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September 2, 2015 / 18 Elul, 5775
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How to End the Israel-Hamas War


Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90

Originally published at Rubin Reports.

A lot of people have asked the purpose of Israel’s defensive war against Hamas. Some, including those supposedly expert on the region, have been mystified. They cannot seem to figure out what is going on or what the goal of this Israeli operation could be.

The answer is simple. Given the premise that Hamas is in a permanent state of war with Israel and will attack Israel whenever it can get away with it, Israel needs to do three things.

First, show Hamas that it cannot daily attack Israel and Israeli civilians without a cost.

Second, show Hamas that the cost is unsustainable and that it needs to keep the peace or suffer massive losses to its governmental, economic, and military infrastructure. This includes a personal cost to those who have taken the lead in attacking Israel and especially to those who have organized terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

Third, remove from Hamas the means of making war by destroying its rockets, missiles, and other weaponry. Of course, they will rebuild but it is better to have an enemy that must start over again from near-zero than one that is adding thousands of weapons onto the thousands it already possesses, including the addition of more advanced arms and especially longer-range missiles.

Ending the current fighting in the Gaza Strip is also simple. There are two requirements: an international willingness to do it and an important decision from the new Egyptian government.

Ideally, the world would help overthrow the illegal Hamas regime that represses people in the Gaza Strip and repeatedly drags them into costly and losing wars with their stronger neighbor. But that’s not going to happen. So the next best-thing is a ceasefire that will last several years at least. While Hamas still has ties with Iran, and some factions are closer to Tehran, the Gaza regime’s real patron is Egypt. Both places are ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

We have been constantly told that the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt is really moderate. The Obama Administration helped put that government into power. Yes, it won elections but from January 2011 onward, Washington basically backed the Brotherhood in a number of ways. The U.S. government has constantly defended the Brotherhood as being moderate and criticized the Egyptian military when it tried to keep that group out of power.

So the Egypt government supposedly wants to focus on domestic affairs and doesn’t want to be dragged into war with Israel. It is being given huge amounts of goodies without any apparent conditions. This includes a staggering $6.4 billion in loans from the European Union; $4.5 billion from the International Monetary Fund, and $450 million from the United States, plus another $1 billion plus in U.S. military aid.

Perhaps Egypt can do something in exchange for all of this political support and money, including loans that will never be repaid. Let Cairo make clear to its Hamas clients that it wants a real ceasefire and does not accept Hamas periodically firing large numbers of rockets, missiles, and mortars, plus cross-border attacks, on Israel. Egypt wants quiet in order to deal with its tremendous problems of poverty, pending bankruptcy, and also the regime’s program to turn Egypt into an Islamist state.

I could add cynically—but accurately—that it also wants time to lower the status of women, install ever-larger amounts of Sharia law, and intimidate Christians into servitude. But these things apparently don’t really bother the West so they are going to happen any way without real leverage being applied.

Egypt can let all the food and goods anyone wants to enter the Gaza Strip across their mutual border. It can at the same time prevent the crossing of weapons, including motors for rockets and Iranian-made missiles. The Cairo government can help Hamas raise the living standards in the Gaza Strip as high as it wants without helping it destroy them by going to war. The truth is that the Egyptian government may issue statements to a credible Western media from time to time that it’s cracking down on the smuggling of arms into the Gaza Strip but that regime actually needs to do something real.

The same applies to permissiveness toward cross-border raids from Egyptian territory into Israel. Again, there have been lots of Western media items about how much Egypt is doing to stop such attacks or arrest those involved. The problem is that these efforts have been token ones mainly directed at ensuring the terrorists don’t attack the Egyptian military and don’t launch operations too often.

There has been a lot of talk in ruling circles in Egypt about revising the peace treaty with Israel. Well, Israel is open to negotiating an increase in the level of Egyptian military presence in the eastern Sinai as long as the additional soldiers are stopping smuggling into the Gaza Strip and the use of Egyptian territory to attack Israel instead of taking bribes and looking the other way, or even helping the terrorists.

