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Auschwitz and Birkenau

Hope is a vital part of this experience; you must see the worst of consequences to understand the possibility of a recurrence of another situation such as this, and in turn, predict how much better the world could be without such threats. This project was not just about visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau; it was about understanding the world and learning the lessons that must be passed on to all of us to prevent us making the same mistakes as our predecessors.

We ended our trip with a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced; we heard stories and songs to wish the victims well in their afterlife, wherever they may be. In Jewish tradition, candles are left in memory of the dead, so to conclude the ceremony, we each left a candle on the ground in memory of the prisoners. Seeing the light of all of those candles glowing together, as one, was incredibly moving – it was beautiful. It was alive.


The whole experience taught me so many lessons, especially to appreciate the gift of life; a fragile thing which we could lose it at any time. No one can know for sure what the future holds, and after having this experience, some of us were left with the sense that there can be no God, no justice, if this could happen. After the program, I simply believe that all we can do is keep our faith strong not only in our chosen Gods, but in humanity as a whole, as it is only us who can prevent such acts from occurring by reflecting on the past, learning from the mistakes we have made and teaching our children to do the same.



  1. The value of human life is beyond any imagination of humanity to calculate. What I have learned only recently are the ways in which those who were forced to live in these death camps resisted and rejected the horror and the hatred whenever they possibley could, by celebrating life in defiance of evil and death. They met, they loved, they married, they made instruments and they played music, had plays and even had concerts. They danced and laughed in the face of the most vile persecution. In the midst of the most unimaginable suffering, terror, torment and heartache. They declared to the world that love is stronger than death. The God of Israel is the God of life. Micha mocha Adonai! God bless Israel and the Jewish people.


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    Subject: UN Remembers Holocaust Victims – 2013.

    Our, the Jews, message to the world: The hands of time trends to cloud the world' memory. It is our responsibility to rescue the history and lessons of the Holocaust just as the men and women that we honor on this Holocaust Memorial Day rescued the victims.

    UN Remembers Holocaust Victims.

  3. . I recently bowed out of the interfaith Holocaust service, because it was a custom to include Hatikvah at the end, but now some Christian groups object as they support the Palestinians and the Muslim Imams would either sit or leave during the Hatikvah. Perhaps interfaith Holocaust programs no longer make sense, at least to me. I do not need the stress of seeing disrespect being afforded to Israel and nor do I wish to compromise by leaving Hatikvah out. The interfaith Holocaust memorials started as well intentioned way for the Jewish people and other groups to pause and reflect on man's capacity to perpetuate unbelievable cruelty against his fellow and to commiserate as a group and others, with the Jews and hopefully prevent this nightmare from reoccurring. Over the years it was understandably modified to include other victims of genocidal mass killings, though these mass killings were not really analogous, as the Nazis were obsessed at not just killing Jews as a competing group, but Hitler desired to eliminate our creed and it's pervasive influence on humanity, particularly Christian doxy. As a result of Muslim participation and twisted liberalism, this is morphing into a twisted canard where Israel is being blamed for perpetuating ethnic killings against the Palestinians as the Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis. One can understand the Islamo-Nazis belief system with a quote from the Talmud. We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG, CHILD OF Holocaust survivors and a refugee born in a D.P. camp.

  4. Whenever we hear from the media, like America's Al-Jazeera The Huffington Post or most of mainstream media about Israeli "occupation" or the poor "oppressed 'Palestinian' people". We forget, (mostly encouraged by our politicians and groups like CAIR and the BDS movements and especially American universities), WHY there's a state of Israel in the first damn place. Educate yourself to the truth and who the enemy is. And make no mistake the "enemy" is alive and well.

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  5. On January 27, 1945 the death camp Auschwitz, where 1,000,000 Jews were exterminated, was liberated by the Allies.

    Remember and Never Forget the Holocaust must be summed in two simple words:

    Support Israel!

    The Jewish nation redemption and vindication will only come through a larger and more powerful Jewish state.

    A safe, impregnable Israel, in its present borders, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, is the only true memorial to the genocide-Holocaust, where one of every three Jews in the world was exterminated.

    All the rest is commentary and bad theatre. rabbi dr. bernhard rosenberg

  6. The recurring questions which haunts survivors and their children echo through the halls of time. “Why didn’t they fight back? Why did they enter the chambers of death like sheep to the slaughter?” By our standards, such actions as placidly lining up against a wall to be shot or walking silently into the gas chambers or standing nude and obedient at the edge of a ravine filled with blood-covered bodies awaiting one’s own turn to die, defy all understanding. Indeed, anti-Semites would suggest that Jews were different, somehow not quite as brave, not quite as courageous as the average person. Our enemies will even conclude that the Jews were guilty of the crimes they were accused of, and hence with heavy conscience and accepting the punishment for their “crimes,” the Jews quietly submitted to their deserved punishment.

    Nothing could be a greater falsification of the truth. The hopelessness seen in their faces was not a reflection of guilt; rather it was a realization that they had been completely deserted and betrayed by humanity. The light of morality, conscience and brotherhood had been completely extinguished and for them life became a terror-filled abyss. Responsibility for their death clearly lies with the Nazis and their collaborators.

    Warsaw Ghetto uprising lasted as long as France’s resistance against Germany…Until a Jew is convinced that he or she is going to die anyway, armed resistance is suicide and suicide is not a goal. That applies to all Jews, regardless of religious leanings…dying with a weapon in your hand had meaning…The overwhelming majority of the resisting Jews were not trained soldiers, with almost no weapons and very little information, and had no idea what they were doing, yet, what they accomplished is incredible, if you think of the sabotage they carried out and other things, in all respects, not just in military terms.


    Not all Jews went "as sheep to slaughter," as they engaged in uprisings and breakouts at camps, death pits and mass murder sites, as well as attacks on the German military. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

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