Spiritual Leader of Lithuanian Haredim Rabbi Gershon Edelstein Dead at 100

His funeral will leave the Ponevezh yeshiva hall at 3:30 PM.

Former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel Dies

Turkel became a full Supreme Court justice in 1995, serving on that court until 2005.

‘Mishpacha’ Chief Editor Rabbi Moshe Grylak Dead at 87

Rabbi Grylak enlisted in the IDF fought in the Yom Kippur War.

DM Gallant’s Mother Fruma Passes Away at 88

Fruma Gallant was born in Poland and survived the Nazi Holocaust. She came to Israel as a child on the famed "Exodus" ship in 1948.

Rachel Shwekey, Mother of Jewish Vocalist Yaakov Shwekey Passes Away

A descendant of Vizhnitz Hasidim who survived the Nazi Holocaust, Mrs. Shwekey immigrated to Israel as a child before moving to the US.

Rabbi Harold Kushner, 88, Author of ‘When Bad Things Happen to Good People’

The leader for 24 years at Temple Israel in Massachusetts addressed major philosophical questions in his writings.

Harry Belafonte, Grandson of Dutch Sephardic Jew, Dies at Age 96

The president called the Calypso singer, actor and activist “legendary.”

Hasidic Singer-Songwriter Michoel Shnitzler Dies at 62

After intense efforts to save his life, Hatzolah paramedics were forced to declare the performer's passing a few minutes before the start of the Sabbath.

Al Jaffee, Influential ‘Mad Magazine’ Cartoonist, 102

His 70 years at the satire publication is part of the longest career of a cartoonist, per the Guinness World Records.

Livestream: Funeral of Lucy Dee H’YD

The livestream of the funeral of Lucy Dee begins at 2PM Israel time.

Terror Victims Maia and Rina Dee, H”YD

The victims' mother Lucy Dee is fighting for her life in Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center.

Chaim Topol Who Gave Us Sallah Shabati and Tevye Dead at 87

Topol’s artistic career was launched in the early 1950s, when he joined the IDF's Nahal entertainment band.

Israeli Doctor Volunteering in Nepal Killed by Marauding Elephant

Buikner was interning at Beersheva’s Soroka Medical Center and traveled to Nepal with a delegation of other young Israeli doctors volunteering at local hospitals.

Former Torah U’Mesorah Exec VP Rabbi Yehoshua Fishman Passes Away

The rabbi devoted his life to Jewish education, in addition to leading the Ohev Shalom synagogue in Williamsburg.

Prof. Abraham Lempel, Inventor of PDF & MP3 Compressions, Dead at 87

His LZ algorithm served as the basis for compression technologies such as TIFF, PNG, ZIP, GIF, PDF, and MP3.

Solomon Perel (‘Hitler Youth Salomon’) Dead at 97

He studied Nazi race theory and participated in pre-military exercises.

Eulogies for Rabbi Haim Meir Drukman, z’l

"The mission fire that burned in Rabbi Druckman has not been extinguished; its sparks lie deep in the hearts of thousands of his students.

Rabbi Haim Drukman, Father of Hesder Yeshivas, Settlement Movement, Who Converted Thousands, Dead at...

The rabbi contracted COVID-19 earlier this month for the second time this year.

Elka Rothman, Haredi Matriarch of 2,000 Offspring, Dies at 97

Jerusalemites used to say that Elka was the grandmother of half of Jerusalem.

Jewish-Ukrainian Soldier Killed in Battle Against Russia

Vladislav Shain "fought heroically from the very beginning of the invasion,” says Ukrainian Chief Rabbi Moshe Azman.

Holocaust Survivor Who Translated During Eichmann Trial Dies at 94

Aliza Goldman and her husband founded the first translation agency in Israel.

Hundreds Pay Last Respects to Israeli Terror Victim

The 50-year-old Teshuma, who immigrated from Ethiopia 21 ago, is survived by his wife and six children.

Founder of Temple Mount Faithful, Gershon Salomon, Passes Away

A 10th generation Jerusalemite, Salomon was a descendant of Rabbi Avraham Solomon Zalman Zoref.

Rabbi Shraga Feivel Cohen, 85, Passes Away

Rabbi Cohen zt"l served for decades as the leader of Khal Tomchei Torah in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush before moving to Lakewood.

Uzzi Ornan, Linguist and Former Irgun Member, Dies at Age 99

Arrested in 1944 for making bombs, Ornan was detained in British prison camps in Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya until Israel achieved independence.

Former MK Elyakim Haetzni Passes Away at 96

Elyakim Haetzni was among the founders of Kiryat Arba, and helped re-establish the Jewish community in Hebron.

Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Founder of Nachal Haredi, Passed Away at 82

Rabbi Schwartz was awarded the Moskowitz prize for Zionism.

Mikhail Gorbachev Who Ended Communist Rule in the Soviet Union Dead at 91

In 1996, Gorbachev ran for president of Russia but won only 0.51% of the vote.

Israeli Musical Icon Zvika Pick Dead at 72

In 2018, Pick suffered a stroke on board a flight from London to Israel and was hospitalized for an extended period.


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