Over Shabbat, a woman from Yitzhar began having contractions.

Unable to get to the hospital because of the snow on the road, an IDF helicopter was called in.


The helicopter landed in Yitzhar and transported the woman to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva.

No news yet if it was a boy or a girl.



  1. Whatever Israeli does is bad and evil….?

    and what ever someone else dose to Israel is justice?

    why the word INNOCENCE always used to describe the aggressors? Particularly Palestinian Authority, who evacuated from Israel and tried to kill all Jews with ganged up thugs, with out expectations of losing the war. G-D fight for Jews, not Muslims. Israel belong to the Jews for ever.

    if I am in charge of the army then I will execute the Palestinian plan in full to themselves.

    only IDF and israel is so kind to love their emery, because their G-D is love.

    I am sure you either have a green pea sized brain, or a mind so twisted you should be lock up in a mental hospital.

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