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November 1, 2014 / 8 Heshvan, 5775
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No, Not All Mothers are the Same


Among the many heartbreaking images associated with the kidnap-murder of three Israeli teenagers was a televised interview on June 29 with the mother of one of the Hamas terrorists named as a prime suspect in the killings. “If they [the Israelis] accuse him of this [the kidnapping], and if it is a true accusation, I will be proud of him until Judgment Day,” she declared. “If the accusation that he did it is true…My boys are all righteous, pious and pure. The goal of my children is the triumph of Islam.”

Not that she is the first Middle Eastern mother to rejoice at the thought of her son murdering innocent children. The fifth chapter of the biblical Book of Judges describes the mother of the barbaric Canaanite general, Sisera, anxiously waiting by the window for her son to return from his latest slaughter. Sisera’s mother was calmed only by her attendants’ reassurance that he must have been delayed because he was busy ravaging women and pillaging their homes.

Author and pundit Erica Brown, a scholar at the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, D.C. and columnist for the New York Jewish Week, this week invoked Sisera in a misguided comparison to the situation of the three kidnapped teenagers. Just as Sisera waited by the window, she wrote, “as a community, we have all been waiting by that window for weeks, checking the news constantly and asking if there are any updates, any developments about our three kidnapped boys.” All mothers have something in common, Ms. Brown argued.

It’s true Sisera had a mother who cared about him. So did Adolf Eichmann and Osama Bin Laden and presumably the Hamas terrorists who kidnapped and murdered the boys. But that does not mean that Jewish mothers “waiting by the window” should be compared in any way to the mothers of murderers waiting by the window.

No, not all mothers are the same.

In fact, the sad truth about Palestinian Arab society is that the mother of the kidnapper is only one of many Palestinian mothers who are proud of their murderous children and who have expressed delight when their children have died while killing Jews.

Just last year (on January 27, 2013), the Facebook page of Fatah, the movement headed by Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, posted a feature about the mother of 23 year-old Wafa Idris, the first female Palestinian suicide bomber. She murdered one Israeli, and wounded over 100, by blowing herself up in a Jerusalem supermarket in 2002. The posting quoted Wafa’s mother as saying “She is a hero…My daughter is a Martyr (Shahida).” The Fatah page added: “Wafa’s mother said that she is proud of her daughter, and hopes that more girls will follow in her footsteps.”

The Hamas website on January 1, 2006 presented a film about a woman named Um Nidal and her son, Muhammad. First they are shown just before the heavily-armed Muhammad sets out on a terrorist attack. His mother declares: “By Allah, today is the best day of my life…I wish to sacrifice more [sons]…. It’s true that there’s nothing more precious than children, but for the sake of Allah – what is precious becomes cheap.” Then, after her son has been killed while carrying out the attack, Um Nidal says: “I gave my son to Jihad for Allah. It’s our religious obligation….The greatest honor [my son] showed me was his Martyrdom.”

On September 24, 2002, PA Television showed a woman it called “the mother of a Martyr” announcing: “The honor is mine, I have a son who is a Shahid (Martyr) … I’m willing to offer all my seven children to redeem Jerusalem, to redeem Jerusalem, to redeem Jerusalem.”

About the Author: The authors are members of the board of the Religious Zionists of America.

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36 Responses to “No, Not All Mothers are the Same”


  2. u teach ur kids in school the hates to arab and muslims !!!
    then u say are not the same labaaablbllabla :S

  3. Lau Ryder says:

    That’s not true Muhammad. I went to a jewish school and was never taught to hate Muslims or Arabs. Not ONE word of hate. What do you say to that? You seem to reverse the truth on every subject… Why is that?

  4. David Pitch says:

    Easy with the photoshopped pictures, I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find a real one. Hope the mother in this pic sues you, cause this is a stock photo and to be used this way is incredible

  5. The skyline is set ablaze with regret

  6. Not a word of hate, yea rite, and how the Arabs became lesser beings in their own land was just a coincidence…that’s love all around and more…

  7. even a dog grieves the loss of its young.

  8. Kim Sloan says:

    Actually on Palestinian TV there are children’s programs that teach hatred towards Jews! Right on public television your Muslim terrorists have children saying they want to beat up, be martyrs, and death to Israel and Jews. No other religion teaches this only Islam/Muslims!!!!!

