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It must be any Arab terrorist’s dream come true to have Jews as their enemy.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you can fire rockets by the thousands and finally receive a response you know will end prematurely and inconclusively. You face an Israeli enemy which, during a war, gives advance notice by flyers and phone calls to apartment residents that this or that building is being targeted, thereby giving so called “innocent” civilians and yourselves enough time to escape with your life.


About a year ago a US drone targeted a well known terrorist in Pakistan and even after confirming the man’s wife and extended family were present, the missile launch went ahead killing the terrorist and nine of those present with him and not a peep from anyone. This should be the example of blatant hypocrisy Israel should hold up next time the world accuses it of anything. No country on the face of the earth goes to the extent Israel does in trying to avoid civilian casualties but one must ask, what benefit has it gained?

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you can fabricate stories of a supposed massacre (e.g. in Jenin), knowing full well that nothing occurred but that it will cast dispersions on an enemy which foolishly states that it will investigate the claim and thereby, to the rest of the world, implies there may be something to the story. In this regard, if you are a terrorist you know that in respect to your Israeli enemy, that they have not a clue how to counter the Hasbara war you are waging against them and wouldn’t even know that Hasbara is a war.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you will certainly know that you can make the most outrageous and heinous statements, such as “Jews are the offspring of pigs and apes,” knowing full well that the Israelis will still offer to sit down with you in talks with no preconditions! Not even will they demand that the indoctrination of children in hate must stop.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you will know that if captured, you will be well treated. In the case of Barghouti, a terrorist “with blood on his hands” sitting in an Israeli prison, being well treated apparently includes being given access to the world media in order to babble on about anything he likes, as was recently the case.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you will rejoice in that country’s foolishness in allowing the Muslim Waqf to retain control of the Temple Mount after the 1967 war, all for then Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan’s desire to be magnanimous in victory. This will allow you to go on excavating under the Temple Mount with a bulldozer, destroying any remaining Jewish artefacts in order to rid the place of any trace of the first and second Temple periods and in the process continue to build an underground mosque there for future proof of claim to the land. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Rabbis wanted Israeli control of this holy site while researching where Jews were not allowed to go. Moshe Dayan’s decision doesn’t say much about the people around him in the Israeli cabinet at that time who allowed his decision to prevail.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you will know that so successful is your propaganda, that your enemy will still be held responsible by the world media for so called settlement “expansion” even though it is clearly only building a new house or an extension to an existing home but within the boundaries of existing Jewish communities.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you know that the world has bought your lie that there were once a Palestinian people when in fact no such people ever existed. As a matter of fact, in biblical times, all of what is now Israel and the west bank (Judea and Samaria) was Jewish. When the Romans conquered the territory they named the entire area “Philistina” in order to rub salt into the wounds of the defeated Jews by calling the place in honour of their ancient and mortal enemies the Philistines. By doing so, the Romans acknowledged that the owners of the territory were Jews. Down the centuries the name Philistina was anglicized to Palestine.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, if one were referred to as a Palestinian, it was automatically implied that he or she was Jewish. Decades later Arabs cleverly commandeered the term “Palestinian” and the illiterate masses have bought their message that these same Arabs have never forgiven the division of “their country” by the UN. The facts are that Palestine was a land mass finally administered by the British from 1914 until the 1947 Partition Plan when only a part was allocated back to its centuries old rightful owners, the Jewish people.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you will know that no nation in the Western world will call you to account for your ongoing perpetrated myths and lies.
If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you know that your enemy will indulge your ludicrous and incessant claims and still be willing to sit down with you in good faith.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel, you should pray that your enemy will continue treating you as they do now, that is, not as any “normal” country would do. If your enemy was a “normal” country like Russia, China or the USA facing barrage after deadly barrage of missiles, you could rest assured that parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank would have been reduced to rubble long ago.

If you are a terrorist facing Israel you should get down on your hands and knees and thank Allah that this insane democracy called Israel allows its President (Shimon Peres) to bad mouth the Israeli Government at every opportunity in order to bring its downfall, to be replaced with a left wing rabble more to his liking. In spite of the fact that Abbas has stated over and over again that the PA will never recognise Israel as a Jewish state, this being a red line which he will not cross, the good Shimon Peres, that left wing ideologue, that “elder statesman” that man who brought Israel the disastrous Oslo Accords, still harbours the view that his good friend Abbas is a partner for peace! This same Peres who, when learning that Yasser Arafat was caught out preaching “jihad” in Arabic to his assembled throng, rushed to his immediate defence by saying he was really calling for a “jihad for peace.”

That insane democracy called Israel does not apparently enforce Israeli law where Negev Bedouin are concerned. The fact that they once roamed the Middle East tending their flocks does not prove ownership and for Israel to have succumbed to pressure to, in many cases, allow these people to register vacant land in the Land Registry as privately held is appalling. It is outrageous that an organisation called Regavim has to take the Israeli Government to court to enforce its own laws in order to keep Jewish lands in Jewish hands.