One is free to look at such a solution in two ways. If you want, you can believe that Egypt really is ruled by moderates who put peace and prosperity over jihad in their priorities’ list or, alternatively, it is equally okay to think that the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt is quite radical but that its interests dictate restoring calm and avoiding war for several years to come even though they would prefer otherwise.

What makes the difference is Israeli credibility, willingness to defend itself, and ability to do so effectively.

It is now the job of the United States, whose president has spoken and acted as if the government in Egypt is his client, and all the vaunted leverage that the U.S. government says it has gained in the Arabic-speaking world through various actions over the last four years. America and Europe need to use the aid and backing they have given to Egypt as a way to get something in return.

Israel is refraining from a ground attack at the urging of Western countries, and especially the United States, if it eventually gets something in return.

So far, Hamas has been turning down the efforts by Egypt and Qatar to broker a ceasefire, making huge and ridiculous demands. Hamas is banking on the idea that the suffering of Gaza’s people–a suffering that it adds to and fictionalizes–will bring enough Western sympathy to force Israel to stop fighting without conditions. It is not in anyone else’s interests to let this happen.

Originally published at Rubin Reports.

About the Author: Professor Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. See the GLORIA/MERIA site at www.gloria-center.org.

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22 Responses to “How to End the Israel-Hamas War”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hamas will probably stop, when the illegal state of israel gives back the land to its owners. when the illegal measures for the legal owners, palestinians stop and when the military leaders and soldiers responsible for daily torture and terror come before the court of war crimes in europe. this stuff has to stop and UN as well as Nato have to step in to bring a stop on israel terror.

  2. Anonymous says:

    'So the next best-thing is a ceasefire that will last several years at least.'
    The best thing is a shamed and defeated Hamas as a message to the Islamic world that Israel will still fight and soundly defeat those who attack them.
    How sad that you have such low expectations of another useless ceasefire that will be broken again in a matter of days and how foolish to trust MB Egypt for anything.
    Israel's political leadership seem to be well trained by years of restraint and pressure from dubious allies who always come to the rescue of Israel's enemies to never finish the job?

  3. Robert Birdwell says:

    Ain't going to happen. The Muslim Brotherhood understands only three things. Pain, suffering and death to all non Muslims.

    Nuke 'em!

  4. Tim Upham says:

    Plain and simple. Just have Hamas recognize the State of Israel.

  5. Rivka Cubine says:

    Sorry, you've been misinformed. Better do some real research to learn the truth. Israelis not illegal, we never stole any land, there never was ANY sovereign county in this land besides Israel – Ever at any time in History – NEVER. We would live in peace with any who wanted to live in peace with us. There are no War Crimes except the crimes of the constant lies and attacks from our neighbors.

  6. Josh Jaye says:

    Israel OWNS the Land that the arabs are occupying at this time. Israel is also financially supporting the welfare-arabs of Gaza. People who believe that Israel is the problem/terrorists, are completely Ignorant of the situation and History of both groups. Arabs occupying Gaza have lobbed hundreds of rockets at Israeli citizens. Does Israel have the right to defend herself? ABSOLUTELY. The ignorant people who accuse Israel of being at fault for everything that happens, really should do a bit of research and educate themselves. You don't know what the hell you are talking about…Obviously….BTW..there is no such people as "moderate muslims"; and no such people as "Palestinians", only self-named Nomadic Arabs. (choosing to live as they lived in the Dark Ages).

  7. Josh Jaye says:

    ISRAEL, how can you trust ANYONE in the West, and especially the American Govt and Barack Hussein Obama? You see what he has done to America? He is a muslim, what do you believe he will do for you? He is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. 50% of Americans know this. The other 50% just want Free Stuff. Take care of your people; defend them. Please don't expect help from the American Govt. You will be sorely disappointed. America is ARMING YOUR ENEMIES!

