The Lithuanian Council of Torah Sages and the Hasidic Council of Torah Sages organized two protests in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem Monday against a Knesset committee in the process of adding details to the new draft law requiring almost all Israeli Jewish youth to report for military duty.

“They are trying to bring us closer to temptations; they want to take our sons out of the yeshiva. We must fortify the wall to make it stronger, so that they will not be able to achieve this,” said Rabbi Yigal Ratzon, quoted by the Israel HaYom Hebrew-language newspaper.


Rabbi Baruch Dov Povarsky, head of the Ponevezh Yeshiva, said, “We are fighting for our lives; they don’t understand. They want to kill us, all of us. The Torah is our life, and [yeshiva] students must take to heart and know that this is a war of life and death.”

One person at the Bnei Brak protest said, “The rabbis made it extremely clear that they oppose any kind of sanctions [for not enlisting], criminal or economic. There is no change in the [rabbis’] instructions as of yet, and a yeshiva student who receives a draft notice must go [to the recruitment office]. We are not starting a war, but if they force this upon us, we will react as someone does when there is a threat to his life.”



  1. An American Christian's rambling thoughts on certain religious groups opposing Israel's new draft laws:

    1. Before the return of the Jews to Israel, the Rabbis were the leading authority of the Jewish communities scattered world-wide. Beyond the Torah, Rabbis were called upon to help keep their communities intact and decide issues that the Torah leaves to individuals.
    2. Upon the Return to Israel, some Rabbis clung to the controlling powers over their sects instead of becoming a part of the Israeli society. To keep their power & influence, some Rabbi's lead mobs of their followers in rioting against the people & the State of Israel. Some go so far as to openly embrace countries that are opposed to Israel's existence.
    3. Disagreeing with, debating, and voting against laws is a mainstay of any democracy, but open defiance & rebellion cannot be tolerated if the society is to continue to exist.

    If Israel does not govern its own people, other countries will take over & rule them all.

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