Photo Credit: Kobi Richter/TP

Several hundred protesters blocked a section of Route 65, near the Arab city of Wadi Ara during Shabbat, and several stones were thrown at an Egged bus when public transportation resumed after Shabbat ended. Police spokespeople described the incident as “nothing major” and said police quickly opened up the road.

The bus driver was injured lightly and two suspects were arrested.


The protests in the Israeli Arab sector followed a series of disturbances in Jerusalem earlier in the day, near Damascus Gate. Four police officers were lightly wounded and treated at the scene and 13 protesters were arrested.

In Judea and Samaria, the IDF said that the number of protesters had fallen from Friday’s Day of Rage. They said some 600 protesters clashed with IDF and Border Police troops at several dozen flash-points in Judea and Samaria and in the Gaza Strip over Shabbat. Six Palestinian Authority Arabs were arrested and six lightly wounded, the army said.

Notably, however, the protests were smaller than Arab officials had hoped for and tamer than other recent demonstrations have been.

In August thousands of residents of Umm al-Fahm attended the funeral of Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Jabarin, 29, Muhammad Hamad Abdel Latif Jabarin, 19 and Muhammad Ahmed Mafdal Jabarin, 19, the terrorists who had murdered two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount in mid-July.