Report: UK PM Truss Mulling Embassy Move to Jerusalem

A Downing Street spokesperson said Truss informed Lapid “about her review of the current location of the British Embassy in Israel.”

Palace Rearranges Fridays’ Meeting with King to Accommodate Chief Rabbi

"It was absolutely wonderful of them and characteristic of the King."

Shabbat Prayer UK Jews Can Recite for Queen Elizabeth II

“Clothed in strength and dignity, she spoke with wisdom and the law of kindness was on her tongue. She watched over the ways of her nation and never ate the bread of idleness,” reads Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom Ephraim Mirvis.

President Isaac Herzog Mourns the Passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

"On behalf of the whole State and people of Israel, I express my condolences to the Royal Family, to the King and the Queen Consort, to the people of the United Kingdom, and to all nations of the Commonwealth."

Liz Truss, Friend of Israel, Becomes UK’s 56th Prime Minister

This past August, she promised to "review" moving the British embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Anti-Zionist Who Was Suspended from Labour Joins Party’s National Executive Committee

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi also sought to offer "an alternative to the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM)'s pro-Israel agenda.

Meet Noor Dahri, Kind of a Muslim Tzadik

"This is the great example of Muslims Apartheid in Jerusalem"

Intense Flooding Swamps London’s Stamford Hill Neighborhood

Numerous other areas of the British capital are also flooded.

British Man Sentenced to ‘Youth-Offender Institution’ for Assault on Rabbi

Souraka Djabouri, 19, pleaded guilty to bodily harm without intent, theft and criminal damage for his attack on Rabbi Rafi Goodwin of Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue.

2 Israelis Killed, 3 Injured in UK Hit-and-Run

A father and daughter, residents of Rosh Pina, were killed, and the daughter's partner and their two children were injured.

Shiite Vandals Storm Azerbaijan’s London Embassy

It should be noted that 85% of Azerbaijan’s population are Shia Muslims.

Shirtless Conservative Councilman Suspended for 5 Years over Antisemitic Posts

When asked if his constituents deserved an explanation about his 5-year suspension, he answered, “No.”

Record-Breaking Temperatures Threaten Europe, Mediterranean, New York & New Jersey

The British government declared a national “state of emergency” in response to the weather conditions.

UK Seizes Iranian Missiles Headed for Yemen

The incident provides documentation that Tehran is arming the Houthi rebels with advanced weaponry, smuggled through the Persian Gulf.

Boris Johnson to Resign by Lunchtime

Johnson was as friendly to Israel as a British PM can be.

A Year Past Gaza Skirmishes Hundreds of British Youths Renovate Bomb Shelters in Ashdod

"It was sad o hear from the neighbors about the missiles and that they had to go down to the shelter quickly to protect themselves."

PM Johnson Facing Conservative Recall, Labour Leadership Rejects Corbyn

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is probably going to suffer defeat in this month’s special election in Wakefield.

UK to Ban Public Entities from Declaring Boycotts

Boycotts erode “community cohesion” and “overwhelmingly target Israel.”

Energean Discovers Gas off Israel’s Shore near Karish and Tanin Fields

“The economics of gas produced and sold from Block 12 are not subject to royalties payable to the original sellers of the Karish and Tanin leases."

Video: UK’s Boris Johnson Says Passover is About a ‘Journey to Freedom’

The British prime minister says Passover is about faith in the midst of hardship and a reminder that there will always be better times ahead.

Moshe Kantor Quits European Jewish Congress in Response to UK’s Blacklisting

“Dr. Kantor will be stepping back with immediate effect as President of the organization."

European Jewish Congress Shocked by UK’s Sanctioning Its President to ‘Starve Putin’s War Machine’

At the top of the list of the Russian elite supporting Putin, Foreign Secretary Truss included “Viatcheslav (Moshe) Kantor."

British Company Produces 1 Million Kosher-for-Passover Matzahs for Ukraine

Roughly 70,000 boxes were ordered; the packages will be sent to Hungary and then transferred to Ukraine.

Residents of London Town Throw Eggs at Jews, Scrawl Graffiti, says Watchdog Group

Community Security Trust is asking witnesses and victims to report the crimes to the police.

Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended After Russia Adds Ukraine-Linked Demands

European Union foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell said a “pause” in the nuclear talks was needed “due to external factors.”

Billionaire Roman Abramovich to Sell Chelsea FC, Donate From Sale to Help Victims of...

"In the current situation, I have therefore taken the decision to sell the club, as I believe this is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the employees, as well as the club's sponsors and partners," Abramovich said.

EU to Ban Russia from SWIFT, US Sanctions Putin, Ukraine to Get More Military...

Russian soldiers are finding the invasion tougher than they expected: A Russian soldier was heard on a radio call saying, “We don’t know who to shoot -- they all look like us.”


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