Photo Credit: Gideon Markowicz/Flash90

A fisherman across the water from the world’s largest menorah in Tel Aviv harbor on the eve oh Hanukkah, 5774.

All the candles are lit up, in preparation for the holiday, to begin Wednesday night.


The Talmud relates a disagreement between the schools of Hillel and Shammai in the matter of lighting the. According to Shammai, one begins with the “days remaining,” the “maximum potential” of the commandment. According to Hillel, one begins with the “days completed,” the “realized potential” of the commandment.

Thus, on the first night, before the kindling, there remain eight days, a potential of eight lights, so, according to Shammai, the correct number of lights is eight. According to Hillel, we say that tonight will be the first night of realized potential for this commandment, so we light one. (

It’s obvious which school the Tel Aviv municipality follows.

If that’s the case, I advise homely brides to be to stay away from a Tel Aviv wedding. On the issue of whether one should tell an ugly bride that she is beautiful, Shammai ruled it was wrong to lie, Hillel ruled that all brides are beautiful.

Good looking menorah, though.