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October 21, 2014 / 27 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

Make Room for Islamistgate: the Obama Administration’s New Scandal

Moderate Muslims have been neglected and isolated by this project which has helped the radicals, Islamists, and pro-terrorists.
White House Iftar Dinner

White House Iftar Dinner

The results of this investigation should be a serious embarrassment for the Obama Administration and should be distributed as widely as possible. It involves the expenditure of millions of dollars of taxpayer money and the promotion of the forces most dangerous to American interests and to the American people in the world today.

This article is also published on PJMedia.

About the Author: Professor Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. See the GLORIA/MERIA site at www.gloria-center.org.

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31 Responses to “Make Room for Islamistgate: the Obama Administration’s New Scandal”

  1. Walter Richards says:

    Just when I thpought my opinion of Hussein Obama couldn't get any worse.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I received notice that I have been banned from the Huffington Post. I checked my postings; they do not include inappropriate language as others do. If any thing I may have commented too often. Your reporter did a story on me when I was president of Rabbis for Romney. I enjoy the discussions and postings on your site and would appreciate an explanation. The only thing I can think of is that I posted against the Holocaust Claims Conference as well as Rabbi Schreier and Muslims touring Auschwitz. If the Muslims complained, there was no foul language and as a child of Holocaust survivors I can speak out against extremist Muslims who are against Israel and America. I do not want those extremists praying for my dead siblings and other relatives at Auschwitz. It was the Mufti of Jerusalem who was in charge of an SS division for the Nazis. Is there anything here that would warrant my being banned. Please have the courtesy to email me.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  3. I am not surprised when there is a muslim in the WH. Islamist Manchurian Candidate.

  4. Dear Rabbi, I would consider being kicked off the Huffington Post as a badge of honor, but then that's me.

  5. Alan Kardon says:

    Rabbi, Muslims praying at Auschwitz confirms that there was a Holocaust. That you are not welcome by the Huffington Post is an honor for you.

  6. Pat Brooks says:

    WHY is Obama STILL IN OFFICE? He should be tried, convicted and jailed for TREASON, among everything else he has done to destroy America/Christians!

  7. Beit Shalom says:

    I believe it’s time to pack up and Aliyah to Yisrael. Especially when America can turn a blindeye to this Administration. Obama has taken the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” to a whole new level.

  8. Liad Bar-el says:

    Excellent article Barry. This is sad news for us Jews and good news for Islam and its supporters including the Jewish Press. We’ve all seen this news coming and it’s good that you put in print. Kol HaKavod. To those who are wise, Aliyah to Israel should the most important and immediate item on their minds.

  9. Gil Gilman says:

    It seems important to read the linked 36 page article including more than 200 footnotes combined on several pages at the end. This issue has existed since 1990, before President Obama's time in office. All Obama has done is taken advantage of an existing policy to push forward his agenda, whether in naiveté, which is barely conceivable, or and unstated agenda. Most Americans would not have gone along with this idea if stated directly by Obama in a "fireside chat," but there is such a thing as inertia. When you create an aura of powerlessness from your position of power, the public will follow that inertia, by and large, until they run smack into another world set on a collision course with them. That process is further down the road in Europe than here, but in three years there is no telling what might happen if Americans do not quit their slumbers, and raise their voices. We can only hope that the next president from which ever party will take charge of an immediate reversal of this inertia. The pull of oil money is just too strong for most of these individuals. Current corporate managerial philosophy in general supports the notion that if one person complains directly, there are several hundred or up to a thousand who just grumble and don't do anything. So multiply you and I by 700 and see how dominant we could be if we give the grumblers a vocabulary, and the vocabulary to put two words next to each other in combinatorics. Let's get busy! There are yet 7,000 who have not bowed their knees to baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.

  10. Dan Silagi says:

    At least Rubin mentioned that he's plugging his own publication with this, uh, "sensational" story. Not exactly "fair and balanced," is it, Barry? Then again, it's no less "fair and balanced" than FoxNews.

  11. Well, Obama is a proud Muslim so he helps his brothers in need. He pretended to be a Christiane for his election to become a President and now he can practice his religion freely. He fooled every American and the entire world.

  12. Yori Yanover says:

    Gil Gilman · Did you really read the whole thing? Slow day at the office?

  13. Yori Yanover says:

    Dan Silagi · Writing books and selling them is not a scandalous thing. Mr. Rubin writes diligently, every day, and asks for nothing in return, other than we not misspell his name and occasionally, when he has written a book, to mention it. You want he should go after people in the street with a cup?

  14. Yori Yanover says:

    Cheli Chelouche · Obama is a U.S. president, which is why there's no daylight between his own foreign policy and GW Bush's.

  15. It is time Obama realizes that his so-called moderate muslim friends have been scamming him by hiding under moderate Muslim clothing. I hope he does that before we are hit with an even more disastrous Jihadist attack in the US.

  16. Nana Bubbie says:

    Extremely important article!

  17. Nana Bubbie says:

    This is about a Patrick Poole article. Poole and Frank Gaffney are both on the GB show tonight – now!

  18. Ruth Hirt says:

    Should I say, this is the Scandal of all scandals in US history.

  19. Gil Gilman says:

    I'm retired…nothing to do but exercise my brain cells. I read to know I'm alive. Someone, somewhere, at some time, told me I was a hoarder of knowledge, but I try to analyze and synthesize everything I read, and apply the very best ideas to my own life, then disseminate the germ of those ideas abroad. Whether it be "nonfiction," or fiction, there is something for me to learn, so yes I did read it through, and downloaded it also so I can check out end references. I am a fast reader, and though I am educating my grandson, I still have time to read one or two books per day. Thirty-six pages isn't that much.

