Israel has surpassed the U.S. and Europe in recycling plastic bottles, according to a statement by EDI,  a Jerusalem marketing and communications firm. The report cited a new report by the ELA Recycling Corporation, a private organization that works to promote bottle recycling in Israel. The report said that 54% of Israel’s plastic bottles were recycled in 2012, compared to 31.8% in the U.S. and 52.4% in OECD countries.  2013 data shows that Israel recycled 56% of its plastic bottles, though figures for the OECD and U.S. have yet to be released.  The recycling deposit stations installed throughout Israel have been considered a huge success, with  350 million plastic 1.5 liter bottles recycled. 



  1. Wow. And to think, I recycle a hell of a lot of ’em here in California. Israel must have a lot of broke-ass Jews like me wandering through supermarket parking lots and gas stations digging through trash cans for plastic bottles. Maybe I can make Aliyah after all. There are career possibilities in Israel I’ve never considered. How much do they give you per pound there?

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