A Dubai woman has been cleared of the charge of showing a man the finger when she stopped her vehicle to take photos of a classic car, Gulf News reports.

The Turkish man alleged that the 45-year-old Russian woman showed him the finger when he sounded his horn and demanded she move her car because it was blocking the way in the Mall of the Emirates in March.


“That is absolutely untrue. I did not show my finger. I didn’t even move my hand,” argued 45-year-old I.O. when she pleaded innocent before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile her lawyer Mahmoud Azab Abu Gareeda contended before the judge that his client did not curse or show her finger.

The court cleared the woman on Tuesday for lack of strong evidence.

“The court does not take the claimant’s complaint and the prosecution witnesses’ statements seriously. The evidence was insufficient and the claimant failed to corroborate his allegations. Hence the court clears the woman of any wrongdoing,” read Tuesday’s ruling.

The Turkish complainant alleged that the woman caused traffic to pile up behind her car and she blocked the way.

“She looked at me and showed me the finger when she heard the cars behind her repeatedly honking their horns. When I warned her that I was going to the police, she showed me the finger a second time,” he claimed.

We have no idea what is the punishment for a woman who gives the finger in public in Dubai.