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February 27, 2015 / 8 Adar , 5775
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Jeb Bush Considering the White House

Jeb Bush told a crowd at a NY fundraiser that he is thinking for running for President, according to a report on Fox News.

He said he would make his final decision this year.

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54 Responses to “Jeb Bush Considering the White House”

  1. I wouldn’t Elect Jerk Off Jeb To The Out House !

  2. i love his brother though is hated.

  3. All in the Bush family!

  4. His immigration stance will not get him far

  5. James Moden says:

    No more Bushies in the White House. You are all big government statist, Republicans.

  6. Oxies for everyone!!!

  7. Rick Smith says:

    He is a RINO and we don’t want him. He would be more of the same.

  8. Bart Jackson says:

    Pray for Jeb Bush; he has a backbone…

  9. Ina Ina says:


  10. Glen Nelson says:

    I will not vote for him -he violated the rule of law and does not follow the constitution – he would be worse than Obama or Hillary – NO GOP

  11. I think he is a good moderate choice for Republicans. Would like to hear his view on a variety of isssues, the Middle East, welfare, military, immigration, balancing our budget, getting rid of lobbyists for a purer democracy, getting excessive money out of government, using the word government instead of politics, should America go back on the gold standard, should we try to balance our budget, should we put tariffs on countries that are currency manipulators so our companies can compete fairly,etc, etc!!!

  12. Don Hansen says:

    Do you really believe BO is doing a good job? he is by far the worst president we’ ever had, out to destroy America & he’s damn proud of it.

  13. Marina Baker says:


  14. Mary Prine says:

    Anymore funny jokes

  15. Please don’t two are enough to last a lifetime.

  16. Lori Fischer says:

    I hope he doesn’t! Anyone with children should NOT support any person running for president who supports Common Core! and I’m a republican! When is America going to wake up!

  17. UNFORTUNATELY I LIVE IN THE BIGGEST WELFARE STATE OF UNITED STATES WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA AND SINCE CALIFORNIA TOOK COMMON CORE AND THE MONEY THAT CAME WITH COMMON CORE BECAUSE CALIFORNIA NEEDS MONEY BECAUSE WE’RE BROKE … WHY BECAUSE WHERE WELFARE STATE. AND SINCE THE GOVT TELLS US THAT, THE ONLY WAY OF TEACHING OUR CHILDREN IT IS A JOKE… I have two adult children and I was very involved in their school and with my youngest, I can see were common core is just plain and simple stupid… There are many things that I am teaching my child outside the classroom at the classroom should be teaching I didn’t realize that I was going to have to teach my child and send her to school ..why ..Common Core . ..

  18. Ron L Gross says:

    HELL NO! He was a Lousy governor in FL. We don’t need him anywhere near the White House! Two previous bushes have done more than enough damage to this country!!!


  20. Ticky Ticky says:

    George Bush Jr. ran as an anti military interventionalist,”compassionate-conservative”…then when the Supreme Court gave him the Presidency…well,the rest is History…and we are still suffering from him and his Neocon’s agenda…

  21. You have my vote.

  22. Just what we need a national disaster. No thanks.

  23. Sissy Jordan says:

    There’s not anybody smart enough in the US to run for President anymore…. Liars do not make good leaders…

  24. there.s no one better then the bush es ..for press .we want some with a strong mind and that can take care of the us people in all matter.s .the us have no choise to get a new press .that can sort all the matter.s for its people .since obama was is press the us is going back woods .south africa.we con see the nonses from here .obama and his cronies mesing up the proud of the us .and standerd.s for its people.

  25. Judy Jay says:

    He and his brother, George, competed in executions when they were governors of Florida and Texas – this guy is dangerous – smarter and sneakier than his brother -

  26. Why are we even talking about electing another Bush or Clinton?

  27. I doubt he will have a chance, he does share the same mediocre genes. as his brother.

  28. Stay OUT of the bushes!

  29. Ed Carrera says:

    Bushes dynasty is a bad omen.

  30. Ed Carrera says:

    Bushes dynasty is a bad omen.

  31. Mark LeDoux says:

    Don’t do it Jeb, you weren’t that good on the Beverly Hillbillies

  32. Oh G-d, not another one!

  33. Peter Resz says:

    Run yes but run away from the Presidency!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  34. Gene Guzman says:


  35. John Nabors says:

    He needs to run as a Democrat.

  36. He is the grandson of Aleister Crowley

  37. Heaven help the country if we get another Bush.especially Jeb and family

  38. I hope not, this idiot should stay home

  39. This would be one Bush too many/

  40. I hope not. He is pro-Amnesty and under him we got a disastrous change to Florida education.

  41. Nothing could be worse that the incompetent liar that we have in the White House now

  42. Just what America needs, another Bush in the White House. I think not! :O

  43. More balls and chains no its skull and bones, right.

  44. Give it up, Jeb. The Bushes are so YESTERDAY!

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