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December 8, 2016 / 8 Kislev, 5777
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US Posture of Deterrence and Islamic Terrorism

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Just don't mention that the terrorists were Muslims

Just don't mention that the terrorists were Muslims
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

According to the July 30, 2014 Rasmussen Reports, 59% of likely US voters believe that there is a global conflict between the Muslim World and Western civilization, only 17% disagree and 24% are undecided. Likely voters also believe that the “Arab Spring” does not bode well for the US.

The US posture of deterrence played a key role in bolstering Western civilization in face of intensifying threats, checking global violence and instability, bolstering the confidence of US allies, and constraining the maneuverability of rogue regimes.

However, the current perception of the US posture of deterrence among US Arab allies is reflected by a July 27, 2014 OpEd in the leading Saudi daily, A-Sharq al-Awsat, which is one of the most influential Arab newspapers, owned by the Saudi royal family: “…. Secretary John Kerry is representing a weak US administration…. He visits Baghdad to represent an administration that lacks decision-making. He shuttles between Tel Aviv and Cairo as a mediator with no real clout…. Barack Obama’s weak foreign policy is weighing on the deteriorating situation across the world…. Washington’s position on Egypt has changed over the course of the past three years in a manner which demonstrates America’s confused vision and weak foreign policy…. Obama did not even bother to issue a statement regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forcing Mosul’s Christians to flee. Obama’s increasingly isolationist policy is damaging Kerry’s credibility….”

In order to improve the US image in the Muslim World, President Obama issued a July 27, 2014 statement on the occasion of the Muslim holiday, Eid al Fitre:”…. In the United States, Eid reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” That statement was consistent with Obama’s June, 2009 speech at the University of Cairo: “America and Islam are not mutually-exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings…. Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality…. I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story…. Since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States…. [The] partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is….”

President Obama’s view of Islam has been reinforced by CIA Director, John Brennan, who was Obama’s Advisor on Counter-Terrorism: “Our enemy is not ‘terrorism’ because terrorism is but a tactic. Our enemy is not ‘terror’ because terror is a state of mind and as Americans we refuse to live in fear. Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘Jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because Jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community….”

While Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Oman dread the clear and present lethal threat of Islamic, Jihadist terrorism – initially and mostly bankrolled by Saudi Arabia – President Obama claims that there is no Islam-driven terrorism or radicalism, but local cases of Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS terrorism and Major Nidal Hasan Ft. Hood “workplace violence.” Therefore, he ordered the revision of the US National Security Strategy and the training literature of the military, intelligence and homeland security agencies, deleting all references to Islamic terrorism. Thus, the Los Angeles Times editorial stated on June 8, 2010: “The [Obama] administration has assiduously avoided terms that recognize the distinct threat posed by those who cite Islam as a rationalization for terror.”

President Obama’s ideological ambiguity undermines operational clarity in the battle against Islamic terrorism. It further erodes the US posture of deterrence among increasingly vulnerable US Arab allies, who are also concerned about Obama’s core belief in multilateral diplomatic engagement of – rather than unilaterally confronting – rogue regimes, such as Iran.

The anxiety of Saudi Arabia and other pro-US Gulf states – which are afflicted by domestic and regional Sunni and Shite Islamic terrorism – was expressed by a series of July 2014 columns in A Sharq al Awsat. For examples, “… it is clear that the policy of withdrawal and isolationism practiced by President Barack Obama’s administration has helped set instincts loose, encouraging [Middle Eastern] groups and people who show no respect for peaceful coexistence…. What if Egypt was left to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the wishes of the Obama Administration?…. The Obama Administration is still dithering and preoccupied with the illusion of an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program….”

The Arab Tsunami-driven threat of Islamic terrorism is not limited to the pro-US Arab regimes. It has afflicted India (the largest victim of Islamic terrorism), China (XinjIang province), Russia (Chechnya), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Thailand, the Philippines and Africa. It constitutes a clear and present threat to Europe and the US mainland, emboldened by US ideological and operational ambiguity and indecisiveness.

