Dozens of Arabs rioted on Saturday on the 40 day anniversary of the murder of Mohamed Abu-Hadir of Shuafat.

Tires were burned on the tracks of the Jerusalem Light Rails and stones were thrown at police.


It was decided that the train will not run tonight through Shuafat.



  1. There must be Jewish synagogue and Christian churches built again in Mecca & Medina. They existed and will be again, before a person can declare themselves Muslim they must read Torah and bible not just Koraan. The Koraan speaks as being and addendum to the original messages of Torah and bible. Judaism and Christianity are documented and revered. Today there are none who follow the true message delivered by prophets directed by god . God asks only for prayer so that we remind ourselves not to deteriorate. God asks we make peace. God asks we have mercy. God asks we be just.

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