Despite the previous decision to not return any terrorist bodies, Israel will be handing over more than 20 bodies of terrorists who were killed in this recent wave of terror.

The transfer will happen in the afternoon.


Hamas still holds the bodies of two IDF soldiers and refuses to return them.



  1. At the very beginning of all this I wrote we should return to the policies of the 70s and either keep the bodies (until the violence stops without explanation of their disposition) or Midnight burials maximum 10 mourners no documenting nationalsti outburst cordoned off by a strong IDF presence.

  2. A pig's ear? No, they should be packed tightly with porcine offal. After all, we wouldn't want their precious 'bodies' bruised in transit. Ideally, they would be run through wood chippers and fed to pigs. They forfeited any human consideration when they committed terrorist acts.

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