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July 22, 2014 / 24 Tammuz, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Christians United for Israel–A Breath of Fresh Air


Queuing up to launch today’s destruction of Israel, the Islamist Jihadis are first and most vocal. Next, the covert partnership between the secular and religious Left who have engineered the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions ( BDS) movement while they claim to seek peace and justice for all peoples (particularly the “Palestinians”).

Last in line, but certainly not least, are Christian groups like the PC(USA), the Methodists, the Lutherans and a variety of others who are lending material support to the enemies of Israel through the mainstream press and partnership in the international Boycott/ Divestment/Sanction initiatives.

Among several ascending trends, CUFI’s Hagee and Brog have noticed a marked increase in Christian efforts to undermine Israel through organized ‘Christian’ tours to the region being run by anti-Israel factions under the guise of “Middle East Peace Tours” and so called “Solidarity tours” which are primarily intended to foster sympathy for a “Palestinian victim” narrative.

According to some commentators and scholars, the evangelical Christian community is the predominant pro-Israel group among all Christians. Gallup gives us an idea of who the evangelicals are . On the one hand, evangelicals appear more likely to support Israel than other Christian groups, there is, on the other hand, abundant evidence that only a portion of evangelical Christians are on board with the pro-Israel narrative. In fact, there are certain evangelicals who consider themselves to be in sympathy with the pro-“Palestinian” narrative like Gary Burge of Wheaton College.

Recently there has been a move afoot by so called ‘Christian’ evangelical groups like “Sabeel” whose aim is to turn evangelicals away from their support of Israel and toward a “Palestinian” narrative that actually demonizes Israel. Under the rubric of “Palestinian Liberation Theology” Naim Ateek, with his Sabeel organization, seems to be making his anti-Israel talking points produce fruit. The erosion and shifting of evangelical support away from Israel is showing up in a variety of ways. CUFI’s Hagee and Brog have expressed deep concerns about this alarming trend.

Over the years, especially since the end of World War II, respected scholars and writers have tried to unravel the underpinnings of the phenomenon known as “anti-Semitism.” Great tomes have gone forth scrutinizing the psychology, sociology, culture and theology of this nasty scourge on humanity. While understanding anti-Semitism is important, even more critical is for the pro-Israel community to stand up with organizations like CUFI while there are still opportunities to organize and mold positive change.

We remember it was only two short years between the moment Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 to the enactment of the Nuremburg Laws in 1935 which deprived Jews of their last vestige of hope throughout Europe. We cannot permit this to happen again.

About the Author: Susan Warner is the Founder and Director of Olive Tree Ministries, a Christian Ministry Based in Wilmington, Delaware. She has been teaching and writing about Christian anti-Semitism and Jewish Christian issues for over ten years and, with her husband David will be honored this Fall as a "Friend of Zion" by ZOA Greater Philadelphia Chapter.

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63 Comments (Click to Comment)

63 Responses to “Christians United for Israel–A Breath of Fresh Air”

  1. Rick Lutes says:

    Hmmm. Any Presbyterians?

  2. Rick Lutes says:

    Hmmm. Any Presbyterians?

  3. John Bap says:

    yes presbyterians as well i would say.

  4. John Bap says:

    irish catholics will support palestinians and us northern irish protestants will support israel.

  5. John Bap says:

    terrorists support terrorists. i.r.a. terrorists and hammas terrorists.

  6. yep we love the god of Israel and long for his return

  7. Tracy Ramsey says:

    I only wish they’d lay off the “kill them all” nonsense. It seems that 90% of the time, it’s our blood thirsty Christian friends who can’t grasp the irony of advocating genocide on a Jewish site. It really is uncomfortable, no matter who’s doing it.

  8. As a Christian who loves G-D, I in NO WAY support the “kill them all” mentality! That is not of G-D’s heart!

  9. Jews are a fascinating people.

  10. Jews are a fascinating people.

  11. Sara Mount says:

    The author of this article is Susan Warner, the Founder and Director of Olive Tree Ministries, a Christian Ministry Based in Wilmington, Delaware. Olive Tree Ministries is a ministry of Immanuel Church and is listed on their website with all of their other missionary “outreaches”. http://www.immanuelchurch.us/regionaloutreach.html

  12. Guess every group has moles in it. I really wish people would quit trying to use Israel’s problems to further there own agenda.

  13. Is the BDS-loving, Jew-hating Presbyterian group cheering for Hamas?

  14. Beverly Bass says:

    Totally agree with you Tracy…I find that awful & it creates more and more hatred against the Jewish people everywhere. When I see pictures of Gazans running from their homes and dead children, I grieve very very hard …as do most Jews. Please , Evangelicals, both Jewish & Christian…it is against Gd’s teachings to wish death & mayhem on other people…self defense is one thing, genocide is another…

  15. I am Christian and I support Israel.

  16. Yes israel is our brother. I pray for Israël victory

  17. I don’t know about agendas, but I grew up in an evangelical Christian home and was taught, by my mother, the Scriptures about blessing Israel and the wonderful plans and purposes God has for His people. I grew up in America, but married a man from India. He is also a Christian and believes the Scriptures; his family supports Israel. I have many evangelical Christian relatives and friends and they are all staunch supporters of Israel. I have many friends who are not Christian, but are Muslim, atheist, Hindu etc. A great majority of them do not support Israel and hate her, in fact. So I don’t know about the validity of these statistics, but I see it in my life’s experience.

  18. We are with you Israel and always will be :)))

  19. Lisa Zweigle says:

    We are fellow heirs in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior and we are praying for you all in Israel

  20. Sara Mount says:

    Hello? Do you not know what the word evangelical means? to evangelize is to missionize.

  21. Lisa Zweigle says:

    Not everyone who calls Me Lord Lord will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do His will….His will is to Love God will all our heart minds and souls and to love our neighbor as ourselves…pray for our enemies and do good to those who say all kinds of evil against you for His name sake. Prayer is the only real power that will stop our enemies…When we have done all we can in prayer, then we stand in faith.

  22. Dorothy Phenicie, Maranatha Mark, Jim Fletcher

  23. Amen Liza! God has the power to destroy enemies. If so it needs to as his will we have to not because we want it but because his will. If Israel won’t fight they’ll be gone ashes. God’s army IDF has the authoruty to fight for the good fight for Peace! Praying…

  24. Nigerian christians stand firmly with Israel!!!

  25. And this is what we have sunk to, support from idolators. Our former murderers.

  26. Yes, waiting for your god to return from the dead.

  27. There are no Jewish evangelicals. They’re called apostates.

  28. Diane Hudson says:

    May the Messiah come back soon!

  29. Susan Reyes says:

    better than the presbyterians!

  30. Randyll RG says:

    I don’t think that Christian Zionists supporting Israel is healthy at all. There are lots of valid, supportable reasons to do so, but “Jews living in Israel will be the ignition for Armageddon” is kind of ****ing insane.

  31. Randyll RG says:

    I find them incredibly creepy :

  32. Jose Pedro says:

    They dont worship idols like catholics

  33. Michael Hart says:

    I thought the Presbyterians stood for Hamas???? That’s a serious question

  34. Are you, Jewish Press, surprised? If so, you shouldn’t be. This has been the case all along!

  35. ‘We love Jews unless they reject Jesus’ is the real Christian message– from:
    Yessi Maribel Marmol
    July 17 at 6:38pm

    Jewish like you don’t deserve to be call you Jews. Scum — as found in my email notices. She apparently is a Judaizing Christian from Barcelona.

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