On Saturday afternoon, rockets launched from Hamas-Palestinian Unity Government controlled Gaza hit near the Ashkelon Beach area of Israel.

The rockets landed in an open area, and no damage or injuries were reported.



  1. Israel donn’t give in to Hamas or the Palestines or the US .I cann’t believe the US goverment recognize’s Hamas and the Palestine goverment , Hamas is terrorist.wake up American people.Donn’t give aid to them they hate Israel.

  2. What is Obama up to?? Why not end this arab terrorism? Why give them alimentation from everywhere? That is what keeps them going. Drain them financially so they can really get what they ways claim to be: poverty, hunger until they stop their hateful actions.
    But no, the western countries feed them. Of course they don’t want peace. That would mean to fend for themselves. To keep this trouble on the boil is easier and to always blame it on the jews. But cristianity, you are also on their agenda. Watch out, before it’s too late.

  3. They can bomb Israel with the blessings of the USA. Yesterday, at a press conference, the State Department announced that it will continue to fund the Palestinian Gov,. no matter what it does to Israel. That they are not concerned about the rocket attacks on civilians.

  4. Kindly do not lump all Americans in the same category as the two-faced idiot we have as a president. There are also members of Congress who are not happy with this situation and who have introduced legislation to withhold future payments as long as Hamas is linked with the Palestinian government.

    The entire USA does not give its blessings to this atrocity.

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