The IDF reportedly killed two terrorists and foiled a large-scale terrorist attack that included the murder of an Israeli worker at the Gaza security fence on Wednesday according to Channel 10.

Palestinian Authority media did not report that any terrorists were shot by Israeli fire, and a military spokeswoman told The Jewish Press it could not confirm or deny the report at this time.


Channel 10 claimed that the sniper fire that killed the worker, who was repairing the security fence, was part of a larger operation involving the planting of a very large bomb that was to be detonated when an IDF vehicle were to pass by.

Soldiers allegedly opened fire and killed two terrorists.

Later, the IDF retaliated for the murder and bombed terror targets, killing two people. Hamas said one of the victims was a three-year-old girl, but it frequently falsifies reports on deaths by claiming that victims are handicapped, pregnant women, mentally disturbed people and children.