UK’s Boris Johnson Calls on Iran to Admit Attacking Israeli-Managed Oil Tanker; Israel Vows...

"We must act right now against Iran, which . . .strives for a nuclear military achievement, a dangerous arms race and the crumbling of regional stability."

British Blame Iran for Attack on Israeli-Operated Ship In Gulf

A British national was one of those killed in the Iranian attack on the ship.

Ben & Jerry’s Graphic Designer Quits after 21 Years over Boycott, Texas & Oklahoma...

Israel’s ambassador to the US asked 35 US governors to enforce their states' laws which make it a crime to support the BDS.

British PM, FM Quarantined, Jewish School Returns to Remote Learning Due to Spiking COVID-19

Parents were told that the Borehamwood secondary school would switch to remote learning for the remainder of this semester.

US Issues Visa for 2-Year-Old Alta Fixsler, But Will UK Let Her Go?

"This is about saving a life, which everyone, no matter their politics, should believe in.”

Jerusalemite Renewing her British Passport Discovers She Was Born in ‘Occupied Palestine’

"I thought maybe they were confused because I live on a moshav of Gush Katif evacuees."

President Rivlin Asked Prince Charles to Let Jewish Baby Girl Go

"I know that representations have been made to HM Government on this matter, but I feel that the unique circumstances warrant a personal intervention on my part to you."

UK Judge Permits Euthanasia of Jewish Baby Against her Parents’ Wishes

This baby should be allowed to die in England because sending her to Israel would risk her life.

UK PM Boris Johnson Weds Carrie Symmonds in Quiet Ceremony

“The whole thing was conducted in great secrecy and carefully planned.”

Senior Hamas Leader Says on British TV: Israel Has No Right to Exist

On whether Hamas would speak to U.S. President Joe Biden, Mahmoud al-Zahar said: “Why not? Mr. Biden, yes, he is supporting Israel, but I think we have a mission as Palestinian people to speak to him frankly.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Slams Singer Dua Lipa for Anti-Israel Lies

With the kind of self-pity befitting a star, she noted: “This is the price you pay for defending Palestinian human rights."

‘It’s Terrifying to be a Jew in London,’ says Woman After Threats from Anti-Israel...

When asked if she thought the conflict in the Middle East enflames the situation in the United Kingdom, Emily said it does, adding: “Every time something big happens there, the anti-Semitism here rises.”

Labour Members Pushing to Adopt Peter Beinart’s, Richard Falk’s Definition of Anti-Semitism

Those nice academics claim that all they want to do is tighten the meaning of anti-Semitism so it won't include anti-Zionism.

It Took 36 Hours: London Modern Orthodox Shul Renovation Crowdfunding Exceeds Goal by $242K

In the last eight years, the community has experienced a revival and is currently among the fastest growing Jewish communities in the United Kingdom.

Ashkenazi to UK: Intl Community Must Act to Prevent Iranian Nuclear Weapons Capability

"The international community must act to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability. Not today and not in the future."

Cops Taser Muslim Convert Who Wanted to Shoot Jews in Doc Martin’s Cornwall County

He used Facebook Messenger and later his phone, to tell his acquaintance that wanted to kill Jewish people and needed a gun.

British PM Affirms Opposition to ICC War-Crimes Probe Against Israel

“We do not accept that the ICC has jurisdiction in this instance, given that Israel is not a party to the Statute of Rome and Palestine is not a sovereign state,” wrote British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

State of Israel, Chief Rabbi of UK Express Condolences on Passing of Prince Philip,...

"Prince Philip was the consummate public servant and will be much missed in Israel and across the world.”

Britain’s Prince Phillip Passes Away at Age 99

"As you can imagine, my family and I miss my father enormously. He was a much loved and appreciated figure."


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