While Anonymous hackers haven’t had much success breaching Israel’s defenses, an Arab from Gaza has, according to a report in Yisrael Hayom.

The infiltrator crossed over from Gaza into Israel on Passover eve, and managed to make his way all the way to the southern city of Netivot.


A serious of technical errors with the fence and warning system, as well as the soldiers searching in the wrong direction and location, allowed the infiltrator to stroll right past Israel’s defenses.

The man was not armed, and it is not believed he crossed over to commit a terror attack.

The infiltrator actually hitchhiked from somewhere near the Gaza border with an unsuspecting Israeli who took him the rest of the way to Netivot.

The Palestinian from Gaza turned himself into the police later that evening.

The army is looking at this as a serious failure and is running a full investigation.



  1. This security breach is not to be worried about so much as it could have been a security test by our own people, MOSAD, IDF, or other Israeli covert group so as to embarrass the system’s personnel in the media in order to get more funding from the government for needed changes. Undercover agents are always trying to thwart the security system at the American Council of which I witnessed when I visited there one day. BTW, the same operations of security tests are being done daily at the Kotel. If all of these breaches were published, our enemies would find others to use.

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