350 Jewish Mothers Connect with their Roots in Israel

Throughout the participants’ journey, Israeli mothers serve as a “living bridge” between the State of Israel and the Diaspora.

Nefesh B’Nefesh to Host Online Mega Aliyah and Employment Fair Sunday

The Mega Aliyah Event is open to the public, regardless of age, residence, and level of Aliyah interest.

Knesset About to Vote on Istanbul Convention Trojan Horse that Undermines Israel’s Immigration Policies

Just look at South Tel Aviv today, mired in thousands of illegal aliens, and multiply the number of destitute foreigners.

9 Holocaust Survivors Fleeing Ukraine Find Refuge in Israel

A special flight carrying nine elderly Holocaust survivors along with 12 wounded people touched down at Ben Gurion Airport as Israel commenced with events for Yom HaShoah.

Global Pesach: Jewish Agency Offers Seders in Ukraine & Ethiopia

The organization will hold several festive ceremonies around the world.

Gush Etzion Tenth Grade Girls Orchestrate Wedding for 2 Olim Converts

"They have pure hearts, a real and profound desire to make others happy, and a special light that radiates from their faces."

Israel Offers Free Russian-Language Tours for New Immigrants

The project is intended to facilitate the integration of recently arrived new immigrants from areas of conflict.

Birthright Israel Launches ‘Brightcode,’ Promising Job Placement in Israeli Hi-Tech

The new initiative provides a free opportunity for Jewish young adults to fast-track a career in hi-tech, with job placement in Israel.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Holds ‘MedEx’ Event for Medical Professionals Considering Aliyah

The event was geared to physicians, nurses, dentists, podiatrists, psychologists, optometrists, pharmacists, therapists, audiologists, nutritionists, and dental hygienists.

Over 10,000 Ukraine Refugees Make Aliyah to Israel

Employees of the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption at Ben Gurion Airport welcomed 573 Olim (new immigrants) from Ukraine on Monday.

Hatzalah Covert Operations Deliver Medicine, Food, Aliyah Papers to Ukrainian Jews

"These undercover deliveries of food and medical supplies to people inside Ukraine are of vital importance and save lives."

Zionism Today: Mikhail Prokhorov (Worth $11.4 Billion) Makes Aliyah

"Kremlin leaders gave him what amounts to an insiders’ opportunity to buy one of the state's most valuable assets."

Giant Billboards Call on Shaked Not to Capitulate to Pressure, Restrict Ukrainian Refugee Tide

According to CNN, only 690 Ukrainian refugees have been admitted in the US since October 21, 2021.

A Small Miracle On Ta’anit Esther Brings A Jewish Ukrainian Refugee Home on Purim

A collaborative effort by Meretz MK Michal Rozin, Tikkun Olam Makers, United Hatzalah, Ministry of Absorption, and Interior Ministry, enables a disabled Jewish man to come home to Israel.

Jerusalem Mayor and Nefesh B’Nefesh Deliver Mishloach Manot to Jerusalem Olim

The Mishloach Manot consisted entirely of products made by various Jerusalem-based Olim businesses.

West Critical of Israel’s Sheltering Russian-Jewish Tycoons, Will Law of Return Be Undermined?

Will the Lapid-Bennett government capitulate to Western pressure to oust Jewish citizens?

Shaked Succumbs to Pressure from All Over, Completely Alters Ukrainian Refugee Policy

In the end, alas, no one will remember those high-minded declarations, only Shaked’s action of opening up the floodgates.

Shaked’s 5,000 Entry Permits to Run Out Soon Leaving Ukrainian Relatives of Israelis in...

"I'm afraid that by Saturday night, when the policy goes into effect, the quota will be full and no one will be admitted.”

2021 Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize Recipients Announced

Hundreds of Olim from English-speaking countries were nominated for the prize.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Turns to Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh for Help with Aid for Ukraine Refugees

For two hours they worked non-stop in a massive room full of all good stuff for the new immigrants arriving from Ukraine,

Shaked: 90% of Ukrainian Arrivals Not Recognized by Law of Return, We Can’t Continue...

"At the rate we're going, we'll take in more than 15 thousand Ukrainians by the end of the month."

300 Ukrainian Jewish Olim to Land in Israel on Sunday

These olim escaped the harrowing fighting in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Bennett Meets with Masa Israel Journey Participants from Ukraine

“Through you and your contacts back in Ukraine, the message is, first, we're with you, and secondly, Israel is the home of every Jew."

Hundreds of Aliyah & Return Requests from Ukraine on Day of Invasion

"Until yesterday morning no one believed this could actually happen."

Ukrainian Aliyah

There's two ways to make Aliyah, because you have to, or because you want to.

Israel Tackling ‘Passport Aliyah’ Abuse of Law of Return by American, French, Russian Jews

Many Jews immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return, but do not intend to stay.

Nasa Physicist Makes Aliyah, Delta Airlines Honors Him

Jerry Wittenstein worked with Neil Armstrong at NASA and he just made Aliyah with his wife.

Survey: 90% of US Jews Concerned About Antisemitism But Won’t Consider Aliyah

Everybody is talking about the weather but nobody is doing anything about it.

Mazal Tov! Israel to Count 400,000 Russian Gentiles as Jews

As of 2020, the CBS classified 415,147 Israelis as “other.” 8.6% of them declared themselves as "Christian."


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