Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90

Arabs in Gaza, Jerusalem, Yafo and the Israeli territories protested against America, free speech, and the “Innocence” movie. From Al Qaida supporting Salafists to Hamas, the entire range of Palestinian culture was represented on Friday’s protests across the country.


A group of Israeli hikers, who every Friday hike around a different area of the country, had stones thrown at them by 20 Palestinians near Beit Hagai. No hiker was injured.



  1. The protesters are being heard shouting 'we are all Osama.'

    Imagine how they will react to the 'Killing of Osama bin Laden' movie that is coming out. The White House actually cooperated with that movie. Is that going to be labelled an abuse of free speech?

  2. No indeed, I am in agreement on freedom of expression: We could also make a video about Jesus, or something funny about the Jews, the Buddhists, or better yet… But that's not the point. The truth is that America implements the seemingly small and trivial, only through the obvious reactions to create a climate of fear in regard to Islam, this is a serious issue. All strategies to make the already tense climate, even worse, pretending to public opinion, that Islam is extremism-terrorism and as such must be eliminated.

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