The Obama administration said Sunday there is “very little doubt” that the regime of Syrian President Bassar al-Assad used chemical weapons in an attack on civilians last week, killing hundreds of people.

A government source, who insisted on anonymity,  said that American intelligence officers reported to the White House on “the reported number of victims, reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured, and witness accounts.”


The official Syria media announced Sunday afternoon that authorities will allow United Nations officials to inspect the area of the chemical attack, but if details are ironed out, evidence of the attack likely will have disappeared by the time the officials arrive.


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  1. I completely agree, Bonnie.  And I’m disturbed that Israel has supported Obama on this, even narrowing down the blame to a particular regiment led by Assad’s brother.

  2. The Us should not get involved in Syria, it doesn't matter what Obama thinks or said, the US should go home, the big mistale that did the US under expresident Carter to let to dispose the Shah, now we see the problems in Midle East Muslims/Arabs countries with Muslims Brotherhood, the Allawites, hamas and the Hezbollah under the tutelage of Iran.

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