Photo Credit: Israel Police
Benny Gantz at the Tapuach Junction greeting the soldier who killed the terrorist.

Surprise: IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz was on his way to Joseph’s Tomb on Monday night when the call came in about the terror attack at the Tapuach Junction in the Shomron. Gantz arrived in time to greet and thank the IDF soldier whose quick actions killed the Palestinian Authority terrorist before more people were injured or killed.

Deja Vu: The Border Policeman, 1st Sergeant D., who was injured in the leg on Monday night’s terror attack at the Tapuach Junction prevented a similar terror at the same spot 7 months ago. On November 7, 2013, a Palestinian Authority terrorist carrying a flare gun began shooting at bystanders at the junction. It was the same border policeman, Sergeant D., injured in last night’s attack, who killed the terrorist in November.


Audio: Below is the audio from the Tapuach Junction attack.

Instead of the concert at Kever Yosef, they had the concert on the bus:



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