A Be’er Sheva court sentenced Tuesday sentenced Asher Dahan to life in prison for stabbing to death Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira, grandson of the revered Baba Sali, in July 2011.

In a clear-cut version of “the Devil made me do it” defense, the 45-year-old murdered said he was angry at the rabbi for not advising him to divorce his wife. Dahan had entered Rabbi Abuhatzeira’s office late at night for consultation, when he pulled out a knife and assaulted him.



  1. There must be more to this senseless killing. Those Rabbis who pocket millions of dollars from extremely fragile Jews are an insult to our Jewish tradition. They sell advices,benedictions and cures for a hefty sum of money. Now what's the real motives behind the killer's minds? Was he a victim of a scam artist? Did he retaliate in revenge for an ill advise? NO, I do not condone murder . He should have taken his problems to court and expose once and for all the abuses of these Rabbis, Pinto, Abuheitzira and the likes. Charlatans using religion and the name of their forefathers to enrich themselves at the expenses of the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable people.

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