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Netanyahu holds the weekly cabinet meeting in the Kirya, IDF HQ in Tel Aviv, during Operation Protective Edge.

At the special government cabinet meeting held this morning in the Kirya (IDF HQ) in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “I am able to say now, what I wasn’t able to say yesterday – those responsible for the kidnapping are Hamas, the same Hamas with whom Abu Mazen formed a unity government, and there will be serious consequences.”

Netanyahu added, “We are taking all steps to return the kidnapped home. I give a hug and encouragement to all the families from all of Israel.”


Two Hamas terrorists in Hebron went into hiding last week, and it is believed they are involved in the kidnapping.

The names of the three boys kidnapped in Gush Etzion are, Eyal Yifrach (19) from Elad, Naftali Frankel (16) from Nof Ayalon and Gil-ad Sheyar (16) from Talmon.

Eyal Yifrah (19), Gil-Ad Shayer(16) and Naftali Frenkel (16)

Video of Saturday night’s briefing:



  1. PA supports ‘kidnap-for-hostage’ strategy

    Abbas in 2011:
    “Hamas kidnapped a soldier (Gilad Shalit) and managed to keep him for five years – that’s a good thing.” [Official PA TV, Oct. 24, 2011]

    Rajoub representing Abbas in 2011:
    “We salute those who dug the tunnel
    [to kidnap Gilad Shalit]; we salute those
    who captured the captive (Gilad Shalit),
    and salute those who guarded the captive until this deal was completed.”
    [Official PA TV, Oct. 30, 2011]

    Rajoub in 2014:
    “If Hamas wants to kidnap soldiers…
    we encourage them. When they kidnapped Shalit we congratulated them.”
    [Official PA TV, Jan. 2, 2014]

    Abbas in 2009:
    “We have 11,000 prisoners. We will definitely, always and forever, act to free them using all means.” [Official, PA TV, Oct. 6, 2009]

    Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) in 2014:
    “The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers…
    will continue.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, April 16, 2014]

  2. quietly inform the reporters and newspapers of EVERYCOUNTY that has reporters in Israel….they must submit their stories to your censureship or: foreign reporters will be deported and banned from Israel for five years/Israeli reporters imprisoned one month and Israeli mags and papers shut down one month or more if they blab too much….I think this can be handled quietly…..publically ask for help from Hamas and PA etc in finding the LOST BOYS who got lost…..if they turn them over then praise them publically for finding your lost boys….privately with out mention in any paper (subject to reporters being deportered and or arrested) shut off electric in gaza…..when asked about it say that there is technical problem but you are 100% involved in finding the lost boys and have no time nor personal available for fixing the gaza problem but as soon as the boys are found you will assign large amt of workers to fix the gaza problem and electricity should most likely be promptly restored…and leave the electric OFF until the boys are found…..alive….quietly let all arab groups (HAMAS fatah PA) know that 1)the 100 million tax money Israel collects for PA will suffer a penalty if the boys are dead and each boys family gets 10 million dollars (total 30 million) out of that tax money and if bus exploded same thing from now on….even if all the money is used up!
    ALSO>>>>ten prisoners each day boys are missing shall be executed by random drawing…or even pick worst prisoners first….anyway without any news reporters told nor allowed to know….execute ten prisoners each day…don't worry the arabs will get the news out to their people!

    do not deny nor confirm…just ignore…if the boys are killed then 100 terrorists in prison per boy are executed in one or two days!
    the terrorists will decide that NO propaganda advantage since you silence all reporters (before/during/and after the kidnapping….all news is dead on these type stories….because ACTIONS speak louder than words!)
    when the arabs realize you TAKE ACTION quietly and a)discuss zero
    and b)give in nothing to them….they get zero deals! the only advantage to them in releasing the boys alive is the arabs avoid serious consequences! but NO advantages to killing the boys…no release of prisoners! no stopping builing houses no loss of Jewish land…no advantages to arabs…..let them quietly know they get screwed if boys harmed ! PERIOD! and do NOT publically blame anyone….only story is boys lost in Israel, we need all the help we can get…we would appreciate and thank anyone who finds and returns our lost boys and that includes PA hamas fatah etc….
    I think my plan will work if they believe you are NO BULL ….the ten executions per day and the awarding of the money to the families will convince arabs you are NO BULL! and not afraid of them!
    if you do any other plans…..the arabs will continue to kidnap and kill and blow up buses because ISRAEL media reporters and Israeli govt
    falls apart and is 100% occupied with scared words about the boys….
    actions speak louder than words speak softly and execute arabs

  3. You didn't sir. Helped MB in Libya pretty quick, Letting Iraq stew with a few airstrikes…on this he's been silent. I honestly think that by his actions and inaction's (IMHOO) he has ensured that he will be the first and last POTUS of color, and this is sad in what it says about us.

  4. Since you are certain it is Hamas then call upon Pope Francis for assistance with this matter since he has an amicable relationship with President Abbas of Palestine. That would be a good start for your President to take. Hope he does! Who is shepherding My People Israel?

  5. Judith Dowla of course there is a need for a strategic plan,but I'm sure that plan already lies on the table,it's just a matter of implementing it. Operation "Cast Lead"could have brought the solution but Israël let itself be reined back in by the heavy protests of the E.U.,the U.N. and the U.S. Israel has to take care of Hamas as soon as possible and this time for good, because if it does not destroy Hamas once and for all these problems will occur again and again.

  6. Besides Judith "All hell will break loose" anyway,it's just a matter of time. I hope Israel is prepared for it militarywise, I think it's better to act as soon as possible and in this way have the advantage of "first strike".
    Israel must prevent it's enemies from getting stronger and now is the time to act.

  7. This problem is endless. Any agreement is meaningless, unless total capitulation. Be prepared. In the next war,soon, every Palestinian home should be destroyed and all refugees taken to borders of Lebanon and Syria and dropped off. Disregard the outcry of the EU and others.Destroy the cancer before it kills you.

  8. If , which I highly doubt we should say goodbye to Israel in the coming years, the world can also say goodbye to most of the Middle-East. Israel will take down with it all of their enemies.all of those people who just out of pure heatred would not accept the Jewish people among them. In the event that the Jewish State ( G*d forbid ) should be on the brink of being overrun by it's enemies the Middle-East would be turned into a multiple scenario of big Mushroom Clouds wherein nothing would be able to live for hundreds of years. JUST REMEMBER THAT!!! Even the U.S. wouldn't be able to prevent that.

  9. The communities of Judea and Samaria are keeping Arab workers out of the communities to put pressure on the PA to return the kidnapped boys. I think that Arabs should not be allowed to cross IDF checkpoints at all until the boys are returned safely.

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