The Jerusalem Rabbinic Eiruv Committee has announced that this coming Shabbat, parshat Va’yechi, the Eiruv in the city is not reliable, due to the heavy snow fall.

So far, Jerusalem has endured just under two feet of snow, but as of Friday morning it’s still coming down.


Jerusalemites are advised not to carry any items from sundown to at least an hour past sunset.


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  1. … and I made the same mistake the author did; oops.

    Correction: 10 cm = 4 in.

    The author did the conversion wrong: 10 in = 25 cm. And if you accidentally swap centimeters for inches, you get 10 cm = 25 in = just over two feet. Which is wrong.

  2. Maybe 4" Friday morning, but the pictures I saw from Friday afternoon at (morning in the States) show a 12-18" snowfall. Cars don't get that buried in 4". We get that kind of heavy snow every 5-10 years in NYC

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