I came across a video by Gavin McInnes from something called Rebel Media, who was visiting Israel, and he listed the 10 things he hated about Israel.

I was a bit taken back… who visits Israel and hates it?


I can’t put the video up here because of the language, but what he was mostly describing was the ultra-secular, far-left aspects of Tel Aviv (and not all of Tel Aviv is like that), and I thought to myself, “What a shame he didn’t visit the rest of Israel, I think he’d have a very different opinion of our country.”

It turns out he did.

He and his coworkers from Rebel Media went on a fact-finding mission to Israel and visited everywhere. I haven’t finished watching all the videos, but it turns out he and his friends loved our great country.

All the videos from their trip can be viewed at this link.

Here is Gavin’s visit to Efrat. He didn’t think the mayor of Efrat was right-wing enough.