Poll: Half of Brits Say They Don’t Know the Meaning of Anti-Semitism

Respondents ages 65 and up were not confused by the term: 71% said they understood it, only 23% did not.

London Beit Din Dayan Resigns, Cites Falling Short of Standards

Rabbi Abraham said he had been “under exceptional strain and stress for some time which has taken its inevitable toll."

Corbyn Pelted with Egg Near London Mosque

The attack took place while Corbyn was visiting the Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park, at the heart of his own election district, Islington North.

UK Banning Hezbollah Terror Group

"It is clear the distinction between Hezbollah’s military and political wings does not exist."

7 UK Lawmakers Quit Labour Party Over Anti-Semitism

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is now due to decide whether to open a full statutory investigation into anti-Semitic discrimination and victimization within the Labour party.

In Tel Aviv, British Experts Warn of Anti-Semitism Across the UK

The talk served as a call to action for the English-speaking audience in the room to do what they can to support the embattled Jewish community.

Oxford University in England Debating Ban on Kosher Meat

“The vote to ban kosher food only makes the diversity issue worse.”

Labour General Secretary: Only 12 out of 673 Anti-Semitism Complaints Resulted in Expulsion

Labour received another 433 complaints about people who turned out not to be in the party at all.

Stamford Hill Agudah Housing Group Wins Discrimination Lawsuit

"“I don’t understand why they would want to live in this project – there are Hasidic men, with their sidelocks and beards, speaking in a language which they wouldn’t understand."

Leftists Appalled as Ocasio-Cortez, Corbyn, Share ‘Lovely and Wide-Reaching’ Phone Call

85% of British Jews think Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic. When was the last time 85% of Jews agreed on anything?

Jewish UK Television Star Gets Extra Protection After Public Bouts with Labour Anti-Semites

"It's got to the point where I can't look at my Twitter feed anymore ... it's just a constant stream," she said.

Elbit Delivers Training Simulator to British Army

The Joint Fires Mobile Trainer is now in active service with the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Fire Support Teams of the 1st Artillery Brigade.

UK Brings Remains of 6 Holocaust Victims to Final Rest in Jewish Cemetery

A memorial garden is to be built on the site where the six victims have been laid to rest.

Haredi Parents Consider Underground Schooling to Escape LGBT Curricular Requirements

Stopping short of threatening to haul yeshiva students into reeducation camps, the guide prohibits yeshivas to teach that same-sex marriages "should not be recognized as being lawful."

For the First Time, IAF to Fly with RAF in ‘Cobra Warrior’

It's also the first time the two sets of air force pilots have trained openly together.

UK: Bill Against Terrorist Incitement in PA Schools Introduced in Parliament

Research shows that the word “peace” does not appear in any text used in PA schools.

Labour Politician Who Said Jews’ Fears Were ‘In Their Own Heads’ Rehabilitated

She said Israel “drives peoples to be hostile to the Jewish community in this country.”

Jewish Groups Rebuke Tottenham Fans for Calling Themselves ‘Yid Army’

The Jewish Tottenham fans use the term as an in-your-face against their opponents who use similar terms as a form of racism and anti-Semitism.

Manchester Terrorist Shouted ‘Allah’ During New Year’s Eve Attack in UK

“The guy, his exact words were, he said, ‘As long as you keep bombing other countries, this short of sh#$#t is going to keep happening,’"

Report: Virgin Airlines to Transport Eurovision Fans from UK, Launch Israel Route

Earlier this month, Israeli-born Shai Weiss was named as Virgin Atlantic's new CEO.

UK Army Used Rafael ‘Drone Dome’ to Beat Gatwick Drone

British police tried to fight off the pesky drones that caused the total suspension of air traffic at Gatwick, but the off-the-shelf DJI drone tracking system could not measure up to the hostile drones.

Landlord Tells Hackney Haredi Tenants their Mezuzahs Must Be Removed

"Otherwise, we will have to do so on behalf of the freeholder and any charges incurred in performing these services will be applied to the offending leaseholder's account."

Police Want to Question Tycoon Lev Leviev in Diamond Smuggling Affair

Police suspect the smuggling was carried out between 2008 and 2018, and are focusing their investigation on Lev Leviev's LLD Diamonds.

UK Police Open Criminal Investigation into Secret Labour Party Anti-Semitic Hate Dossier

"Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite under whose leadership the once fiercely anti-racist Labour Party has become institutionally anti-Semitic and an existential threat to British Jews.”

5M Pound Sterling Donation to Imperial College, London Continues Tradition of Support by Dangoor...

“We trust this gift will assist the university to remain at the forefront of many of the breakthroughs in medical research, creativity, invention and innovation with which it has become synonymous.”


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