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Brooklyn coffee shop owner sorry for calling Jews "greedy."

A Brooklyn coffee shop owner has apologized for calling Jews “greedy infiltrators” on social media,” as reported here earlier this week.

Michael Avila, owner of The Coffee Shop in the Bushwick neighborhood, offered “deep and sincere apologies” on Monday to anybody he may have hurt with his rant published last week on his sites. The rant reportedly went viral.


He told DNAinfo New York that his mother’s best friend, who is Jewish, and other friends showed him how he could better choose words to make his point and not offend.

In the rant, Avila said that he wanted his neighbor to sell his building, “BUT NOT be bought out by Jews.” He said Jews “function via greed and dominance.”

He said in his statement to DNAinfo New York, “If I could go back in time, out of my love for Bushwick (as it always was) my post would have looked more like the following — ‘I believe it is wrong for any persons to buy real estate and then dislocate people from their homes for the purpose of self-service.’ ”

Avila also removed his social media sites on Monday.



  1. What’s evil in the heart comes out through the mouth, ….. his shop should be boycotted, sorry is not enough for this incident!!! …. Obama constantly gives promises and apologizes for only a few of them, but his heart never changes for the better!!!! …… <<<<<<<<<>>

  2. the world is still having trouble dealing with the fact that Jews and Israel in particular are able to defend themselves militarily, politically, and culturally, without having to walk on egg shells or succumb to a self-loathing approach in order to not be victims of violent persecution by the rest of the world. I find it empowering and refreshing and I’m not particularly religious and I’m non-observant to say the least. Oh well, they’ll learn to deal with it or not… they aren’t my main concern.

  3. Now he will have all the coffee he needs to stay awake in his empty store and think about those 'greedy' and 'dominant' dollars that have vanished. Rather than taking smart-ass selfies, he should be looking for a bankruptcy lawyer and applying for unemployment.

  4. I can’t understand this mentality. Why not call Irish, English, German, Slavic, Swedish, etc (all nationalities that worked together to create a nation) infiltrators? Gosh, it’s hard to believe some persons don’t remember how North America was populated by other nations.

  5. ´This guy's problem is not WHAT he said but HOW he said it: He thinks he is right, but npw he probably sees that business is dwindling, not only because of lack of Jewish patrons but of decent people's of other religion. Besides, this bigot uses a typical cliché of Jew-haters: "the token Jewish best friend". By the way, i feel that it would be good to start using the right term: Antisemitism does not exist (nobody seems to have problems with Muslims, aparently), but with Jews, so I insist on the use of the term ANTIJUDAISM.

  6. The only reason he is apologetic, is because he got caught by the media and is trying to save his business. His 'retraction' is mere hollow words. He is sorry..SORRY HE GOT CAUGHT!!

  7. I know this hipster nabe very well and the Jewish 20 somethings living there agree with Avila. Young Reform Jews are very very anti Israel, buy into BDS and think that being anti zionist and Israel is not antisemetic. J street is full of these young people who care nothing about being Jewish, will intermarry and end a long and proud Jewish American heritage on the brink of extinction. They know nothing about Jewish History and don't care to know anything about Jewish History. They are concerned about being chic and it is certainly chic to be openly anti zionist and anti Israel – its the new way to justify antisemitsm. These self hating 20 something Jews will dominate the American Jewish/Israel debate as my generation dies out and AIPC will be a distant memory. The Reform movement has produced a group of disaffected Jews that only cared about the amount of money they made on their Bat/Bar Mitzvahs. They buy into all the Israel and Jew hatred they were assiduously learned on campus.

  8. Avila probably (like other Yuppies) thinks it's o.k. for him (underline him) to displace people from their homes as long as it's for his own profits. I hate to tell him (who said that Jews were "taking over Bushwick" and that "his people" (underline "his people" were the original residents that this Jew has an ancestry dating back to 1832 in NY, a great great grandfather who fought in a NY Cavalry division in the Union Army (in the Civil War) and great grandparents, grandparents, and parents who were all born-you guessed it–in Bushwick!! His restaurant reviews on a popular site were dreadful, so I hope he not only apologizes because of "business reasons" but makes true repentance for his awful statements. If his coffee is as bad as it has been reviewed, it will take some doing for him to think about this with a cup of it.

  9. We all have to remember that this man is a Puerto Rican and that is punishment enough. New York City is full of anti semites, especially amongst its Jewish population. Just look at all of the BDS signers and see the number of Jewish names who support a "Free Palestine"Avila looks like he needs an eye operation, and most probably a brain operation as well.

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