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August 25, 2016 / 21 Av, 5776
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1,000 Intellectuals from 30 Countries Protest EU Settlements Boycott

The directive is discriminatory and based on a legal premise that is completely wrong.
Alan Baker

More than 1,000 international lawyers, ambassadors and professors from 30 different countries signed a petition protesting the European Union’s recent funding ban on Israel’s settlements.

Israel’s former ambassador to Canada and legal advisor, Alan Baker, who heads the Legal Forum for Israel’s International Action Division, initiated the petition and an accompanying letter, which drew widespread support across the world.

The Legal Forum, a legal advocacy group established in 2004, sent out the petition and protest letter to EU officials earlier this week.

In July, the European Union issued a directive barring its 28 member states from funding projects and ending cooperation with Israeli institutions in in Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and east Jerusalem.

According to Baker, the directive is discriminatory and based on a legal premise that is completely wrong. “The EU is incorrectly asserting that the pre-1967 lines are Israel’s borders and that the settlements are illegal. That is a misreading of international law,” Baker told Tazpit News Agency in an exclusive interview.

Baker believes that the EU’s recent calls are “absolutely unacceptable” and states that it was one of main reasons why the Legal Forum had first written the letter.

“It has not been determined that the 1949 armistice lines are Israel’s borders– that is one of the issues up for negotiations along with the settlements,” explains Baker. “The parties have to determine these issues at the negotiating table themselves; the EU has overstepped its status and no right to take international law into its own hands.”

The 1,100 signatures supporting the letter include lawyers as well as rabbis, senior ambassadors, and professors – both Jewish and Christian – from Australia, Britain, Bolivia, Greece, Norway, Mexico, Taiwan, France, Italy, Canada, the U.S. and India, among others.

Israeli justice minister, Yaakov Neeman, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, Meir Rosenne and UK House of Lords member Baroness Ruth Deech are among those who signed the letter.

The European Union was established following World War II to foster economic cooperation between countries that traded with one another, primarily in Europe. Today the EU is an organization that spans policy areas, from development aid to environment while promoting human rights. According to the EU’s website, “everything that the EU does is founded on treaties, voluntarily and democratically agreed by all member countries.”

“The EU feels that it can take this liberty with Israel. It has a fixation, an obsession with the Jewish state and it has shown that it not an impartial player in the peace process,” said Baker. “With this letter, we hope that EU members working with Catherine Ashton will consider a more impartial policy towards this area of the world.”

Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency

About the Author: Anav Silverman is a regular contributor to Tazpit News Agency.

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29 Responses to “1,000 Intellectuals from 30 Countries Protest EU Settlements Boycott”

  1. Cody Flecker says:

    We all should remember that the EU doesn't really dislike Israel or the Jews. The EU is petrified about dealing with the millions of Muslims in their specific countries. This is really where their fear lies right now.

  2. The EU's recent BDS campaign against Israel was drafted by a low level Diplomat with dreams of grandeur. He previously represented the EU in the Palestinian areas and has an inherent dislike of Israeli's and Jews. The problem is no person in authority in the EU, including Lady Ashton, had enough courage to stand up and to rubbish the proposal. This would also explain how poorly the European leadership has become, with many of them now bowing to the Arabs because of the large Political influence they represent in a decadent Europe. Salvation lies with the Palestinians seeking an accommodation with Israel and to move forward after first abandoning their current bunch of corrupt leaders. The alternative is the possibility of another Arab Spring – like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon etc, and then heaven help the Palestinians.

  3. The EU really does dislike Israel and the Jews. Their Churches have been painting a picture of despicable "Christ killers" for centuries. Why is Catholic Ireland, Portugal and Spain so entrenched in their dislike of Israel?

  4. Ethan Perks says:

    We won't see this on BBC or the USA MSM.

  5. Vigie Singh says:

    I Admire u for saying this . U find people will just sit and say nothing . U were the best boss I ever had that taught me lots lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    "Intellectuals" are actually SUPPORTING Israel, not bashing her?
    Is Mashiach not far behind!

