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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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Palestinian Authority Still Teaching Kids to Hate Israel

Gaza children buying toy weapons, August 16, 2012.

Gaza children buying toy weapons, August 16, 2012.
Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90

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As the school year opens across the world, Gaza will have a new course taught in some of its schools, called Know Your Enemy. The class is a Hebrew course which Hamas officials decided to include back in March as part of the Gaza education curriculum this year.

According to a New York Times article in May, the director general of Hamas’s Ministry of Education, Mahmoud Matar, stated that “through the Hebrew language we can understand the structure of Israeli society, the way they think.”

It will be the first time the Hebrew language will be taught in Gaza schools in almost 20 years. If successful, Hamas will have all 180 schools in Gaza teach the Hebrew language in the future.

“We look at Israel as an enemy. We teach our students the language of the enemy,” said Matar in the Times article.

According to Dr. Eldad Pardo, a senior researcher at IMPACT-SE, (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education) and a teacher at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Matar’s hateful language against Israel is characteristic of the themes taught in Palestinian Authority school textbooks.

“Palestinian schoolchildren learn that Jews have no connection to the land of Israel, that Jews belong to Europe. These textbooks say nothing about the Jews from Arab countries,” Pardo told the Tazpit News Agency.

“Jewish holy places in Israel are not recognized. They are presented as Muslim holy sites taken over by Jews. There is no recognition of Jewish people as a nation. Israelis are depicted as criminals and thieves,” Pardo added.

“The fundamentals regarding Israel are the same, both in the secular PA textbooks and religious textbooks, although the religious textbooks take a significantly harder, more anti-Semitic line, glorifying martyrdom and jihad,” said Pardo.

IMPACT-SE conducted a study of 70 Palestinian Authority student books and 22 teacher guides, along with 25 student books issued by the PA Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs last year. All 118 books and guides are in current use at PA schools.

Pardo did emphasize that there were improvements in the secular government textbooks. “There are positive themes like equal rights for women, passages against terror and violence within society, more education for democracy, and the like.”

“But the bottom line is that these textbooks do not promote peace with Israel. There is not one map where Tel Aviv appears in a Palestinian textbook,” said Pardo.

Israel’s approach to the conflict is very different according to Pardo. “In the Israeli education system, there is much respect for Arab culture, recognition that Palestinians have a national movement and respect for holy Muslim sites. Students also learn Arabic in schools.”

In Israel, Arabic studies are compulsory from the seventh to ninth grade, while some schools continue to teach the language until the end of high school or begin in the fifth grade onwards. Arabic is Israel’s second official language. The former head of Arabic studies in Israel’s Ministry of Education, Dr. Shlomo Alon, stated to Israel’s Walla news site two years ago that “studying Arabic will promote tolerance and convey a message of acceptance.”

“The difference is that Israel sees itself as part of the Middle East region and wants to fit in, while the Arab world does not accept the Jewish state. This does not mean that there is no dialogue between Jewish and Arab students in Israel because there are many education programs bringing these students together—but that’s not what the PA wants Palestinian students learning from their textbooks,” concluded Pardo.

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About the Author: Anav Silverman is a regular contributor to Tazpit News Agency.

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68 Responses to “Palestinian Authority Still Teaching Kids to Hate Israel”

  1. Hend David says:

    Lets call it war then

  2. Adam Wilson says:

    thats fine, lets see how your fake "allah" helps…

  3. Hend David says:

    you stupid hahahahaha allah is the arabic world for God and you stupid twice I'm christian and I won't do Jihad on you!! you westerns crack me up with your stupidity!Oh GOd I'm having a good laugh

  4. Adam Wilson says:

    how can you claim to be Christian yet hate Israel? keep laughing goob

  5. Hend David says:

    I hate people like you who defense Israel blindlessly. Do I have to love it because I'm christian? No, we can co-exist and both countries start healing from past event. I just hate misunderstanding and deceptive policies!

  6. no u teach them to hate all the Arabs its written in telmud all Arabds should dead , I have posted many links about how je teach their kids to hating arabs.

  7. whu all your discussions are only about Arabs , islem? iwould like to know it really.

  8. Roc Diaz says:

    hend david,
    the bull**** is that you think your land is being taken away. guess what it was never yours. it been ours since biblical times and today
    G-d has allowed us to settle it. you have the rest of the arab territories that belong to you. israel doest not.

  9. Roc Diaz says:

    i have never seen or herd of a jew teaching their children to hate anyone including the arabs. but the arabs teach it constantly to their children at home and in the schools. all of the arab youth gangs throughout europe who are infiltrating attacks on innocent jews are getting their hate right there in the home from their parents. in the arab communities in israel, there is lots and lots of documentation of school teachers brainwashing tiny children to be suicide bomers and its in their school book texts as well. this is a very well known fack and its hateful and discusting.

  10. okay ill send y photos cause i know that jew denied all the truths and hide it y ganna see by yr eyes

  11. u jew y know only blaming others because of yr fear and weakness , stop it its shamefull

  12. do u have land y have stolen Palestine where was y before 48 where?

  13. Hend David says:

    Where were you or your father or your grandparents before 1948?? I know mine were in Palestine and long before 1948… I don't care what you think is yours or not. This land belong to Palestinians and you are occupiers. what do you say about jews and Rabbais who believe that israel is an occupier and Paestine belongs to the palestinians?

  14. do u know that y are liars all of y , u have hidden all the truths where were y before 48? u have stolen all the arabic lands , u want to rule this world by using wrong propagandas , teach yr childs how to hate arabs and shooting them , ill post y pics , ur army bombs babies , childs and women , y are liarssssssssssssss , noone belives y , jerusalem is arabic sAlah eddine fought romans where were yr grand fathers at that time , i cant discuss with liars

  15. Adam Wilson says:

    imanita..go back to TRYING to debate Islam Exposed. You cant prove a point on that site or this one. Palestine IS Canaan–ISRAEL's. you are still stupid….

  16. ffffffffffffff only bla bla bla

  17. Adam Wilson says:

    of course, your usual ignorant words when you are pointed out as uneducated and for what you really are. Oh yeah, apparently you still havent learned to put complete sentences together yet huh?

  18. u are the barbaric , i havent seen another barbarity like in Israel

  19. Adam Wilson says:

    and another thing-WHO"S army is bombing algeria?????

  20. Adam Wilson says:

    and also, who has stolen arab lands???? You make these statements claiming other people doing these things, yet its your people who have used war and violence to TRY to control most of north africa and the middle east

  21. Adam Wilson says:

    barbaric?? Look at the societies of all these countries you weirdo, ONLY muslim countries still use religion to kill its own people.ALL muslim countries are poor, backwards, and hundreds of years behind other countries as far as technology and normal everyday items. And when you can tell me prior to 1947 what was the currency, the flag, who was the prime minster or the Supreme Court justice of Palestine, then we can talk…

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