  20. Menorah Seven says:

    Hmmmm Ill let this arcle speak for itself! ti

  21. he didnt fool me, always said that Obama was not a christian and I am sure that true christians everywhere knew it also, as he is for same sex marriages and abortions. therefore Obama is not a christian if he endorses same.

  22. I am always right when it comes to things like this. You scumbags keep proving my point! Whoever wrote this IS a disgusting, inhumane, sick, demented racist bigot *******!

    No, he's not a communist.

    He's no more of a fraud than any other politician.
    He's no more of a pathological liar than any other politician.
    Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim,He is Christian, oh and By the way, Plenty of Christians think abortion should be legal, even some who consider it immoral.
    he does not hate America , If Obama hates America, why he became a President ?

    And YES! Obama IS black, you losers ONLY mention his "White half" to deny your obvious racism!
    The Racist Right has done more damage to our country than UBL could have ever dreamed.

    Obama's SSN is well documented since he applied for it in 1977. Other SSNs have been alleged, but there is ZERO evidence Obama ever used them, or even had them.

    - Hawaii has his real birth certificate. They said so, legally and officially, and they also say officially he was born there.

    - There is actually NO evidence Obama was ever a practicing muslim. His attendance at a public school in Indonesia as well as a Catholic School there is documented.

    - Obama, like all Presidents, chooses not to release his college records. Bush's were leaked, he didn't want to release them. Perhaps you are now accusing all other 43 Presidents of hiding something too?

    Get this threw your thick head: Neither election was stolen. He won by too big a margin in both cases for that to be feasible!

    I don’t have a problem with you opposing his policies, I don’t agree with all of them, the problems are the name calling, the false accusations about heritage and debunked information that continue to be posted or written about. Horrible racist images that is disseminated around the web or in emails.

    Too often I hear from even the most blatant racists “I don’t hate the President because he’s black, I hate his policies.” Yet, I’ve never had one actually explain a policy of his with which they differ or offer an articulate explanation of why they differ. To the contrary, very few of these folks are aware that, due to obstructionism, the President has not been able to implement an agenda of his own on any occasion in which the Democrats could not use reconciliation. For these racists to have credibility in their assertions of policy differences, they have to know more than they actually do know. And we know enough to know exactly why they do hate him, even when they won’t cop to it.

    But you hateful monsters depict the President as a gorilla, pray for his death, insult his wife and children and concoct lies about him you’re a racist. Many White people actually, I know it’s hard to believe, are racists. There’s no other logical reason for this heightened criticism. But guess what Black people are just as American as you, we were here from the very beginning.

    President Obama is a white supremacist’s worst nightmare because despite Republicans’ best efforts, he has been extraordinarily successful at every juncture in saving this nation’s economy and reputation around the world. What this President’s success has done, unfortunately, is bringing to light the fact that conservative America is still plagued with racial bigotry that many Americans are certain is non-existent because there is an African American President. However, when conservatives charge that the President devastated the economy, eviscerated the Constitution, and destroyed America without a modicum of proof to back up their claims, they are racists.

  23. Charlie Hall says:

    Promoting the likes of anti-Torah activists like Pamela Geller should get one banned from other places!

  24. Charlie Hall says:

    The "Obama is a Muslim" lie was invented by one of America's leading anti-Semites, Andy Martin, a perennial candidate for public office. And even Martin himself has now admitted that he made it up. Too bad he fooled you.

  25. Charlie Hall says:

    And what is wrong with Muslims touring Auschwitz? There were Muslims who saved Jews from the Shoah!

  26. Anonymous says:

    To World Jewry:

    I hope you will consider my plea as one of the few Rabbis in Americas who speaks out for Israel, fights anti-Semitism throughout the world and one who speaks out vehemently against extremist Muslims. In addition I fight on behalf of Holocaust survivors and have been vocal regarding the Holocaust Claims Conference missing funds. I was also president of Rabbis for Romney. You are welcome to look me up on the internet.

    We are living in pre Holocaust times. European Jewry is facing major anti-Semitism and parts of Europe are Judenrein. Israel is facing a possible Holocaust from Iran and surrounding enemies. I was just banned from the Huffington Post for expressing my displeasure with Muslims praying at Auschwitz over my family ashes. Extremist Muslims want Israel and all Jews annihilated. My plea to all Jews: Speak out. Tell your Rabbis not to remain silent. We are running out of time.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  27. Janet Noll says:

    He did not fool every American only the ones that believe in unicorns.

  28. Janet Noll says:

    He did not fool every American only the ones that believe in unicorns.

  29. Janet Noll says:

    He did not fool every American only the ones that believe in unicorns.

  30. Sheila Tagle says:

    I said the man was muslim before his first election and what is happening pisses me off. why are american police so blind to what is happening.

  31. Sheila Tagle says:

    not me, alls you have to do is understand the sir name which in the middle east indicates that he is muslim I was not fooled I just wonder why congress has not charged him with treason.

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Let me make it plain. There will be mass murder, even genocide in Syria.

A large number of pro-Obama and radical or even anti-Israel cadre are Jews.

Does anyone think the Palestinian Authority will resist daily attacks from Hamas and Fatah radicals?

Secret Service security arrangements were overruled.

The Obama Administration plan is very simple, assuming that everything goes smoothly–which of course it will not.

The less you know about Islam, the better. Ignorance is strength.

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