  7. Alan Kardon says:

    But how strongly did they tell the EU? Was it published in all the news media in the EU? How wide spread was it published in US and other Democracies throughout the world? Was it sent to the UN to be read at the General Assembly? Telling me and your readers is not the answer. I believe the saying is "Preaching to the choir?"

  8. Alan Kardon says:

    Isn't what you are saying the same problem when Adolph Hitler Nazis took control of Europe? Is it happening again?

  9. Alan Kardon says:

    What will the EU do when the Muslims take over their countries?

  10. You have a very good point here Alan, I live in the Netherlands and I didn't know about this. Just read it here. Will of course spread the news but there are only so much people I can reach.

  11. The witch Aston has to go, she is a ire a christian, she is comming christians-christians war like sinnies-shiites, the same bundel of t.

  12. The witch Aston has to go, she is a ire a christian, she is comming christians-christians war like sinnies-shiites, the same bundel of t.

  13. With all this intellectual and erudite criticism, hopefully they vote this idiot of a woman out of the EU. Without bragging I would be far better at the job than she, how the hell did she ever get where she is? Stupid creature very bad PR for women in power?

  14. I would agree, Europe has never adopted a realistic immigration policy and so it seems is the case with Scandinavia now. Finally tidly little Ireland is entertaining the Saudi Royal family who are submitting huge sums of money to build a large Islamic site in North Dublin for the entertainment of the 60,000 muslims in a population of just over 4 million Catholic and Protestant Irish and less than 1/4% Black Irish otherwise known as Jews.

  15. Eva Feld says:

    and 8,100 athletes in Israel right now, and they come with coaches and loved ones, gee they must be suffering from something? Perhaps too much hospitality, good food, excellent swimming excellent sailing, something gotta be wrong with the money they bring….. boycott. It works.

  16. Yechiel Baum says:

    The Jewish State of Israel existed long before the EU so who is the Eu to decide the legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ashton is not a Christian, but an "ex-communist". She is not an elected representative of the United Kingdom. She is a hard-left Labour supporter but not adverse to accepting honours and huge amounts of money as reward for services rendered. She was placed in the EU by NuLabour – the last gasp of Tony Blair's treacherous government which literally invited millions of third world Muslims to replace the indigenous population of England. Ergo the English are now a minority in their capital city London and it is estimated that by 2040 the UK will have a Muslim majority.

  18. Anonymous says:

    "… BDS campaign against Israel was drafted by a low level Diplomat with dreams of grandeur."

    Just like the unqualified, diplomatically inexperienced and hideously anti-Semitic – that is no 'Lady' – Ashton.

    "… no person in authority in the EU, including Lady Ashton, had enough courage to stand up and to rubbish the proposal.";

    Nothing to do with courage; this woman who speaks and understands only English, ergo has no ability to detect nuance in language or understand the vocabulary of those countries to whom she imperiously dictates, is on record as a Jew/Israel-hater.
    There is even a picture of her giving a V – Victory sign arm in arm with a Palestinian minister.

  19. ashton's brain is in her chin. wherever that is.

  20. Why the EU is doing what they are doing to us, the people who live her (I'm Dutch) and to Israël has been decided in 1975 in the treathy of Strasburg. What it boils down to is that we the people have been sold (as slaves) by socialists for oil. This is stil a reality today the EU(EUSSR because it is a Marxist organisation, I kid you not) has decided that another 50 million muslims have to enter our countries in the next decade. They are striving for EURABIA. Here is the text of that treathy. THE STRASBOURG RESOLUTIONS.

    The Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Co-operation comprises more than 200 members of Western European Parliaments of widely different political tendencies. At its General Assembly in Strasbourg on June 7th at 8th the Parliamentary Association unanimously passed the following resolutions:

    (1) Final Resolution of the Political Committee.

    The General assembly of the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Co-operation calls upon European Governments to take initiatives forthwith that will help to secure the withdrawal of Israel from all territories occupied in 1967.

    Such a withdrawal is implied by Resolution 242 abd required by Resolution 338 of the United Nations Security Council and also by the United Nations Charter and the principles of International Law which categorically forbid the acquisition or territory by force.