  8. Aishah Bz says:

    Wake up dis is not la la land

  9. Ruth Hirt says:

    Eat your German apple cake, lady. It must be, you belong to Hamas. Any self-respecting person won't think such as this. You know what Hamas is doing.

  10. Ruth Hirt says:

    Brother, it can't happen just like that. For one thing, they are blind as they are obstinate for being created to "… kill, steal and destroy … " John 10:10 (Who is that?)

  11. Josh Jaye says:

    Exactly what do the muslims think will happen, when they fire rockets into Israel? Muslims provoke Israel. Israel OWNS that Land, and you muslims will NEVER own it. NEVER! One day, according to OUR God (the REAL and ONLY God), you muslims will slaughter each other. It cannot come too soon for those of us who live in the West. Americans are not as helpless as the people in the Middle East. ALL of us are ARMED. We are not "afraid" of muslims. We are waiting for them to BRING IT ON!

  12. Josh Jaye says:

    We are not asleep. Dis is not La La Land either. Why do you think that ALL Americans are ARMED? You have no idea of what is true or false about Americans. All you know is RUMORS that you have heard. Never assume anything.

  13. Please take a look at the map. Tell the Jordanians, the Turks, the Saudis, the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Egyptians, the Libyian, the Kuwaitis, the Syrians, the Sudanese camped outside Israel (and all the other imposters from Islamic nation.. plus some) … remove yourselves from the land God gave Abraham-Isaac-Jacob FOREVER. Israel is surrounded by the descendants of Hagar, Esau, Lot (and all the ‘ites’) who harass Israel day and night.

    Israel, forget the Quartet; forget the Roadmap – these are just divisive plans to divide you land further and “make you a nation no more.” May ANY nation who stretches out their hand to divide Israel be CURSED; may CATASTROPHE visit them and their LEADERS (especially) … AND would everyone living CARELESSLY in comfort ARISE and declare the WORD OF GOD which CLEARLY PROPHESIES judgment upon the Islamic nations that just have to add the tiny land of Israel to their already disproportionate abuse of the globe.

    These are the descendants of the Assyrian terrorists who subdued the Middle East with such atrocities as beheading, dismembering, disembowelment, ripping a child from the womb. They threaten the world with prolonged wars that deplete national treasuries; they practice extortion in the form of the Islamic $tribute$ and in every part of the world where Islam dominates a nation or region, you will find dumping grounds full of mutilated bodies whose blood cries out to God day and night.

    These people taught the world "terrorism." Our only chance? Get real and actually unite together to proclaim what the Spirit has already declared; the Spirit knows the end from the beginning and foresaw that this demonic dirge would continue into this day and hour. In fact, we are supposed to be prophesying to this people, "Come out of Babylon… come out of this perverse system of of idolatry"… and here are just some of the reasons we should be active and MOBILIZED against this demonic force:


    (Joel 3, Obadih, Psalm 83, Amos1):
    God Himself is speaking directly to Hezbollah (Tyre & Sidon) and Hamas (Philistia) and challenges them over their blood lust against the Jewish people. Their fight against Israel is in reality a declaration of war on God Himself… and so, these nations which have done the following against Israel will be severely punished… BECAUSE

    1. They scattered Israel amongst the nations (Joel 3);.
    2. They divided up my land, Israel (Joel 3);.
    3. They cast lots for my peope; given a boy for an harlot and sold a girl for wine so that they might drink (Joel 3);.
    4. They have taken my gold and silver (Joel 3);.
    5. They carried into their temples My goodly pleasant treasures (Joel 3);.
    6. My children you have sold to the Grecians; who remove them far from their border (Joel 3);.
    7. Because they turned my people over to Edom/Idumeans/Esau=Philistines=Palestinians (Amos 1:3-8);.
    8. Because they REFUSED to remember the brotherly covenant Esau/Jacob (Amos 1:9);.
    9. Because Esau/Edom/Palestinians pursued Jacob/Jews with a sword and did cast off all pity; and his anger did tear perpetually (Amos 1:)
    10. Because the Palestinians refused to give up their wrath against Israel, who is Jacob (Amos 1:);.
    11. Because they have ripped the women with child that they might enlarge their border (Amos 1:13);.
    12. Because they offered burnt offerings of their own sons and white-washed the walls with their ashes (worship to their ancient gods, common practice – Molech – 'passed their children though fire' = 'human sacrifice'); This is still being practiced in the Middle East every time Suicide Bombers slap on their bomb vests;.
    13. Because they have lifted up their head (pride, arrogance, ascention/deception) and taken crafty counsel against Gods people (Psalm 83);.
    14. Because they have consulted together with one consent and formed a Confederacy against Israel (Psalm 83);.
    14. Because they say, "… let us cast off Israel from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be no more remembered;.
    16. Because they have joined together and said, "Let us take to ourselves the houses of God for a possession” (Psalm 83:12);.

