Lapid to EU: Israel Will ‘Do Whatever It Takes to Defend Itself’

"If there is eventually a Palestinian state, it must be a peace-loving democracy. We cannot be asked to take part in the building of another threat to our lives."

Jewish Communities Alarmed by Belgium Move to Remove Military Protection

"I am urging the Belgian government to reconsider this decision or at the very least offer a solution in its stead.”

EU Releases Delayed Report Confirming Incitement, Antisemitism in PA Textbooks

Nearly two dozen European lawmakers sent a letter to the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, demanding the withholding of aid until such content ends.

Bar-Ilan Co-Leading EU Vaccines Research for Measles, STD, in Under-Served Populations

In Israel, despite socio-economic disparities, the Israeli Arab population achieves very high vaccine uptake.

EU Adds $10 Million Aid to ‘Palestine’ – No Word on Keeping Hamas Off...

According to the EU commission, "the funding announced today includes €8 million in emergency assistance, and €200,000 in support of the Palestine Red Crescent."

Swiss Diplomat Found Dead in Iran

"The cause of her fall has yet to be determined."

Abbas Cancels Legislative Election Denying Hamas Easy Victory, Pins Blame on Israel

Of course, Israel could call Abass' bluff by designating voting stations for eastern Jerusalem residents who possess PA ID cards.

PA, EU, Establish Illegal School inside Israel’s Jordan Valley Nature Preserve

"Once these illegal schools are completed, they create a win-win public relations headache which the Civil Administration hasn’t learned to contend with."

Bolstered By Chinese $400 Billion Deal, Iran Won’t Stop Enriching Uranium Until Biden Drops...

"The odds any progress to revive the deal before Iran holds a presidential election in June have dwindled."

Report: EU Spent Billions on PA Construction Isolating Jewish Settlements

"The European Union secretly provides money, people and planning and legal knowledge to prepare a plan that will . . . impose a de facto terrorist state in the heart of Israel,"

Exposed: PA Grand Plan to Occupy Area C, Israel is ‘Losing Judea and Samaria’

It is described as “a well-oiled mechanism” in which the EU secretly provides money, people and planning and legal knowledge to prepare a plan that will “isolate Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem and establish a de facto terrorist state in the heart of Israel.”

EU Approves Johnson & Johnson Single-Dose COVID Vaccine

This vaccine is easier to store and transport because it can be kept under standard refrigeration conditions.

Manfred Gerstenfeld, Long Time Contributor to the Jewish Press, Dead at 84

Gerstenfeld was considered one of the deepest and most influential thinkers in the study of anti-Semitism.

Presidents of Israel, Germany, the EU Mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

"We will work together to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust and the sacred vow of ‘Never Again’ are passed down to our children."

Palestinian Authority Appeals to EU to Send Election Observers to Eastern Jerusalem

As part of the assault on Israeli sovereignty, the PA and Europe are trying to include Arab residents of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Authority elections..

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ‘Got Brexit Done’

“We’ve taken back control of our laws and our destiny."

Can You Stun and Shecht? How EU Commission Puts Kosher Lipstick on a Pig

Fine, we understand, you want Jews to stay, but what if these Jews want to eat a kosher burger?

Kosher Meat Shortages Ahead as EU Court Permits Shechitah Ban

"This is a dark day for the Jewish communities in Belgium and across Europe."

EU Awards 2 Bar-Ilan Professors $4.84 Million for Future Research

The ERC received 2,506 research grant proposals in 2020, out of which about 13% will be funded for 327 grant laureates.

Israel Pans EU’s Report on Lebanon that Fails to Mention Hezbollah

Israel demands that aid to Lebanese citizens doesn't find it's way to Hezbollah terrorists.

‘Moral Bankruptcy’: MK Yair Lapid Slams EU’s Condemnation of Assassination of Iranian Scientist

A senior Israeli official is quoted as saying that Fakhrizadeh was one of Israel’s worst enemies, and without him, Iran would not have achieved what it did in the realm of long-range ballistic missiles.

Israel, EU Discuss Rail Link Between Mediterranean and Gulf States

Such a link would be “shorter, faster, cheaper and safer” than currently used trade routes, says the Bank of Israel.

EU Team Touring Givat HaMatos Chased Away by Pro-Israel Activists

"We came to tell the EU that Israel is not a colony – it is an independent country that does not take orders from them."

‎€10 Million to Israeli-German Development of Drugs Against Lethal Fungal Infections

Invasive fungal infections of the internal organs or bloodstream can have a high level of mortality (up to 50%), are often difficult to treat, and cause at least 1.6 million deaths per year.

Belgium Demands Compensation for Israeli Demolitions of Illegal Arab Houses in Judea, Samaria

Demolition takes place in the case of illegal construction, when an attempt is made to establish an illegal outpost or to destroy a terrorist's family's home.

Terror Attack near Vienna Synagogue, Dead and Wounded Reported

Police officers who were stationed 24 hours a day near the entrance of the synagogue appeared to be among the wounded.

Czech Republic Declares Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

The resolution defined Hezbollah as an "indivisible whole and terrorist organization that ... threatens all democratic countries."

EU Donates €30 Million to Anti-Semitic, Terror-Tied NGOs in 2019 – Report

Nearly $6.9 million was given to an NGO ties to the PFLP terrorist organization.

EU Gives Palestinian Authority Ultimatum, Links Aid to Tax Monies Held by Israel

The EU questions why Mahmoud Abbas seeks a loan when $750 million in tax revenues are waiting in Israel for transfer to Ramallah.


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