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A Jerusalem (Israel) Maternity Ward.

The US Supreme Court has agreed to examine the question as to whether or not an American citizen born in Jerusalem can have “Israel” listed on his (or her) passport as their country of birth.

The case is being brought on behalf of Jerusalem (Israel) born, Menachem Binyamin Zivotofsky, a US citizen. Zivotofsky’s parents tried to have Israel listed as his place of birth, but the US State Department didn’t allow it.


The constitutional question is whether only the President can allow Israel to be listed, something no president has allowed to happen so far, or if Congress can pass a law that overrides the president on what is claimed to be a foreign policy issue.

Congress actually passed the law in 2002 as part of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, but it was never enforced.

As an aside, if an American child is born in Tel Aviv, the passport will say, “Israel” as the place of birth.

Strangely enough, it’s been reported that the Jerusalem Consulate did add the country name for a man born in Jerusalem before 1948, they wrote “Palestine”.

Of course that is very problematic, as there never was a state of Palestine.

At best, the correct location should have been, “British Mandate for Palestine” or even “League of Nations Occupied Turkey”.

The State Department’s and White House’s official policy has been to not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Sounds very one-sided to me.

The case may be decided by June 2015.



  1. What is the reason that the US will not recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital?
    It has been the Jewish capital since the time of King David..

    It was is and always will be the capital of the Jewish state of Israel.
    How dare any other country tell the Jews/Israel where their capital is.?
    Are they being blackmailed by the Arabs, that if US recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, they will cut oil supplies?
    This has been a problem with every US president, not only Obama.

    israel should make a deal with USA. You hand California back to Mexico, and return the stolen land to the Red Indians, then Israel will accept the fact that you do not recognise Jerusalem as the Jewish state's capital.

    It has been biblically, the Capital of the Jewish state before the Arabs became anything.
    But of course, some churches do not recognise the Jewish Bibile. The TORAH They say that it has been replaced by the New Testament.
    In other words, they deny the existence of G-D.
    That is blasphemy and they should repent.
    That is the new "replacement theology"

    Nobody can "replace G-D's word"

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