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September 3, 2014 / 8 Elul, 5774
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Meretz MK: Bibi’s Got the War He Wanted

MK Esawi Frij (Meretz) accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of exploiting the abduction of three Jewish teenagers as an excuse to “rile things up” for Palestinian Authority Arabs. 

“The Netanyahu government has been looking for a reason to go to war. Now, it’s finally got one,” Frij said.

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50 Responses to “Meretz MK: Bibi’s Got the War He Wanted”

  1. Bibi had many reasons to go to war before these young men were abducted. The PA are animals and want to eliminate Israel; the state and their people. You do not negotiate with people like that..

  2. Guy Peters says:

    Typical nazis ,
    Now the real nazi comes out behind the ugly mask !
    Not one word condemning the kidnapping !
    Yet this nazi ugly accuses Netanyahu of exploiting a kidnapping perpetrated by hamas terrorists !
    Nazis !
    Time to deal with terror as is being done- with strength !
    Search them out !
    Lock them down !
    Wipe them out !
    Obliterate & Terminate all Terror !
    Nazis & fascists be damned !


  4. Is MK Esawi Frij projecting his own feelings about the current “crisis” on to MP Netanyahu? Certainly, Israel has a great deal of justification for mounting an all out war against the Pelishtime, justification which has existed for a very long time. You have to ask yourself why the Arab view of war and the Israeli view of war are so different.

  5. Praying for strengten of Israelist from Elohim.

  6. arrest this traitor

  7. the arabs murdered jews back in the 1920′s with 69 being murdered in hevron in 1929. the arab who attacked the jewish mus. in brussels was connected to the terrorist group ISIS look to iraq, and syria they butcher each other if they are the wrong sect of islam much less if they are DHIMMI.. And it isn’t just us. all over the world throught the centuries they have been commiting genocide. From Hindu and Sikhs, to Armenians and assyrians to any dhimmi they can kill

  8. Eddie Ancona says:

    The abduction of the boys is the last ingredient the Palestinians needed in cooking this war they asked for, they have no one else to blame but them selves, they’re actions speak louder then words.
    And we don’t kidnap people , we arrest terrorists that send missiles or have anything to do with harming any of our people, and yes if a Palestinian kid is gonna have a part in it, then he has to be stopped as well, they’re propaganda stories makes me sick.

  9. Teri Meretz Mp to shut up…..Israel has enough on her plate without your comments

  10. “looking for a reason to go to war” – they need a reason?

  11. David Cohen says:

    Hamas has stirred up a hornet’s nest they may not have anticipated. Their leaders are being arrested in large numbers and the Judean Hills are being scoured looking for the kidnapped boys. It’s too much to expect the world to be awakened to the truth, but maybe Hamas will be disabled by this.

  12. They got what they deserve! And there is more coming! Israel had enough of their futile terrorist games

  13. Does this man no how to do anything but lie. They want a war just like every one they have started in the past years. It is good that his true colors are on view

  14. Haley Chace says:

    Meretz MK… Pure idiocy!

  15. Haley Chace says:

    Personally.. I hope Israel destroys them!…most people if the US will Support Israel… Obama doesn’t count … We plan to charge and hang him for Treason along with Clinton and all who support or condone his Lawlessness…

  16. Ben II says:

    Meretz is garbage and they should go down w the PA.

  17. Donny Reich says:

    I think Abas got the war HE wanted!

  18. Donny Reich says:

    I think Abas got the war HE wanted!

  19. If only that ******* was one of the first “victims” of that war. Sigh

  20. If only that ******* was one of the first “victims” of that war. Sigh

  21. i think Philip’s o shut up was for Leticia. And I agree..prayer for peace. Yes pray…but all the PA respect are guns. Blow them away.

  22. i think Philip’s o shut up was for Leticia. And I agree..prayer for peace. Yes pray…but all the PA respect are guns. Blow them away.

  23. Joyce G says:

    UNREAL…such jackassalopes.

  24. Joyce G says:

    UNREAL…such jackassalopes.

  25. They are NOT the pelishtim! They are Jordanians! The pelishtim were not Muslim Arabs!

  26. Bibi didn’t kidnap those boys, an anyone with any sense in their being knows better than to think something so _______,.

  27. Someone arrest this moron.

  28. Damned if he does…damned if he doesn’t.

  29. Brian Levine says:

    A new mental illness has found a new home in the “mind” of Meretz members.

  30. Well then there’s a astoundingly simple solution. Have the boys released and steal Netanyahu’s opportunity to “rile” anyone.

  31. And they gave him the reason.

  32. Who kidnapped these boys? We or they? How would you feel if your so was among them? You shame us..

  33. If all the Jewish People will not stand up for their Rights, and who in the hell will ? Meretz Mk are full of prunes !!! Get some guts !!!

  34. Beverly Bass says:

    *******…but what else would you expect? Blame the victim when it’s Israel….and the other idiots around the world shake their brainless heads in agreement…when it comes to Israeli lives, especially children, there are no holds barred..I agree with comment above: Use dogs to find their scent…go under every home & in every tunnel & sewer…someone will turn them in or give them up …they will all suffer until the boys are found & returned home. Then watch out…there will be reprisals from the gov’t.. As they should do.

  35. Nomo Doltz says:

    Yeah, kidnap all the people you want and blame retaliation on the good guys. PA needs to be gone already.

  36. Yeah the Palestineins lie

  37. Who is this schmuck?

  38. This guy (shmuk, thank you Mark Rosenbaum: good word) is a good example of why we Jews get in trouble. We have some guys like this guy. Sleeping with the enemy. Yuk! PS: not a word about who started the trouble. Apparently, kidnapping is a walk in the park for this guy. I got news for this idiot: it WOULD be reason for declaring war in any normal functioning country!

  39. This abduction is a act of war, the IDF has spent so much in weapons, is time to use them and finish this muslim scum forever.

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