When it comes to “third down and ten yards to go” in the battle against Islamic terrorism, the US quarterback can rely on the Israeli wide receiver, which provides a uniquely reliable and effective battle-tested laboratory and training ground for America’s defense and homeland security forces and industries, the unconditional and democratic ally of the US.

Yoram Ettinger

About the Author: Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger is consultant to Israel’s Cabinet members and Israeli legislators, and lecturer in the U.S., Canada and Israel on Israel’s unique contributions to American interests, the foundations of U.S.-Israel relations, the Iranian threat, and Jewish-Arab issues.

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  1. Ahava Araya says:

    sociopaths really believe we will believe their lies.

  2. worst US president ever….

  3. Joe Lodrige says:

    What do you expect a muslim to say?

  4. Obama are fulish president ever on US

  5. Carole Lucas says:

    Excuse me does he not watch the news to see what is happening?

  6. Larry Raiken says:

    I love Mr. Obama, but he is wrong. Islam is at war with everyone including itself.

  7. He is a muslim bitch, do not surprise me

  8. what planet is that man on??

  9. What is ISIS ? Can the president of the United States explain.

  10. Dean Hulsey says:

    Obama’s speech was full of feces…

  11. Miriam Brown says:

    What do you call 9/11?

  12. Jamie Siever says:

    Denial doesn’t make it real.

  13. Why is our senate our house listening to him? Why aren’t they impeaching?

  14. Linda Corley says:

    Another lie of Obama

  15. Only Americans lie to their children about what is going on.

  16. Raboi-saiye Is just standby and watch Gog & Magog fight it out

  17. Because people don’t want to be called racist that’s what the left do you if stand up to them

  18. Islam lover …… He is ! Beware of this !

  19. He doesn’t want to believe because he would have to more. He must realize the truth someday before it’s to late . Wake up mr. President or resign.

  20. Jean Kinney says:


  21. There is much “local” , Watch out . I am getting tired of always saying the same, I go to bed

  22. It is amazing some people don’t want to teach our children to lie cheat steal and kill. Wow what bad guys

  23. In never , never land maybe. On what planet do some people spend their days.

  24. I am saying : take your responsability and see …. more i get tired to always repeate the same

  25. Stupidity is in the White House. Can we endure much more.

  26. Obama you are a total imbecile!

  27. Amin I wish what you say is true,but actions prove otherwise. Hamas doesn’t even keep agreed to cease fires.

  28. What a clueless & incompetent fool he is.

  29. Were in WW3 and its time to just say it

  30. Hvorfro april snar og det er da ikke første april, Obama Gud ser alt, Amen!

  31. Pam Wong says:

    seriously? seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what’s definition of “local”?….nothing affecting American’s votes!!

  32. He’s a F#@%ING IDIOT!

  33. Sammi Curra says:

    They won’t impeach him for the thing that he is doing to Americans… U think they impeach him bc of Israel… You’re delusional

  34. A Golden Age is coming for everybody zero terrorism. It is gonna be ugly beforehand, but let’s keep talking to come closer and stop demonizing one another.

  35. OMG… Doesn’t want to upset the Islamic terrorists… Wake up America and take back our country…

  36. Sammi Curra, do you have to refer to those who make a quick statement as delusional or other name calling? If I had wanted to reiterate my whole statement to explain myself I would have written it all in the first place. I was taking the whole context of his actions toward the VA during the shut down, to the Ukraine, our borders, the immigrants on amnesty, his stance with the Muslim Brotherhood, the rebels in Syria, and now those same rebels in ISIS and their stance in Iraq along with his stance against Israel. The list goes on and on, none of which seems to be supportive of our sovereignty, nor our security, much less Israel’s. I am glad however, to see you and I are both on the same side.

  37. Linda Gibbs says:

    He is an idiot….

  38. John Wayne says:


  39. He doesn’t want people to panic. But, does he think we are stupid?

  40. What an idiot for a president

  41. Local cases!? Idiot.

  42. Brenda Wood says:

    Obama lying and covering for his people.

  43. apparently Qatar wants to buy 11B of weapons. thats maybe.