    God Judges the (Islamic) Nations (Joel 3, Obadih, Psalm 83, Amos1).

    God says, Because of all these things, "Let these Confederate (Islamic) Nations be confounded and troubled; Let them be put to shame and perish… as they have done to Israel measure this back again with interest.”.

    I stand in agreement with God’s judgment upon the Islamic nations according to the Word of God:

    “Let judgment rain upon you because of 2000+ years of harassment against God’s purposes & plans. Lord, Judge these terrorists who have harassed the nations generation upon generation; entrap them in their own snares & devices; cause them to fall upon their own swords (weapons); confound them; turn them upon themselves; harass them day and night; let them find no shelter or rest except in repentance and turning. Expose them in the hidden places or upon the mountaintops as if at noonday; bewilder & frustrate them; set up ambushments against them; cut off their water and food supply; cause their weapons to malfunction, make their way extremely difficult; wear them out by turning every effort to failure; take away their peace; and finally, Lord.

    “OPEN our eyes so that we see the Armies of the Lord awaiting our command to arise and declare the Word You have clearly laid out before us; You know the beginning from the End and have told us the outcome. For the peace of Jerusalem, destroy these nations.”.

    “Come out of Babylon … come out of idolatry and be saved or receive the recompense for all generations of iniquity against God.” In Yeshua ha'mashiach Holy Name. Amen


  14. As we all know, Islamic policy is to pretend friendship, agreement or covenant and then stab their victim in the back when they least expect. Stay vigilant.

    Declare the Word of God if you desire “peace for Jerusalem.” Obviously (from what the Word says); the “blood lust” of Islam must be brought to an end (Psalms83, Joel3, Obadiah, Amos-1), God’s way. This won’t happen by tippy toeing around the Islamic Caliphate (Leviathan, coming up out of the sea); and especially not by dividing up the land of Israel.

    The first attempt at appeasing this demonic monster was when Britain betrayed Israel after the Balfour Declaration of 1926. Israel was forced to give up half of the land God gave Abraham-Isaac-Jacob in an effort to establish the Palestinian state known as TransJordan. This did not appease the devil.

    May all the imposters, poachers & squatters sitting outside the gates of Jerusalem reap the CURSE brought upon themselves by fighting against the God of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob; whose God is NOT the god of Islam or Mohammed, moon god, “alah” found in Isaiah 14:14:

    Isaiah 14:13-15 13 You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God; I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north; 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’ 15 But you are brought down to Sheol, to the far reaches of the pit.

    FYI, the Hebrew word for “ascend” is “alah” – Yeshua ha'mashiach watched this angel cast down from the heights (Hebrew word = “bamah”) out of heaven like lightning (Hebrew word = “baraq”).

    Unite and PROCLAIM the WORD of GOD because unlike all other religions, the WORD of GOD is living, and terrible and final.



  15. Doesn't anybody read their Bible! If you will search out "alah," not only will you find "alah" in Isaiah 14:14, you will DISCOVER the following:

    5928 עֲלָוָה [ʿalah /al·law/] n f. Corresponding to 5930; TWOT 2909e; GK 10545; AV translates as “burn offerings” once. 1 burnt offering, holocaust.

