Report: 12% of Russian Jews Have Left Since Start of Ukraine War in March

Israel has asked Russia to postpone the court hearing scheduled for Friday, August 19, on the future of the Jewish Agency there.

‘Look Forward,’ says Lone Soldier on 20th-Anniversary ‘Aliyah’ Flight to Israel

The group of new immigrants included 31 families, 99 children, seven retirees and 40 soldiers who will serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

It Took 100 Years, but American Woman Makes Aliyah

On Sunday an Israel identity card was issued to a 100-year-old new oleh (immigrant) from the US named Judy Neiman.

In 2021, 10% of American Olim Moved to Judea & Samaria

Approximately 4,000 US citizens immigrated on aliya to the Jewish State last year.

After Herzog Softened Putin on the Jewish Agency, Lapid Will Call to Negotiate the...

Netanyahu cut the deal for the Alexander yard with Putin following the arrest of a grotesquely unfortunate Israeli passenger with 9.5 grams of hashish on her person.

84 Jews from 7 Countries in South America Make New Homes in Israel

The new arrivals came from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru.

Russia: Future of Jewish Agency a Legal Matter

The Kremlin said "this situation should not be politicized or projected onto the entire set of Russian-Israeli ties."

Lapid Chairs Meeting on Jewish Agency’s Woes in Russia Caused by His ‘Brave’ Stance

A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men cannot get out.

‘Pathetic and Insulting’: Israeli Officials Angered by Russia’s Move to Ban Jewish Agency Activities

The Russian Ministry of Justice believes that the Jewish Agency “violated Russian law in its work.”

NY Twins Make Aliyah, Want to Enlist in Elite Navy Unit

"We decided that the Navy is where we wanted to enlist, and hope to qualify for Shayetet 13.”

American Teens Help Save Ashdod Man with CPR

“We were told in training that it would be unlikely that we would need to use the CPR skills that we learned."

Jewish-American Sex Offender Won’t be Approved for Aliyah

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said that Baruch Lanner, a convicted sex offender from the US, won't be approved for Aliyah.

‘Israel Must Prepare for a Wave of Immigrants’ from Russia

"Should Russia decide to stop Jewish immigration, leaving Jews stuck in Russia, it will be on our conscience."

Hatzalah Training Next Generation of US & Canadian Lifesavers

"We went through a vigorous course in United Hatzalah in a short amount of time and now we are ready to give back to our homeland.”

Convicted Sex Offender Moving to Israel from US

An Israeli law firm helped the individual bypass the Aliyah restrictions.

Jewish Agency: ‘Programs in Russia Continuing as Planned’

The agency's press release raises even more questions than the original story.

Young Indians Celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel

Mumbai is home to some 1,500 Jews, but the city does not have an organized Jewish community.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Launching First Charter Aliyah Flight Since Start of Covid

“My sister made Aliyah a few years back as a professional basketball player and played for the Israeli women’s national team."

Très AIPAC: Azerbaijani Official in Israel to Tighten Relations through Israelis Born in his...

The Azeri official stressed the positive relations of the olim from Azerbaijan with their native country.

Not Again: Police Harass Jews on Temple Mount (Watch)

Police officers decided to expel the group through the Iron Gate, in the middle of their visit.

180 Ethiopian Olim Arrive in Israel, Part of Ongoing Operation Tzur Israel

95,000 Ethiopians have immigrated to Israel since the establishment of the state.

350 Jewish Mothers Connect with their Roots in Israel

Throughout the participants’ journey, Israeli mothers serve as a “living bridge” between the State of Israel and the Diaspora.

Nefesh B’Nefesh to Host Online Mega Aliyah and Employment Fair Sunday

The Mega Aliyah Event is open to the public, regardless of age, residence, and level of Aliyah interest.

Knesset About to Vote on Istanbul Convention Trojan Horse that Undermines Israel’s Immigration Policies

Just look at South Tel Aviv today, mired in thousands of illegal aliens, and multiply the number of destitute foreigners.

9 Holocaust Survivors Fleeing Ukraine Find Refuge in Israel

A special flight carrying nine elderly Holocaust survivors along with 12 wounded people touched down at Ben Gurion Airport as Israel commenced with events for Yom HaShoah.

Global Pesach: Jewish Agency Offers Seders in Ukraine & Ethiopia

The organization will hold several festive ceremonies around the world.

Gush Etzion Tenth Grade Girls Orchestrate Wedding for 2 Olim Converts

"They have pure hearts, a real and profound desire to make others happy, and a special light that radiates from their faces."

Israel Offers Free Russian-Language Tours for New Immigrants

The project is intended to facilitate the integration of recently arrived new immigrants from areas of conflict.

Birthright Israel Launches ‘Brightcode,’ Promising Job Placement in Israeli Hi-Tech

The new initiative provides a free opportunity for Jewish young adults to fast-track a career in hi-tech, with job placement in Israel.


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