    The Association emphasizes that there can be no just and lasting peace settlement without recognition of the national rights of the Palestinian people. There has already been almost unanimous acceptance by the International Community of this principle, which Israel must also come to accept.

    The whole Arab world has agreed that the P.L.O. is the sole representative of the Palestinian nation and this decision has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the countries represented at the United Nations.

    The Parliamentary Association urges European governments to recognise this fundamental point in the initiatives they should now take.

    First, they should call on Israel to halt immediately the expropriation and confiscation of Arab property in Israel and the occupied territories.

    In particular, Israel must end the process of the "Judaization" of Jerusalem which it has illegally annexed and the establishment of new Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.

  21. Secondly, the European governments should try to get all interested parties including Israel and the P.L.O. to the conference table, if possible within the context of the Geneva Conference. Europe itself, either through its member states or through the E.E.C. could play a valuable part in such a conference if called upon to do so. It would be reasonable to expect all concerned not to resort to military action of any kind for the duration of the negotiations.

    Third, they should urge both the Israelis and the P.L.O. to agree to leave in abeyance discussion of ultimate solutions and concentrate on the immediate abd practical task of trying to find a modus vivendi which will require the acceptance by Israel of the rights of the Palestinian nation and of the existence of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and in Gaza if the Palestinians decide to establish one, and reciprocally the acceptance of the existence of Israel within her 1967 frontiers.

    Finally, the European governments should urge on all concerned the crucial importance of effective peace-keeping machinery and should agree to take an active part themselves in such arrangements.

    The Parliamentary Association recognises the problem that is posed by the fact that some of the media and publishing houses of Europe are dilatory in disseminating facts about the Arab world and intends to use its influence to overcome this problem.

    The Parliamentary Association recognises the help done to the understanding of the Arab cause and growing sympathy for it in Western Europe by the liberalisation measures taken in various Arab countries and by the readier access to Arab countries by the news media, businessmen and other visitors from Europe.

    The Association calls on European governments to improve legal regulations concerning the freedom of travel and the protection of the basic rights of immigrant workers in Europe which should be equivalent to those of citizens of the countries concerned.

    The Association considers that the political settlement of the Israeli-Arab conflict is an absolute necessity for the establishment of a genuine Euro-Arab co-operation. Nevertheless, the Association considers that the political aspect of co-operation in not limited to this point alone, and has in mind for example the free circulation of ideas and people in the world as a factor for the maintenance of peace, for the support of freedom and in particular for a harmonious development of co-operation between Western Europe and the Arab nations.

    The Association believes that the prospects of long-term Euro-Arab co-operation in all fields have never been so favourable but that they depend on a peace settlement based on justice in the Middle-East.

  22. (2) Final Resolution of the Cultural Committee.

    The General Assembly of the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Co-operation, meeting in Strasbourg on June 7th 1975,

    Having considered the cultural resolutions adopted by the preparatory conference for Euro-Arab parliamentary co-operation held in Damascus from November 12th to 17th, 1974, which reaffirms in the present resolution,

    convinced that significant results are possible in the cultural field of the Euro-Arab dialogue,

    recognising the historic contribution of Arab culture to European development,

    emphasising the contribution which Arab culture can still give to European countries especially in the field of human values,

    regretting that cultural relations between European and Arab countries are still infrequent and limited in scope,

    regretting the relative neglect of the teaching of Arab culture and Arabic in Europe and looking forward to its development,

    hoping that European governments will help Arab countries to create the resources needed for the participation of immigrant workers and their families in Arab culture and religious life,

    asking the European press to show a sense of responsibility so that they may inform public opinion objectively and more fully about the problems of the Arab world,

    recognising the important role which Friendship groups and Tourism can play in improving mutual understanding,

    Calls on the governments of the Nine to approach the cultural aspect of the Euro-Arab dialogue in a constructive spirit and to give a higher priority to the popularisation of Arab culture in Europe.

    Calls on Arab governments to recognize the political effects of active co-operation with Europe.

    Invites national groups of the association to increase the efforts necessary in every country to bring about the objective proposed at Damascus and today at Strasbourg and ask them to inform the Secretariat of the results achieved.

