UK Cabinet Secretary Warns Pro-Hamas Protests Are ‘Descending into Darkness’ of Antisemitism

Gove will also urge peers to support his bill banning British public entities from boycotting Israel.

Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Tells Harvard to Embrace Western Values

In January, Griffin suspended his donations to Harvard over its handling of antisemitism on campus.

London Mayor Khan Says There Must Be Equally Strong Criticism of Hamas and Netanyahu

Khan suggested the Chief Rabbi's criticisms of him had an Islamophobic motive.

Brace Yourselves, America. Summer Rage is Back.

"It is the time to escalate!" "Whatever you have." "Wherever you are." "Join us." "Cause this is the time." "This is the time to escalate!"

London Shoah Memorial Covered Up, Guarded During Anti-Israel Protest

"It is shameful. Seeing this, it feels like they are winning," said Noemi Ebenstein, an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor.

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming to Gaza, Maybe

The UN reported that a pier for the US-led project to bring aid into the Gaza Strip came under fire.

UK House of Commons Leader Calls on Britain to Emulate Israel

“Israel’s long-sightedness and ability to find long-term consensus on defense policy” should be something Britain proudly emulates, according to Mordaunt.

UK Joins US to Impose Sanctions on Iran

Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced the sanctions while attending the G7 Foreign Ministers' meeting in Capri.

From Putin to Biden the World Is Trying to Curb Israel’s Deterrence

Democracies must take up arms to put down a bully, otherwise, as history taught us, the bully just gets bigger and bigger.

G7 Condemns Iran’s Attack on Israel, Working to Avoid Escalation

"With its actions, Iran has further stepped toward the destabilization of the region and risks provoking an uncontrollable regional escalation. This must be avoided."

UK Honor-Based Crimes Up 62% in 2 Years

Such crime is not only on the rise but has also become more “severe,” said a U.K. family lawyer. Since 2016, honor crimes in the U.K. have reportedly risen by nearly 200%.

Survey: Only 1 in 4 UK Muslims Believe Hamas Committed Atrocities

Younger, well-educated Muslims were most likely to deny Hamas's Oct. 7 crimes..

US Sanctions NGO Fundraising for Hamas

Gaza Now and its founder Mustafa Ayash, as well 'Al-Qureshi Executives' and 'Aakhirah Limited', and their director Aozma Sultana, partnered on multiple fundraising efforts for Hamas.

Feeling Unsafe, Nova Survivors Leave UK after Encounter with Manchester Antisemitic Cops

“If this is how the cops treat civilians, I don't want to be here." Mind you, this guy stood up to the murderous Hamas hordes.

Nova Concert Survivors Bullied by UK Cops So They Won’t Repeat What They’re Doing...

"Survivors of the October 7 terrorist attack on the Re’im Music Festival were discriminated against by UK Border Force."

Pro-Hamas Antisemites Call to Boycott Jewish Actor Cast as James Bond 007

British-Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33, has been cast in the role for the next film in the James Bond series.

UK’s Princess Kate Undergoing Chemo After Cancer Diagnosis

The princess asked for privacy while she undergoes the necessary treatment, which began in mid-February.

UK Threatens Arms Embargo If Israel Won’t Allow Red Cross Access to Hamas Prisoners,...

Cameron’s preaching to the victims of violence is part of Christianity’s replacement doctrine just as the Arab hostility toward Zionism is its replacement doctrine.

Israel Spokesman Suspended After Testy Exchange with British Foreign Secretary

The United Kingdom’s Tel Aviv embassy lodged a complaint with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

Arab Israeli Granted Asylum in Britain, Claiming ‘Hostile Attention’ If He Returns Home

In their request for asylum, attorneys claimed "Hassan" would be at risk of "hostile attention" if he were to return to Israel. Was he facing deportation? If so, for what reason? No explanation provided.

Pro-Hamas Protesters in Britain Destroy Historic Painting of Lord Balfour

Lord Balfour authored the Balfour Declaration of 1917 while serving as Britain's foreign minister.

US, UK Designation of ‘Settlers’ Lacked Basic Checks with Israeli Law Enforcement

Six of the seven men were not known to the Shin Bet or Israel Police, an investigation shows.

Man ‘Taken Back to 1930s Germany’ when his Birthplace ‘Israel’ Was Scribbled Out by...

They said the affair made them feel “as if we had been taken back to 1930s Germany.”

Leeds University’s Jewish Chaplain Moved Off Campus Following Threats

“Such attacks on any individual are unacceptable and will not be tolerated from members of the public or our university community,” the university stated.

Honenu to Defend Israelis Sanctioned by US, UK, France

"We expect the Israeli government to make it clear to those known as 'our friends overseas' that it will not allow this injustice to take place."

Labour Drops Candidate Who Claimed Israel Invited Hamas to Kill Its Citizens

Ali apologized “unreservedly” for his comment, but it was too late.

UK FM Cameron Mulling Recognizing a Palestinian State to Make It Inevitable

To put it bluntly: what the Arabs need to do to get themselves a Palestinian State is raid Israel and pick up as many hostages as they can.

Muslim Terrorist Neutralized in London by Jews at Kay’s Kosher Supermarket

Two Jewish workers managed to fend him off with a shopping cart, and several customers grabbed floor mops to help.

Labour MP Suspended for Calling Gaza War Genocide

"We believe Ms. Osamor was perfectly aware of what she was saying and therefore view her apology as utterly hollow.”

Air Strikes Target Houthi Military Sites in Yemen’s Red Sea Port City of Hodeida

The attacks are likely aimed at a fresh delivery of ballistic and naval missiles recently transferred to the area by Houthi terrorists with help from Iran and Hezbollah.


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