Photo Credit: Flash 90
Netanyahu and Lapid.

The caption attached to this image by Flash90, our image provider, reads: “Israel’s Minister of Finance Yair Lapid (R) laughs as he talks to an unidentified man during the Conference Of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, on February 17, 2014.”

I was thinking that it shouldn’t be so difficult to identify, at least in general terms, who this anonymous man is.


I can tell he’s a winner. I see him laughing care free, pearly teeth bright, with my finance minister who’s been slashing food subsidies and other goodies that used to go to loser children, and punishing yeshiva students for missing a draft date, while awarding upwards of $1 billion to wealthy VIPs retiring from political service. In the same budget, practically the same day.

So I know he can’t be a loser. He’s an anonymous winner and he’s very cheerful.

It used to be the men and women who owned us and our children and our future used to be discreet about how fantastic it felt to own people. They kept their power orgies behind closed doors. They weren’t so completely unabashed about it.

But now our slave masters – tycoons, bankers, civil service lackeys, crony capitalists – their power joy is so naked.