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Driving home from the mountains Sunday afternoon, our 16-year-old son asked us if we would like to listen to him read from his favorite book on emunah. He calls the book ‘his magic’ and reads from both this volume and the second one on a regular basis. He is always sharing the inspirational ideas he reads with anyone at home or in yeshiva.

The summer had just begun. We had been looking for work options for our son. Many of his friends easily found work through family connections and did not struggle to find opportunities to earn some spending money during school breaks. Our son very much did not want to be left idle during the summer months.


He had made it through a difficult year but the books, volumes 1 and 2, had often been his source of strength and springboard for growth. As we traveled down route 87 our son randomly opened to section called, “No one Can Touch What is Yours.” Yossi read with joy and conviction. It was heart warming to hear him communicate such important concepts. Our son was particularly delighted when the author wrote, “If Hashem wants a person to have something, he will have it, and no one in the world can take away what is coming to to him.”

After we went to the rest stop and got back into the car we suddenly heard Yossi shout “I got a job!” Here we were, trapped in our car, not looking at any classifieds or setting up interviews and Yossi receives a phone message about an unforeseen job opportunity.

One of his friends had just been offered a job to help set up a camp in Vermont and thought to ask the rabbi if our son could also be hired to help.

Yossi was overjoyed. He would be able to spend hours with his friend with whom he had been learning for the past year in Israel and get paid for it too. The job would only entail two days of work, but it meant the world to Yossi. The timing could not have been better.

Our son enthusiastically thanked his friend for his help. Then, he also thanked the One Above for His.

And the next day, a co-worker at the camp helped to arrange that our son become a counselor for the remainder of the summer.

Getting work this summer really was like magic!


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