Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office
An AK-47 assault rifle and ammunition found next to a killed terrorist's body

Remember the adage about how fences make for good neighbors? It turns out they work quite well for bad neighbors, too. Sunday night, IDF soldiers operating along the security fence in the central Gaza Strip identified a suspicious figure digging in the ground, suggesting he was attempting to plant an explosive device. The soldiers tried to distance him by firing at him, confirming a hit.

Early Monday morning, following a search, the terrorist’s body was found with an AK-47 rifle next to it.


The IDF Spokesperson’s office says that during the past week, IDF soldiers have uncovered three explosive devices adjacent to the security fence in the Gaza Strip. All three devices were diffused in a controlled manner.

These events prove that terrorist organizations continue to use the area adjacent to the security fence in the Gaza Strip to plant explosive devices, and execute terror attacks and kidnapping attempts against IDF soldiers.