Most disgusting of all, if you are a terrorist facing Israel you will know that within the Jewish Diaspora, you will have countless numbers who have fallen for your propaganda, fallen for your attempts to rewrite history, who will flock to your side and denounce Israel for every step it takes in its defence. In short, you will be able to count on many of those who you call the “offspring of pigs and apes” who will defend your every move and pronouncement. If this is not obscene enough, these same offspring of pigs and apes will devise ways of bringing economic hardship to Israel by such devious schemes as a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

It is my opinion that Obama and Kerry aim to destroy Israel one way or another. Kerry’s periodic mumblings that if Israel does not offer more and more concessions, then there could be more acts of terror, is to me a clearly veiled message to the “Palestinians” on what to do should these so called “peace talks” break down. On a personal note, I find it an appalling indictment of American Jewry that the overwhelming majority voted for this administration.

It is time for Israel to act like a sovereign power in control of its own destiny. It has only one option and that is to walk away from this so called “peace process’, to take unilateral action on borders, hand the welfare of those people outside those borders to the UNHCR, Jordan, Egypt or whoever and to expel all foreign and hostile NGOs. The world would no doubt not recognise these moves but then the world recognises nothing Israel does anyway.
At a minimum, the world would see that Israel has finally got up off its knees.

In conclusion, should there be another war, which is a distinct possibility, it will have profound implications. Israel must not allow the next one to end prematurely or inconclusively like all others in the past because of world pressure. This one has to end with the unconditional surrender of the enemy on Israel’s terms. This time the gloves must come off, the IAF unleashed with no more of those ludicrous advance warnings.



  1. Gil, sadly you are absolutely correct. We have an administration in Washington that supports the annihilation of Israel. The people and the government of Israel must stand up to Obama, the pro-Islamic psychopath and his errand boy, Kerry and tell them politely to stick their plans for Israel where the sun doesn't shine.

  2. Vatican and the sabbatean CFR agenda for Israel insists that Israel withdraw from Gaza Strip, Judea their ancestral homeland and Samaria (West Bank), their ancestral homeland of the Israelites. The nation of Israel cut in two by a Palestinian population, governed by terrorist leaders that have a unrelenting hatred of Israel and desire to drive the entire people into the sea, suggest that the satsnic sabbatean Vatican Jesuit CFR envision s making the nation of Israel unviable as a governing state – this would have represented an absurdity. The most important ancient site of Zion history wipe out from map – as never in history before then The Sabbatean Jesuit Vatican CFR will re- write a fiction bearing no truth to the past. The cities such as ancient Zion or Jerusalem, cities of Samartian or West Bank on the grid of Great Vatican Jesuit Sabbatean Pentagram of evil are no accident as they need their Janowska Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple complex which in design closely resembled the ancient Temple Mount of Jerusalem in near future – during the days of the sadducees. The plan is not new nor is its final destination and entirely predictable. beginning in USA so named for such a Holocaust like LA, Phoenix and ending with Tehran, Iran. While terrorists will be blamed the hand that unleashed the order will be the same NWO and the consequences of such awful disaster the deliberate burning death via nuclear blasts of millions of people. The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschild the sabbatean of Britain, France and America. If you belonged to a Jewish bloodline older than 1500 years, youre saved, if not you will be sent to hunan sacrifice camp in future

  3. Mr. Solomon is correct. Israel should stop taking American aid and contributions from illegally tax exempt American organizations and should stop relying on America to protect them in the UN and on the world stage. Is Mr. Solomon an American citizen with duel loyalty telling Israel what to do from his home in Florida or has he served in the IDF? Bottom line is that the Palestinians are the indigenous majority population dispossessed by Zionism.

  4. Kerry is a useful kapo for the Jew hating Obama who is siding with Islam as he said he would. Obama and Kerry are trying to force Israel to make concessions which will weaken Israel and make Jews easier targets to terror. American aid is a poison which the Arab loving Carter began because he knew it would corrupt the politicians which it did.

  5. That baby's mother is one sickness to put a terrorist keffiah on it's head with the rifles in the background. Human sacrifices to the Molech were supposed to have ended when the Jewish people entered the Land of Israel more than 3,300 years ago. The Arab terrorists and their degenerate sympathizers have brought it back.

  6. nice accurate article. sick sick Israeli society.How about no more mr. jewish nice guy. for starters: hold Kerry til ,
    Pollard is released,Fire BB, deport NGO.s ,radical shehaddis and leftists, nuke iran, retake gaza, east Jerusalem,sinai west bank and give police bullets and permission to shoot first and ask questions…well, don't ask you think im radical/ or possibly upset about the rape of the 3rd commonwealth?

  7. Mr Solomon is an Australian citizen, and I don't recall him making any comment about American aid to Israel which doesn't come anywhere near the amount of American aid to the Palestinians and other Arab states. Nor does America protect Israel in the UN otherwise why would the UN continue to lambast Israel with sanctions for so-called human rights violations and say nothing about Myanmar, China-Tibet, Syria killing 200,000 of its citizens in the past 2 years, Somalia, Sudan, so-called Republic of Congo and its never-ending rape of its women… and I could go on forever but I won't. Israel has no friends in the UN not even America. You mr Pasquale need to get better informed before posting ignorant comments onto such blogs.

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