connected to antisemitism in the UK and does nothing to promote peace."

UK, European Union, Germany Impose Direct Sanctions on Russia

The UK imposed direct sanctions on five Russian banks and three wealthy individuals. Germany ordered a halt to the process of certifying the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

Israelis Not Leaving Ukraine, Russian Troops Not Leaving Belarus

UK Prime Minister: "“The plan that we’re seeing is for something that could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale."

UK’s Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive for COVID-19

Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth celebrated the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the British throne.

Russian Spokeswoman Asks Journalists for Schedule of Upcoming Russian Invasions to Plan her Vacation

On November 13, 2016, Zakharova caught flack for her acerbic humor and was even accused of antisemitism.

UK Jewish Group that Cursed Out Smotrich Loves Militant Horowitz’s Conversion Therapy Ban

Minister Horowitz dropped the clinical discussion of a weighty issue and switched to the language of religion.

Russia, Belarus Launch ‘Allied Resolve 2022’ Military Drill; UK Troops Prepare to Support NATO

Russian tanks could potentially reach the Ukraine capital of Kyiv within 48 hours, according to a US military and intelligence assessment.

Report: 2021 Saw Record Number of Antisemitic Incidents in the UK

CST recorded 2,255 antisemitic incidents in the UK in 2021, the highest total it has ever reported in a single year.

‘Very Inappropriate’: UK’s Board of Deputies Under Fire After Telling MK Smotrich to ‘Get...

Individuals and organizations castigated the Board of Deputies of British Jews for their inappropriate statement.

Largest UK Jewish Group to Smotrich: ‘Get Back on the Plane, Bezalel, and Live...

Poor Bezalel Smotrich. All he wanted to do was alert the Jewish communities in Europe about what he calls the dramatic changes the Israeli...

Comedian Jimmy Carr Learns Holocaust Jokes Can Be Career Enders

This is a disturbing step forward of the cancel culture, which no longer destroys comics for their misbehavior, but for the things they say in their acts.

Israel and UK Agree to Upgrade Free Trade Agreement, Will Remove Barriers on Imports...

The UK is Israel’s largest trading partner in Europe in terms of exports, and the third in the world in terms of exports and imports.

UK’s Power Station Lights Up Chimneys in Failed Attempt to Show Solidarity on Intl...

Olivia Marks-Woldman, chief executive of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust which organized the Light the Darkness campaign in Britain, issued a statement taking the blame.

Passengers on London Bus Shout Slur in Heavily Jewish Neighborhood

Member of Parliament Diane Abbott tweeted: “Shocking abuse and harassment of Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill Hackney. Important that the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice.”

Man Charged for Hate-Crime Attack on Two Jewish Men in North London

Malaki Thorpe, 18, is facing two counts of racially aggravated actual bodily harm and one count of possession of an offensive weapon.

London Police Arrest Man Who Assaulted 2 Haredi Jews Unprovoked

Stop Antisemitism posted both the video of the vicious, unprovoked attack and the man's arrest hours later.

UK Prosecutes Anonymous Troll for Antisemitic Attacks

"All those who think they can attack Jews anonymously and get away with it should pay heed."

More US Weapons Arrive in Ukraine, US Embassy Families Ordered to Leave, EU...

The State Dept. warned Americans that Russian military action anywhere in Ukraine would severely impact the embassy's ability to help US citizens leave the country.

2 Teens Arrested in UK, Possibly Linked to Texas Synagogue Attack

The FBI said its investigation has "global reach," adding the agency has already been in contact with multiple legal attache offices, "including in Tel Aviv and London."


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