  9. Kim Sloan says:

    Actually on Palestinian TV there are children’s programs that teach hatred towards Jews! Right on public television your Muslim terrorists have children saying they want to beat up, be martyrs, and death to Israel and Jews. No other religion teaches this only Islam/Muslims!!!!!

  10. Kim Sloan says:

    The Quran has 109 verses of destruction to all non Muslims, especially Jews! Read it and if you are a decent human being you will see for yourself these words of hatred coming directly from your religious text! People see, hear, and know what Arabs are all about by their actions towards each other and others. Open your eyes and see reality, not what your gang of Arab thug friends tell you.

  11. Kim quote me from Quran and let’s see if u have courage to face truth

  12. That said you still didn’t tell us the love there is in evicting people from their homes

  13. Because he is a lying POS like. His brothers and sisters.

  14. A more apt comparison might be mothers of Palestine to mothers of Philistia, who worshipped, among others, the idol Moloch. Moloch is the name of a god worshipped by the Philistines associated with child sacrifice.

  15. Lau Ryder says:

    No, it’s due to suicide bombings and harassment and you freely speak to the fact you wish to exterminate Jews and “wipe us of the map”

  16. I do not hate Muslims. But if its Muslims killing Jews, I’ll fight them in every way possible. In fact, I dislike Christians more than Muslims, do not trust but a few enough to not keep a weapon nearby. I know the history and will not fall for this CUFI type crap. Actually it’s too bad Muslims can’t join Jews against Christians and remove them because they are a threat to people of God. And I believe that they may be behind the tensions in the Middle East. However, I would fight anyone who threatens Jews in any way, spiritually or physically.

  17. Jewish people DO not teach their children to hate Muslims but the global community is aware that you THINK they teach exactly what Muslims teach and it simply isn’t so. Jews hate you because you keep trying to kill them and that’s reason enough for them to hate you.

  18. Muslim propaganda brainwashing is no different than when Hitler used this technique. Muslims honestly don’t know any better because that’s what they’re being told by their leaders and Imams. And they refuse to believe they’re being lied to.

  19. Hate is hate from all sides. I love the Jewish people. I love Israel. I have a Jewish heritage. I have a Christian heritage. Real Christians are not a threat to anyone. We want peace. We want peace for Israel. Jewish people love their children. People who use their children as martyrs are evil.

  20. Lol * you must be on good drugs.

  21. Shemaya Shiloh have you ever met a Christian who followed all of God’s commandments? There are some out there. I know that the Jewish people have been hurt so much & understand you can’t trust them. I’m sorry for that. In history Christianity was forced on the Jewish people or they were killed. That is completely wrong. You are waiting for the Messiah to come & I believe it will be soon!

  22. Michael Berk says:

    No Jew teaches hatred to their kids. The Arabs behaviour affects the children to the point that they learn to hate . Peace my brother ! We are cousins with you, we share Abraham the same grandfather . Lay down your weapons and talk

  23. Iqbal Dinho says:

    This article is a gross misrepresentation of palestinian society..and glossed over israeli values..its trash..dun waste your time, as i did, reading it

  24. Iqbal Dinho says:

    Itd really a shame when you think that judaism and islam are so similar in theology and practice…even their holy books are read right-left…

  25. That mother think her boy has earned her heaven, it’s the only way Muslim women will get there according to Islam.

  26. The gOd of Muslim told them to hate and kill the Jews and their allies,but the God of the Jews and the Christian said to His followers Love your enemies

  27. The gOd of Muslim told them to hate and kill the Jews and their allies,but the God of the Jews and the Christian said to His followers Love your enemies

  28. The strongest dope I know of is Christianity. I’m not on it.

  29. The strongest dope I know of is Christianity. I’m not on it.

  30. The strongest dope I know of is Christianity. I’m not on it.

  31. Susie Suzi G says:

    Are They teaching them to hate and kill why not to love and know peace

  32. Susie Suzi G says:

    Are They teaching them to hate and kill why not to love and know peace

  33. Lily Weiser says:

    may they all blow themselves up in each others homes.

  34. The Palestinians are probably the ancestors of the Philistines

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