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Far from the public eye this week, the Knesset Interior Committee held the most fundamental deliberation that I can remember on the subject of liberty.

On the surface, the topic was purely technical/practical. The State Comptroller’s report was presented to the committee. The report stated that thirteen people were murdered in 2012 by people carrying licensed firearms. The conclusion? Arms-bearing citizens are dangerous.


I showed how that completely contradicts the truth and how this demagoguery – enthusiastically taken advantage of by the State – will lead to more murders and much more servitude.

The request of the Internal Security Ministry was to require every arms-carrying citizen to undergo a psychological examination(!) every number of years, in addition to all sorts of astronomical fees and levies. In other words, the default position of the State is that its citizens are psychos who must prove their sanity once every few years.

This is the continuation of the terrible process that has already cut the number of licensed arms-bearers in Israel in half. This process expresses the approach that sees the State as sovereign and the nation as some sort of dangerous property against which the State must defend itself. In other words, I endanger you, you endanger me and the role of the State is to save us from each other – and itself from us both.

This is Stalin at his best, now implemented by the Ministry for Internal Security.

The truth, of course, is just the opposite. The sovereign is the nation. The State is the nation’s important and necessary tool. But just like fire, it can easily get out of control and burn its founders. Thus, the State is the danger and the nation must limit it and guard itself against it.

A number of years ago, the State of Israel decided to distribute thousands of automatic weapons to the PLO terror organization, which it ‘whitewashed’ by renaming it the ‘Palestinian Authority’. Over a thousand Israelis were murdered by those weapons. So who is endangering whom? Who demonstrates insanity and who exactly needs to be supervised?

The right to defend oneself is a basic human right. The State must deny the right to carry a firearm for self defense from those people who have already proven that they are unworthy to do so (a violent background and the like). But in Israel, the situation is reversed. A person has no natural right to carry a firearm for self defense. It is not G-d Who gives him this basic human right to defend himself, but the State. And the State really does not want its citizens to bear arms. And no – the State’s approach is not in order to safeguard its citizens’ security.

We are witnessing a process of weapons gathering from private citizens. The public is being abandoned to the wiles of the underworld or criminal and nationalistic elements from the Arab sector – which is overflowing with illegal weapons.

In more than 70% of terror attacks in which armed citizens were involved, those citizens were crucial in neutralizing the terrorist and ending the killing spree. (Dr. Shlomo Shapira, NRG)

“True,” you may say, “but the increase of murders carried out by licensed gun owners changes the picture.” So – we are told that thirteen murders with licensed weapons took place in 2012. What we are not told is that in twelve of those cases, the shooters were security guards. In other words, the weapons belonged to a private company. It is perfectly logical for security companies to make any rules that they wish. (Those who do not wish to undergo a psychological review before being accepted for the job are welcome to find work elsewhere.)


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Moshe Feiglin is the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He heads the Zehut Party. He is the founder of Manhigut Yehudit and Zo Artzeinu and the author of two books: "Where There Are No Men" and "War of Dreams." Feiglin served in the IDF as an officer in Combat Engineering and is a veteran of the Lebanon War. He lives in Ginot Shomron with his family.


  1. Has Israel stopped teaching the history of German Jews. What is wrong with ya'll. First they take your gun, then your bank account, then your head. Have you quit teaching the Torah too. In two years you can have OBAMA for your president.

  2. State gun control is managed in such a way as to protect citizens as well as visitors from being targeted by a gun carrier let alone shot in so called friendly fire. Gun control is for the lawbreakers. "Do not lead me into temptation." Leaving gun control on the citizens giving them the right to buy a gun and a gun permit could be deadly with those who are not in their right mind let alone hot headed and quick to take their thoughts into actions. I have seen this happen in other countries where citizens could pack a weapon to protect themselves and a lot of violence and accidental death and permanent injuries occurred. I suppose you could take it to the voting stage whereby the voters could make the decision. Can always try How can you protect yourself without a gun? Be highly skilled in some form of martial arts where you can use the body and know how to use defensive mechanisms within range to assist. Just some ideas based on life's experiences.

  3. Hershel, so you want a new president. That is possible to receive. He may retire or get into a different kind of business. A good and top notch rabbinical counselor would be good for Baruk Obama. Is not your president's first name a Jewish name meaning 'strong' Maybe I don't have that right eh?

  4. That could be dangerous too. Need a permit to carry the gun and a license too. You could become a bounty hunter in some places in the world where it is legalized. Even that requires a certain kind of training. Not easy to protect one's self from the enemy.

  5. Yes, I do recall reading about that in our World History course in university. What a disaster that turned out to be. Due to the strategy set forth by the controllers to keep both sides happy. That failed miserably too. Time to get our heads together and make something work eh?

  6. The citizens and permanent residents let alone visitors would need to be trained in self defense as other nations that do make sure all their people can protect themselves and the country they live in. Do you believe that during the times of Abraham even he was trained in protection. That staff could be wielded to ward off a bear or a lion. There are ways and a good program is Abir Warrior Arts. Abir was used for the Hebrews and Jews for centuries and now the rest of the world is interested in learning it too. Boxing and wrestling work too but they cannot out perform Abir.

  7. This is very disturbing news. The right of personal self-defense is fundamental. Too many nations deny this right to their citizens, and it does not make them any safer.

    There is no relationship between tough gun laws and public safety. Mexico, for example, has very tough gun laws, but has twice the murder rate of the U.S. In the Philippines, the only sort of gun private citizens can have legally is an air rifle, but the murder rate is also higher there than in the U.S., as well. Yes, some countries with tough gun laws also have low murder rates (e.g., Japan, the UK), but they had low murder rates BEFORE they enacted tough gun laws!

    Violence within a society is a cultural issue. Making law-abiding people defenseless is not the answer.

    I agree with the suspicions of the author that the real issue of gun control proponents in Israel is not protecting the public, but increasing the power of the state. This is simply wrong, and must be resisted. Given the local terrorist threat in Israel, it would seem to me that if the government there were really interested in public safety, it would encourage, rather than discourage, private gun ownership.

    If I make aliya, maybe I'll start a local chapter/Israeli affiliate of the NRA….(I'm a member here in the U.S.).

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