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My uncle concludes, “The Beth Yosef (commentary to Tur, Yoreh De’ah 276) quotes the Rashbatz to show that if one wrote the name of G-d without having the intention of holiness, then it isn’t holy and he may erase it. Also the Shach (Yoreh De’ah 179:11) permits this usage and erasure of His Name if it appears in a secular language. He feels the Name is only holy if it appears in Hebrew. (See also Gilyon Maharsha, Yoreh De’ah 276. Also Responsa of Tashbatz 1:2 and Rabbi Akiva Eger, responsum 25.)”

(To be continued)


Rabbi Yaakov Klass, rav of Congregation K’hal Bnei Matisyahu in Flatbush, Brooklyn, is Torah Editor of The Jewish Press.  He can be contacted at


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