    5927 סָלַק, עָלָה [ʿalah /aw·law/] v. A primitive root; TWOT 1624; GK 6158 and 6590; 889 occurrences; AV translates as “(come”, “etc …) up” 676 times, “offer” 67 times, “come” 22 times, “bring” 18 times, “ascend” 15 times, “go” 12 times, “chew” nine times, “offering” eight times, “light” six times, “increase” four times, “burn” three times, “depart” three times, “put” three times, “spring” twice, “raised” twice, “arose” twice, “break” twice, “exalted” twice, and translated miscellaneously 33 times. 1 to go up, ascend, climb. 1A (Qal). 1A1 to go up, ascend. 1A2 to meet, visit, follow, depart, withdraw, retreat. 1A3 to go up, come up (of animals). 1A4 to spring up, grow, shoot forth (of vegetation). 1A5 to go up, go up over, rise (of natural phenomenon). 1A6 to come up (before God). 1A7 to go up, go up over, extend (of boundary). 1A8 to excel, be superior to. 1B (Niphal). 1B1 to be taken up, be brought up, be taken away. 1B2 to take oneself away. 1B3 to be exalted. 1C (Hiphil). 1C1 to bring up, cause to ascend or climb, cause to go up. 1C2 to bring up, bring against, take away. 1C3 to bring up, draw up, train. 1C4 to cause to ascend. 1C5 to rouse, stir up (mentally). 1C6 to offer, bring up (of gifts). 1C7 to exalt. 1C8 to cause to ascend, offer. 1D (Hophal). 1D1 to be carried away, be led up. 1D2 to be taken up into, be inserted in. 1D3 to be offered. 1E (Hithpael) to lift oneself.

    Strong, J. (2001). Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

    Strong, J. (2001). Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

  16. Isaiah 14:14 concerning "alah" – the angel that was cast down:

    5927 סָלַק, עָלָה [ʿalah /aw•law/] v. A primitive root; TWOT 1624; GK 6158 and 6590; 889 occurrences; AV translates as “(come”, “etc …) up” 676 times, “offer” 67 times, “come” 22 times, “bring” 18 times, “ascend” 15 times, “go” 12 times, “chew” nine times, “offering” eight times, “light” six times, “increase” four times, “burn” three times, “depart” three times, “put” three times, “spring” twice, “raised” twice, “arose” twice, “break” twice, “exalted” twice, and translated miscellaneously 33 times. 1 to go up, ascend, climb. 1A (Qal). 1A1 to go up, ascend. 1A2 to meet, visit, follow, depart, withdraw, retreat. 1A3 to go up, come up (of animals). 1A4 to spring up, grow, shoot forth (of vegetation). 1A5 to go up, go up over, rise (of natural phenomenon). 1A6 to come up (before God). 1A7 to go up, go up over, extend (of boundary). 1A8 to excel, be superior to. 1B (Niphal). 1B1 to be taken up, be brought up, be taken away. 1B2 to take oneself away. 1B3 to be exalted. 1C (Hiphil). 1C1 to bring up, cause to ascend or climb, cause to go up. 1C2 to bring up, bring against, take away. 1C3 to bring up, draw up, train. 1C4 to cause to ascend. 1C5 to rouse, stir up (mentally). 1C6 to offer, bring up (of gifts). 1C7 to exalt. 1C8 to cause to ascend, offer. 1D (Hophal). 1D1 to be carried away, be led up. 1D2 to be taken up into, be inserted in. 1D3 to be offered. 1E (Hithpael) to lift oneself.

    5928 עֲלָוָה [ʿalah /al•law/] n f. Corresponding to 5930; TWOT 2909e; GK 10545; AV translates as “burn offerings” once. 1 burnt offering, holocaust.

