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According to YNet, former US President Jimmy Carter, in a visit to Jerusalem on Monday said that the prospects for peace are “vanishing” and that a Palestinian state has become “unviable”.

Carter was upset that east Jerusalem has become more isolated from the “West Bank”.


Carter blamed Netanyahu for not doing enough, and of course his favorite target, the Settlements.



  1. Does anyone really take the neo-nazi seriously anymore? He goes on his WELL PAID global treks demonizing Jews across the four corners of the globe, promoting hamas, hezbollah, al qaeda, the MB, and obama, takes advantage of the 6 year old girls donated to him at every tent stop, and awaits his "martyrdom" so that he can join his fellow martyrs and the virgins that have been saved for him (species optional).

  2. The only problem the settlements caused is that Israel has not officially annexed them. There should be an immediate trade: the settlements for the Arab Triangle dunam for dunam. The Arabs of the Galilee keep screaming for pali rule – give it to them. And they don't have to move. (This is where Anna and the palis start screaming 'racist')

  3. Very likely as Kissinger has said the State of Israel will not exist in 10 or 20 years – demographics is a huge part of this as is the evils of global Antisemitism. China cannot exist without Chinese and Russia cannot exist without Russians etc…

  4. Can someone, Please, remind this senile twit that the Palestinians have a very viable kingdom since 1946, right across the Jordan and that Israel isn't responsible for the refusal of the British appointed king to grant them basic civil rights in their own land?

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