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A Turkish hacker whose Facebook page identifies him as Hulusi Semih Karaca has hacked the website of the Ramat Gan Safari.

A Jewish Press reporter who went to the Safari website in search of material on the passing, last year, of the 17-year old giraffe Dubla, found the hacked page instead. Shortly after entering the hacked website, the visitor is transferred to Karaca’s Facebook page, where he or she are invited to leave him a friendly message.


I have no idea how the Safari residents will deal with this outrage. I’m sure those residents with opposable thumbs (gorillas and chimps, basically) will have to try and fix the page.

It’s not fun to discover you’ve been hacked by a Turk, especially when you’re already living in a zoo.

My sympathies.

Photo by Tibor Jager/FLASH90