EU Prepares to Impose Additional Sanctions on Israelis in Judea, Samaria

One has to question how many Europeans the Council has sanctioned in response to their calls for the extermination of Jews . . . and the State of Israel.

EU Agency: Jews in Europe Still Face High Levels of Antisemitism

“Europe is witnessing a wave of antisemitism, partly driven by the conflict in the Middle East. This severely limits Jewish people’s ability to live in safety and with dignity."

European Jewry Denies Antisemitism Claims Against Incoming EU Council President

"We are appalled that unsigned online media reports emanating from a certain Jewish group in Portugal would seek to launch an unfounded and potentially libelous attack on Mr. Costa in this way."

Porto Jews Warn New European Union President has Antisemitic History

Leaders in the Porto Jewish community claim in a newly released book that former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa was involved in the persecution of the country's strongest Jewish community.

Greece, EU Warn Hezbollah Against Threatening Cyprus

“It is absolutely unacceptable to make threats against the sovereign state of the European Union. We stand by Cyprus."

Right-Wing Parties Dominate French, German European Parliament Vote, Macron Declares Snap Elections

The European Parliament election results represent an earthquake regarding EU policy toward Israel, which has been growing increasingly hostile.

EU Considering Sanctions Against Israel If Rafah Attack Continues

Netanyahu retorted, "Israel is constantly asked to make concession after concession. So why would Sinwar feel any pressure?"

EU Appeals to Member States to Take In 9,000 Sick Gazan

WHO has identified more than 9,000 patients in need of urgent treatment, including 109 “severely ill and injured” children.

Israel: EU Chief Legitimizes Terror, Spews ‘Dangerous Mix of Ignorance, Hostility’

EU: "Israel's evacuation orders to civilians in Rafah portend the worst: more war and famine. It is unacceptable."

Pope Francis, European Conference, Preach Peace and Respect for the Law to Resolve Ukraine’s...

Athens' deputy mayor Elli Papageli said: “Peace is something that happens through dialogue and diplomacy, not military conflict.”

EU Close to Sanctioning Jewish Judea and Samaria Residents (and Hamas)

“It seems that today all will agree on putting sanctions on both Hamas and the violent settlers who are harassing Palestinians,” Joseph Borrell said.

White House Pushing Europeans to Support UNRWA Even as Congress Votes to Outlaw It

UNRWA says it will run out of money by the end of March, but the agency does not seem to be gaining the sympathy of Republican lawmakers, led by Chris Smith.

Israel Slams EU’s Decision to Release 50 Million Euros to UNRWA Terrorist Org

The move "legitimizes the involvement of UNRWA employees in terrorist activities and cooperation with Hamas."

Hungary Stands Alone Against EU Ceasefire Demand

The statement urges Israel not to “take military action in Rafah that would worsen an already catastrophic humanitarian situation."

EU Pushing Unilateral Plan to Create Palestinian State while Punishing Israel for Opposing It

The EU are frustrated Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they see as the main obstacle to their two-state vision.

Israel Applauds EU Crackdown on Hamas/Islamic Jihad Terror Organizations

The Foreign Minister also congratulated the Israeli diplomats at the Israeli embassy to the EU, in Brussels and in all European capitals for their activities in recent months promote the adoption of such political, economic and legal moves against the Arab terrorist organizations.

EU Sanctions Yahya Sinwar, Hamas Chief in Gaza

Effective immediately, the terror master's financial assets in E.U. member states will be frozen.

Blinken to Meet on Accepting Ukraine into NATO, Defying Putin’s Threats

On September 30, 2022, following Russia's annexation of Southern and Eastern Ukraine, Ukraine formally applied to join NATO.

Obscene: EU Foreign Policy Chief Tells Israel ‘Not to be Consumed by Rage’

"One horror does not justify another," said Josep Borrell after touring the devastated Kibbutz Be'eri.

European Union Condemns Hamas for Use of Hospitals as ‘Human Shields’

"The EU reiterates its call on Hamas for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages . . . [and allows] the Int'l Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) access to the hostages."

Egypt Fighting Pressure to Accept Gaza Refugees

There was no agreement among European Union leaders on whether or not to increase pressure on Egypt to accept Gazans fleeing the fighting.

European Union Suspends Funding to Palestinian Authority

The EU said it is placing 691 million euros ($728 million) of support "under review" after the Hamas assault on Israel.

It’s Getting Tougher to Be an Antisemite in Luxembourg

Security around both of Luxembourg's synagogues will be increased and antisemitic intentions will be considered aggravating factors in criminal cases.

EU Demanding Compensation for Demolished Structure They Built Illegally

The European Commission is threatening to sue unless Israel comes up with the money.

EU Parliament Urges Hezbollah be Designated a Terror Group

Two major legislative bodies have called for Europe to fully repudiate the Iran-backed entity.

EU Commissioner Commits to Funding Freeze Over PA’s Textbook Incitement

“Incitement to hatred and violence and glorification of terror violate E.U. core values,” tweeted Olivér Várhelyi.

Report: Under US Pressure Netanyahu Pushes Off Meeting on E1 Construction

We don’t know yet whether Netanyahu has also pushed off the SPC meeting on housing starts in eastern Jerusalem.

EU Envoy: ‘No Such Thing as Area B and C, It’s All Palestine’

The German diplomat spoke during a tour organized by far leftwing Peace Now, Yesh Din and Emek Shaveh NGO.

EU Officials Squabble Over Conditions for Aid to Palestinian Authority

The commissioner for neighborhood and enlargement says P.A. schools should support peace and coexistence.

European Parliament Condemns PA Anti-Semitic Textbooks

FM Cohen called on the EU to immediately adopt the Parliament’s decision and immediately stop funding textbooks full of anti-Semitism and incitement.


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