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As time passed, Chana’s farm became well known and merchants traveled from various towns to buy wheat and wool from Chana.

Meets Her Husband


It was now five years since her husband was sold into slavery. One day a merchant came to her farm and Chana noticed that among his slaves was her long-lost husband. Pointing to Shaul, she asked the merchant to let him go with her into the house.

Upon their entry to the house, Chana looked at Shaul and said, “Don’t you recognize me, my husband? Why have you been sold as a slave, my dear husband? What have you done?”

Shaul answered, “I was punished by Eliyahu HaNavi for having neglected my Torah studies after we were married. One day as I went to wash my feet at the lake, Eliyahu lifted me up and carried me to a distant land where he sold me for a slave.”

“Well, now you have nothing to worry about, because I am going to buy your freedom from your master,” Chana said to her husband. “Then you will be able to devote all of your time to the study of the Torah.”

“No!” answered Shaul, explaining, “I was sold by the holy prophet as a slave for seven years. I, therefore, have two more years to serve.”

Chana, sorrowfully, let her husband go to finish his term of punishment. For two more years Chana faithfully but anxiously waited his return. Finally, when the two years were up, Chana went and redeemed Shaul from his slavery. The couple then settled down and lived out their years in comfort and happiness.



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