  17. If OUR President is a muslim (which he is not) why did he help ISrael create the Iron Dome which is knocking down the rockets like flies? That makes absolutely NO SENSE. JP Seuss

  18. Josh Jaye says:

    President George Bush began the Iron Dome Missile Defense. Since it was not finished until Obama took office, Obama simply took the credit for it; like he often does. If Obama is not a muslim or a muslim-sympathizer, why did he state, "I will stand with the muslims?" And why didn't Obama send help to the 4 Americans in Benghazi, when they begged for help, and help was less than an hour away? Our Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were slaughtered by muslims, while Obama watched, in REAL Time, from the Situation Room of the White House….for 7 hours!! Two Drones filmed the entire attack. A TERRORIST Attack. Wise up, Lady.

  19. Yori Yanover says:

    Sure it does. Iron Dome is intended to Contain terrorism rather than destroy it, helps Israel Absorb attacks rather than kill its attackers.

  20. I agree with you Josh. May those who live carelessly AWAKEN; and if we refuse, one day we will be awakening to terrorists hitting many cities in one day (at least this is what they swore at me in the 1970's). Many years ago I was threatened by Muslims more than once and the doctrine of demons they shouted at me (for quietly reading a Bible in a college library) promises a global takeover. They declared they would slit the throats of all the men in my family, round the women up and force them into sex slavery; they promised a 911 then but that was 1974 and 1978 (two different places, two different groups of Muslims). In those days I was very shy and in both cases alone. No doubt they are building their very own little caliphate in Michigan, USA and have enough weapons & bombs to take out a few cities when the order is given. They wil use their own children and babies to accomplish this if need be. No wonder "alah" is found in Isaiah 14:14.

    I believe these modern day Assyriana are the people the Bible warns us about. They ARE the descendants of the original terrorists of ancient times referred to as "Leviathan;" associated with the crocodile of Egypt (they threw the Hebrew children to the crocodiles) and Assyria, who are known by their atrocities (dismember, decapitating, disembowelment, ripping children from the mother's wombs and terrorism in general) and extortion practices (forcing nations around them to pay $tributes$) and harassing them daily until their national treasuries are depleted.

    These nations are not satisfied with their own inheritance; they want demonic control of everything & everyone.

  21. Sue, Bush actually initiated the Iron Dome defense support.

    As far as Obama goes, unless he changes his posture, befriends Israel (actually refrains from bowing to the Saudi princes – and Islam in general) and arises to the occasion I fear he, his family and America will not escape CATASTROPHE. You just cannot be a national LEADER and expect the decisions you make or the laws you pass NOT to effect JUDGMENT upon yourself, your family and your nation; King David is a good example.

    Psalms83, Joel 3, Amos-1 and Obadiah seem the only answer to me! God knows the beginning from the end and prophesied the destruction/judgment of these very Islamic nations surrounding Israel. I personally would not like being attacked everyday, all day long so I'm all for the destruction of these nations which refuse to give Israel peace after 1000's of years of torment; YES, their ancestors CONSTANTLY harassed Israel back in the ancient day. Anyone praying for the peace of Jerusalem and failing to see the correlation, that is, refusing to acknowledge the Word concerning God's outcome is just living in LaLa land, as Aishash says! If that offends you then live in the shadows of 911 everyday, all day long, all year long, year after year. Watch your friends die, your children murdered in the street and then expect the world to tell you to endure Assyrian ATROCITY for another 1000+ years just because you are SAFE, living CARELESSLY and not wanting to ruffle the demonic monster's scales. You will not escape their reach.

    If we desire PEACE, and most of us do, then it will take some mighty big trouncing to quiet Leviathan (the happy Islamic Caliphate desiring global domination & shariah) coming up out of the sea.

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Let me make it plain. There will be mass murder, even genocide in Syria.

A large number of pro-Obama and radical or even anti-Israel cadre are Jews.

Does anyone think the Palestinian Authority will resist daily attacks from Hamas and Fatah radicals?

Secret Service security arrangements were overruled.

The Obama Administration plan is very simple, assuming that everything goes smoothly–which of course it will not.

The less you know about Islam, the better. Ignorance is strength.

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