    Considering the harmful effect of the political situation on Palestinian development,

    condemns – while recognising Israel's right to existence – the Zionist intention of replacing Arab by Jewish culture on Palestinian soil, in order to deprive the Palestinian people of its national identity,

    considering that in carrying out excavations within the holy places of Islam in occupied Jerusalem, Israel has committed a violation of international law despite the warnings of UNESCO,

    considering that these excavations can only bring about the inevitable destruction of evidence of Arab culture and history,

    regrets that UNESCO's decision not to admit Israel into its European Regional Group has sometimes been exploited with great lack of objectivity.

  23. (3) Final Resolution of the Economic Committee.

    The General Assembly of the Parliamentary Association for European Arab Co-operation reaffirms the usefulness and necessity of a close economic co-operation between Europe and the Arab World in the interest of their peoples.

    The Assembly expresses its disquiet at the slow progress made in the Euro-Arab dialogue and is concerned with events based on political motives which in the course of recent months have armed Euro-Arab co-operation, i.e. the setting up of the International Energy Agency and the signature of an agreement between the E.E.C. and Israel, before negotiations have been completed between the E.E.C. and Arab countries. In this connection, it insists that economic co-operation between the E.E.C. and Israel must not apply to the occupied territories.

    The Assembly considers that there is no conflict between the interests of Europe and the Arab countries, provided that the mercantilist stage is left behind and genuine economic partnership can be established.

    This is the perspective within which can best be solved the problem of recycling petro-dollars. These petro-dollars should above all be used for needs of Arab development.

    The Assembly calls attention to the role and status of multi-national companies and the potential danger arising from certain of their activities. It expresses the hope that steps may be taken to avoid these dangers.

    The Assembly reaffirms the right of every nation to dispose of its own national resources, including the right of nationalisation.

    The Association expresses its will to do all in its power to promote Euro-Arab co-operation at national level, within the E.E.C. and through international organisations.

    So here it is, the only thing left for us is to take to the streets and start an European spring. Personally I think that WILL happen. Not just now but certainly in in 6 to 10 years time. The ordinary patriotic residents of our countries do not want the EU and do not underscribe what it stands for. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  24. Read it and weep! I swear it is for real. Start with my first post and work your way up. It is also about Israël and how the EU has to act in the problems concerning the "occupied" land.

  25. Alberto Calo says:

    Alan Kardon One day or another they will get Sharya and they probably understand!!!

  26. Ben Omonoyan says:


  27. Europe is drenched with the blood of Jews, so the EU's anti-Semitism doesn't surprise me at all.

  28. Europe is drenched with the blood of Jews, so the EU's anti-Semitism doesn't surprise me at all.

  29. Some facts about who are the Palestinians. When and why they settled in Palestine – the Land of Israel.
    Do you know that the largest mosque in Gaza was a synagogue less than a hundred years ago? Did you know that a hundred and fifty years ago, most of Gaza's population was Jews and Christians? The Jewish population in Gaza ended with the pogrom of 1928. The last Christian murdered three years ago after Hamas came to power.
    To understand the present we need to learn about the past. That is why this information is for people who think and are not afraid to ask hard questions.
    I made a short presentation on two UN organizations dealing with refugees. UNHCR organization caring for refugees from around the world.
    And UNRWA organization who cares for Arab refugees who fought against the Jewish state – Israel.
    Here is also a page of the changes made to UNRWA's refugee definition in recent years.
    Please read this short article and visit all the links to get more information..

    And this article.
    And also the Interior Minister of Hamas indicates that the historical facts which I present are true.
    If so, what are the real causes of the Arab war against Israel?
    Here's a real explanation from the mouths of imams in mosques.
    It is very important to know that Branding the Jews and their state Israel as "occupiers", gives Arab the legitimacy to remove the occupier in any way they choose, including terrorism against civilians. Therefore they insist to preserve and to leverage this branding. But anyone who is interested in reaching a peace must be recruited for switching it off.
    And here you have a person who explains it the best way.
    And also Sheikh Palazzi.

    If you have any questions, I'd love to answer you.

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