IBA (Channel 1) News reports that 2 tunnel detection systems under test by the IDF have successfully worked under laboratory conditions. If the systems work as well in the field, then Israel will have a solution for tunnel detection within the year, at the cost of 1-1.5 billion NIS. (385-428 Million USD).

Channel 1 also reported a senior military source that for the one time cost of 3 Billion NIS, all of the IDF’s combat battlefield vehicles (Tanks, APCs, etc) could be outfitted with the Windbreaker 360 active defense system — giving the IDF a significant edge for upcoming warfare.



  1. Thank You, Lord God Almighty for giving Israel spiritual insight in all battles, superior wisdom, supernatural knowledge to develop secret weapons & technology, and victory over all their enemies. We give You, Lord, all the honor and the glory for protecting Your chosen people and the Promised Land You gave them. Amen. Amen. Shalom.

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