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September 17, 2014 / 22 Elul, 5774
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Hamas Sends Threatening SMS to Some Israelis

Jerusalem Arab lawyers handed over information to jailed  Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Jerusalem Arab lawyers handed over information to jailed Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Hamas sent hundreds of SMS messages to journalists and other Israelis, telling them they would be the next Gilad Shalit and threatening to kill them.

Former JewishPress.com Internet editor Yori Yanover received 5 threatening SMS messages from Hamas, sent via a Palestinian Authority company.

The messages included:

From: +972526481379 Al Qassam promised in a revenge. And he had the revenge. And the account is still not finished. And the next one more terrible.

From: kill you  Hamas… In the next war the entire land of Palestine will return.

From: +972502013100 Israel existed on the injustice and the occupation and whole entity existed on the injustice and the occupation, her fate the destruction… The Shahid Ahmad Yassin

From: +972578189377 (in English) Al-qassam has chosen you to be the next Shalite [Ed: presumably referring to the kidnapped Gilad Shalit] .. Be Ready

From: +05977736634 Warning to Zionists … The Al-Qassam rockets are waiting with you .. If you want the life then leave our land

It must have been something he wrote.

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34 Responses to “Hamas Sends Threatening SMS to Some Israelis”

  1. This is from a bunch who follow a moon lil g god, so yeah Israel defend yourself from this hatred!!!! Long live Israel

  2. Touch the hair on the head of one ISRAELI and Israel should kill all the prisoners in Israeli prisons.

  3. Just flatten Gaza and any other place that harbours terrorists.

  4. Leon Chattah says:

    Hey! Let’s beat them to it… Finish ALL of them. NEVER AGAIN!

  5. Doreen Siler says:

    “No weapon against Israel will prosper”

  6. Jean Perles says:


  7. Gary Gien says:

    If a filthy Hamas pig and a Syrian was drowning what kind of sandwich would you make

  8. J Ben Castro says:

    What, did they have a mobile phone there? What tech…

  9. Gala Ebner says:

    G-tt, siehst Du denn nicht, dass diese verdammte terroristen sind dieses Leben nicht wert. Du schenkst das Leben jedem aber nicht jeder hat es schätzen gelernt. Beschütze Dein Volk !!!

  10. The Hamas is making war against Israel, because it intends to destroy Israel. It is written in the Torah, in Deuteronomy 20:10-18, that God commanded that, in the war, Israel kill all the enemies. So, the State of Israel must kill all members of Hamas.

  11. Unlike the US(Bengzi),Israel will take care of their own.

  12. Doreen Siler says:

    Terrible! Thank you for alerting us

  13. The debate is on in the Knesset whether to retake Gaza or not.

  14. Sharon Raik says:

    Gaan kak in die mielies you fokken doos. Jy sal you gutt sien!!

  15. Dean Petree says:

    If Hamas was doing that to another country, they would have been wiped out.

  16. If you don’t stand up to them then you only embolden them further !!Strike those that would harm Israel while the iron is hot !!

  17. G-D will protect his beloved Israel. These monsters cannot harm them with their almighty father there to protect them.

  18. John DeLancy says:

    “You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

    You may be a Muslim” – Jeff Foxworthy

  19. Bart Jackson says:

    Since Hashem is with Yisrael! Whom shall they fear!

  20. Ham-ass are a bunch of terrorists. You can’t negotiate w/ someone that wants you dead & doesn’t understand anything else.

  21. John DeLancy says:

    So … on the one hand we have the Koran, on the other we have some guy’s commentary on the Torah – presumably because Elmer couldn’t find anything in the actual Torah of G-d that tells Jews to treat the goyim (literally “nations”) with anything but respect. Poor Elmer, it’s hard to be a Jew-hater when the Torah Jews follow is anything but hateful.

  22. John DeLancy says:

    Wow – hasatan never learns any new tricks. This is no different from Goliath’s threats against young David and Sennacherib’s threats against Jerusalem in the days of Hezekiah. Ha’Shem has the answer to Israel in the face of Hamas and everyone who threatens Israel with physical or economic or any other attack: “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.” (Zechariah 2:8)

  23. If it wasn’t for israel you would not be able to SMS you dumb idiots you could only sent messages stuck to the rocks you throw you dirty bastards

  24. J Ben Castro says:

    Im sepharad Jew… My joke was with Hams… sorry if u did not get it…

  25. Steve Kutra says:

    a double tap will fix that.

  26. Run Guo says:

    They needed some nuclear embrace.

  27. Kjeld Hesselmann says:

    Hamas and the other violent Pal-Arabs are going to be more and more desperate. It’s clear that the surrounding Arabs don’t act out of feelings of surplus. As fascists they use a gutter language and threats are spread in many directions. On our side, we have to delegitimize their all over aspirations giving clear signals of steadfastness. The Jewish State of Israel will never become “Palestine” and the Arabs have to wave goodbye to Samaria and Judea they are not into their range. Period!

Comments are closed.

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