Prince of Depression Comedy Richard Lewis Dead at 76

“I was the baby of the family, and I'm still convinced I was a mistake.”

Rabanit Sara Druckman, Widow of Rabbi Haim Druckman, zt’l, Passes Away

"The Bnei Akiva movement bows its head and mourns the passing of Rabanit Dr. Sara Druckman, who was a faithful partner in leading the movement."

Brooklyn’s Former Borough President Howard Golden Dead at 98

"He had an extraordinary life. He really fought for the borough and the city he loved."

Five Israeli Soldiers Fall in Gaza

Four of the five soldiers were killed in action in southern Gaza; the fifth died in northern Gaza.

The Farewell Letter to His Family Written by IDF Sgt-Maj (res) Ben Zussman, z’l

"If you are reading this, something has probably happened to me . . . I am grateful for the privilege to defend our beautiful land and the people of Israel."

2 IDF Reservists Fall in Battle, Including Son of War Cabinet Minister Gadi Eisenkot

IDF reservist Master Sergeant Gal Meir Eisenkot fell in battle in northern Gaza after a booby-trapped Hamas tunnel shaft exploded as he approached. IDF reservists Yonatan Deitch fell in battle in southern Gaza.

Henry Kissinger Dead at 100, Was Among Most Influential Jews of the 20th Century

In his later years, he was unable to travel to several countries for fear of being prosecuted for war crimes.

3rd Classmate from Efrat/Gush Etzion High School Killed in Gaza Fighting

Eitan’s death is the third of his class from the Neve Shmuel Yeshiva High School in Efrat

Fourth Hostage Body Retrieved by IDF, Identified as Shani Gabai, HY’M

A recent law graduate, Shani Gabay was working at the Nova music festival when Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel and began its killing spree.

Israeli Killed in Lebanese Rocket Attack Identified

Fourteen other Israeli civilians were injured in the attack. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for firing a guided anti-tank missile at the repair crew.

First Black Man, Jewish Convert to Sail Globe Solo South of Chile, 87

U.S. Navy veteran Bill Pinkney said he should have flown a flag with a “big yellow Star of David” while sailing past Robben Island, weeks after Nelson Mandela’s release.

Shai Ish-Shalom, Entebbe Veteran, 68

In 2012, interviewed Shai where he told us about his amazing life.

Liverpool Chabad Rabbi Pays Tribute to Elderly Jewish Couple Who Perished in a Flood

"They were due to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week and our only comfort is knowing that they were together to the very end."

BDE Rav Aharon Schechter zt’l, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Chaim Berlin

The Rav’s wife, Rebbetzin Shoshana, obm, preceded him, having passed away in 2016.

2nd Fireman Dies from Sunday’s Pit Rescue

Three people died in the accident and subsequent rescue.

Israeli-Druze Fireman Dies Saving Man Trapped in Pit

The firemen entered the 8-meter pit to rescue a man who had fallen in.

‘Pee-Wee Herman’ Dead at 70, Father Was IAF Pilot

Veteran WW2 pilot Milton Rubenfeld was approached by representatives of the Haganah in 1948.

David “Dugo” Leitner Passes Away on Tisha B’Av

January 18th is felafel day in Israel thanks to David "Dugo" Leitner.

Rabbi Shalom Gold, 88, Passes Away

Rabbi Gold was the founder and rabbi of Congregation (Kehillat) Zichron Yosef in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood.

Cleared for Publication: IDF Soldier Killed in Jenin in Overnight Fighting

The 23-year-old soldier from the elite Egoz unit was shot during the counter-terrorism operation.

Star of ‘The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter’ and ‘Catch 22’ Alan Arkin Dead...

Alan Arkin dies at home after 89 years in which, according to the NY Times, he had a history of heart problems.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero, ‘America’s Rabbi’ Passes Away

The family has requested that donations be sent in lieu of flowers to the Conference of Jewish Affairs in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, to continue the rabbi’s work.

Rabbi Meir Harlig, 770 Gabai, Passes Away

Rabbi Harlig was the person responsible for giving the Rebbe’s Lulav and Esrog to the Chasidim in order to bless them on the days of Sukkot.

Netanyahu Says Late Italian PM Berlusconi Was ‘Great Friend of Israel’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent his condolences on the passing of the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

Spiritual Leader of Lithuanian Haredim Rabbi Gershon Edelstein Dead at 100

His funeral will leave the Ponevezh yeshiva hall at 3:30 PM.

Former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel Dies

Turkel became a full Supreme Court justice in 1995, serving on that court until 2005.

‘Mishpacha’ Chief Editor Rabbi Moshe Grylak Dead at 87

Rabbi Grylak enlisted in the IDF fought in the Yom Kippur War.

DM Gallant’s Mother Fruma Passes Away at 88

Fruma Gallant was born in Poland and survived the Nazi Holocaust. She came to Israel as a child on the famed "Exodus" ship in 1948.

Rachel Shwekey, Mother of Jewish Vocalist Yaakov Shwekey Passes Away

A descendant of Vizhnitz Hasidim who survived the Nazi Holocaust, Mrs. Shwekey immigrated to Israel as a child before moving to the US.


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