  44. Really?!?? Get a grip!!

  45. We have a saying in Israel “all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim! Mr O which planet are you living on?

  46. Saide Jujube says:

    No justice no truth just propaganda on an endless play loop.

  47. Abra Berkson says:

    Well we all know that he went off the deep end a while back.

  48. He is a deluded liar and useless as breasts on a bull.

  49. That is an insult to idiots.

  50. when stupid speaks Americans no longer hear.

  51. NO BACKBONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Karen Bryant says:

    We apologize for obama.

  53. The Oman is delusional.

  54. The USA is careful to distinguish between moderate Muslims (who don’t want to murder anybody) and fundamentalist Muslims (who want to murder everybody).

  55. Obama….no comment !

  56. Is not the US posture….is the administration posture. We the people are outraged!!!

  57. Judith Ross says:

    This is a stupid comment to make, but then again, look who said it. Tell this ignorant man to look at what is happening in Europe with the Black flag of ISIS flying, as in Italy, France, Germany, and soon New York and Washington. Wonder what he will say when that ugly flag on flying for the top of the White House. Will he cheer, or maybe he will resign, then the freedom loving people in the world will cheer!!

  58. His brother supports Hamas too.

  59. Yes…and there is a lot of us that didn’t vote for the MORON!

  60. If true, that makes the problem infinitely more complicated.

  61. Once again Obama is totally clueless about everything

  62. JL Gibeson says:

    I suppose barry did not inhale either. Yeah right.

  63. Andrea Okon says:

    I do not know wht Americans do not do a coup? In Argentina we were so used. It’s easy particularly when you want to get rid of a killer facilitator.

  64. He is out of his mind!

  65. 江律师 says:

    Obama Hussein Barak is a Muslim under the disguise of Christian

  66. Wow and that’s just tip of the iceberg ,titanic fail obama!!

  67. And I am the man in the moon! He knows. He just doesn’t acknowledge it.

  68. Nice job by the Mossad…………….respect man!

  69. Maybe the next president will accept the truth that starting in 1979 the west has been in a conflict with Islamofascists – whether they want to open their eyes and acknowledge it or not.

  70. Shula Conley says:

    Idiot ! We can only hope that someday we will get a president who loves his people and America as much as Bibi loves the Jewish people and Israel!

  71. Gary Myers says:

    he get out his mind. . .he is sick. . .

  72. Hey Obama, what the hell do you think is going on? Are you stupid or something. This is all about Isliam!

  73. Kathy Kupfer says:

    He is definitely not a student of history. Must have gotten into college on affirmative action.

  74. Chuck Dawson says:

    We invade Iraq, not to discover WMD’s, but to oust a Sunni government and remove any alliance with the Sunni-led Saudi’s from our lives for flying suicide planes into New York, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. We install a Shi’ite government who will surely align itself with Shi’ite Iran and further enrage the Saudis. After 9/11, this makes us happy. The Saudis, swimming in a sea of oil money, fund any Sunni group who wishes to wreck havoc in Iraq, Alawite-led Syria and Israel. I always wondered what the Joint Chiefs said when this idea was first proposed by the Bush admin.? Surely, they understood that this operation, when successful, would bring Iran in from the darkness and maybe even legitimize it’s wretched, sorrowful government. I despise Islam. I reject the all too common thought that if only moderate muslims would rise up, speak and take action, the world would return to some sense of balance and itself. This very thought of the viability and even existence of the moderate muslim is a lie and empty of merit or consideration. No matter the mistakes we might have made, the course is now clear. Before any of you defend the people of Gaza or Hamas, as a for instance, remember the wild celebrations which occurred throughout the Muslim world when the civilized world cried as the towers fell in New York. I won’t forget. I also won’t forget members of the Israeli Olympic team killed by the Black September terrorists in 1972 or the PLO hijacking of a commercial flight and taking it to Entebbe Airport, Uganda and many, many other such violent episodes led by followers of the so-called peaceful religion known as Islam. I am but one American with but one voice.

  75. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

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