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Naftali Bennett, after he was elected in 2012 to lead the Jewish Home party.

And if that’s not enough, now we’ve had the leaks about the plan to appoint Ehud Barak—the number 1 abuser of Jewish settlers—as defense minister in the next government, possibly seated next to Shelly, Tzipi and Yair, who would all be dictating a strong steerage to the left, to the point where Disengagement II is now a realistic possibility in Judea and Samaria.

With such heavy concerns, is it any wonder the lost children of NRP are returning home?


The ever more left leaning Labor party is also providing those lost children a good reason to come home, despite all of Shelly Yachimovich’s efforts to dialogue with the knitted yarmulke public. Yachimovich can hug the knitted yarmulke folks from now until next Tuesday – it won’t make them ignore the presence of several shady characters on the Labor list, like Meirav Michaeli (4th), a foundation of the delirious left, granddaughter of Israel Kastner who was accused of being a Nazi collaborator (the high court overturned his conviction) – the same Meirav Michaeli who supported the elimination of the Jewish State in favor of a state belonging to all its citizens, a la Haneen Zoabi – and called on Israeli mothers to stop their sons from enlisting in the IDF.

But Michaeli is not alone, hers is not just a one-time glitch. Anyone voting Labor will also send Stav Shafir (8th) into the Knesset, friend of a myriad Muslim infiltrators from the Sudan and Eritrea, the same Shafir who claimed that Netanyahu was capable of starting a war to drown out the social protest.

And Labor voters will also be sending Raleb Majadele (17th), a big fan of poet Mohammad Darwish, who called on the Jews to remove their belongings and their dead and go back where they came from. And, possibly, even Professor Yossi Yonah (20th), who signed on to these pearls: “I don’t connect to the word Zionism, it does not express who I am,” and “Israel’s behavior over the past few decades does not permit letting it join the community of enlightened nations,” and he proposed to conduct a “united” day of mourning commemorating both the IDF fallen and the victims of the “Nakba,” or Catastrophe, the Palestinian term for the Israeli War of Independence, and many more delusions rife with hate. THE ETHNIC TEAR

The movement of returning to the Jewish Home is joined by Shasniks, too. Not many, but some. These include people who were shocked by the comeback of convicted criminal Aryeh Deri, who was (together with his pal Chayim Ramon) among the tricksters who performed the “stinking maneuver” of 1990, intended to topple an Israeli right wing government. Later, Deri was a senior partner in the Oslo calamity of 1993, providing a Jewish majority to an agreement that has so far cost us some 1,600 victims. And they’re also shocked by the anti-social policy that used the housing ministry to sectoral ends. Voting Jewish Home may be their way of protesting Shas’s delirious campaign attempting to liven up the fire of brotherly hatred, calling the Likud-Beiteinu a party of “Russians and Whites,” only to deepen the ethnic tear for the sake of a few more votes. And maybe they loathe Shas’s efforts to align itself according to the dictates from the arrogant and superior Torah Judaism – supporting their fanatical campaign to save some gentile graves in Ashkelon at the expense of building life-saving emergency rooms.

And the biggest surprise: some are coming to the Jewish Home for the very first time in their lives – you won’t believe this – from the Torah Judaism party. One of my own friends from Bnei Brak, a Haredi Jew for all intents and purposes, has told me that he and “at least 60 others in my neighborhood alone will vote for Bennett.” When I raised an eyebrow, he explained that these are all Haredim who work for a living or serve in the army, but receive no support from the Haredi political leadership. “We’ve reached the conclusion that our leaders prefer that we continue our lives of poverty and ignorance, because that’s the only way they’d be able to keep fooling us.”

But an even bigger surprise comes from those myriad secular voters, young and old, supporters of the Jewish Home. Neither knitted nor black, but see-through yarmulkes . These are adults searching for something refreshing, and multitudes of secular youths, the pub and club crowd, not religious but not anti-religious either, in search of a politician they could identify with. Whom are they going to identify with – Shelly? Tzipi? Yair? Even Bibi no longer suits them. They like a guy who’s young, religious but not an extremist, former member of the special forces Sayeret Matcal (served on the same squad as the late hero Lieutenant Colonel Emanuel Moreno), an hi-tech wizard who did an amazing exit, with excellent English skills, loyal to the triple banners of the Nation of Israel, the Torah of Israel and the Land of Israel, whose messages are straight forward, as opposed to Bibi yesterday versus Bibi today – what’s there not to like?


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Born in Tel Aviv in 1943. Graduated Bar Ilan University (Political Science and History) and Haifa University (Political Science). Chaired the Maariv political desk for 24 years. Married with children and grandchildren. Living in Raanana.


  1. I'm ashamed to say I know next to nothing of Jewish politics. It just seems that if Israel goes so shall the the US and vice versa. Israel seems like an oasis of good sense and common decency right smack in the middle of a perfect arab storm bent on its destruction……it has everything going against it including an inept, know-nothing American public and now a Obummer terror friendly government which has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jew Hating Acadamia that has helped to pervert our National Defense and even our public discourse via a corrupt media. It's heartbreaking. All I can do is recommend books I've read. And at the top of the list is The Haj by Leon Uris. I hand out the name of that book like a religious tract. If you're trying to explain to a friend what the Middle East-Israel-Palestinian-"right of return" is all about simply hand them this book.

    At one time I was one of those who thought Islam was just another religion. Even after 9/11. I've tried to see both sides of this issue and in the spirit of hearing both sides I purchased several Korans, A Summarized Bukhari and Taha's Second Message of Islam.

    It was the Bukhari that tipped the scales for me. Instead of going into a big dialogue I'll just say that as I read Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid's article on jihad, (which features promenently in this "holy" book.), my hair stood on end. I sincerely, truly thought that someone had sent me a volume that the publishers reserved for their more “radical” friends. To this day I've incorporated it into a challenge I've sent out to dozens of Muslims, including Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy. Who, instead of sending me a response, suggested I read his books. I didn't do that but I printed out a bunch of his lengthy articles and read every single one. I won't waste any more time on this nut however here's the challenge:

    If Islam is the religion of peace, where in Abdullah bin Humaid's article on jihad can I find the equivalent of “Love Thy Neighbor”? “and good will toward men”? And explain its prominence, (and significance), in a book that's considered second only to the Koran; My Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari. Also address “jihad” as it's defined in Reliance of the Traveller and answer the same question. Also compare Humaid's “jihad” and Emmet Fox' Sermon on the Mount and tell me which one best represents a spirit of Love and compassion.

    I have yet to get an answer from any Muslim I've sent this to.

    I was going to end here but I'll just say that I've had a book in my hand every day since I can remember. There has not been a single book or story that I've read about Jews that didn't involve heartbreak. As far as I'm concerned this speaks to the evil and unfairness that is Islam in that they can't even grant a sliver of land to a peoples who have been persecuted and slaughtered all through history. You'd think that after the Holocaust the Muslims would cut them some slack. But then I remember that the Holocaust is last thing on earth the Arabs want people to remember… ….they participated in it.

    Here are some books:

    The Haj by Leon Uris.
    Muslim Mafia by Gaubatz and Sperry.
    Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel.
    “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam” and “Holocaust in Rwanda” by Peter Hammond.
    The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz.
    Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer.
    The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism by Andrew G. Bostom
    The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom MD
    A Concise History of the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden
    The Book of Jewish Knowledge by Nathan Ausubel.

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