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Anti-Syrian War demonstrators in London

More than 55,000 people were killed in Syria in 2015, including at least 2,500 children, the monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. This number brings the overall death toll in the five-year conflict to 260,000. The actual death toll for the past year was 55,219, including 20,977 civilians.

The terror groups ISIS, al-Nusra Front and their affiliates sustained 16,212 casualties; Syrian rebel groups took 7,798 casualties. However, the Syrian Observatory noted that the actual figure might be a lot higher, since these groups do not report their losses.


Forces fighting on the side of the Syrian regime also suffered heavy casualties: 8,819 soldiers and officers were killed in 2015, and more than 7,000 Hezbollah and Iranian militia fighters met their maker.

The monitoring agency notes, however, that 2015 saw fewer deaths than 2014, when 76,021 were killed in Syria.

“We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights consider the silence of the international community for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria encourages the criminals to kill more and more Syrian people,” the UK-based agency said in its report Thursday.

Naturally, with the UN passing 20 anti-Israel resolutions last month, there was precious little time left for the Syrian concern. But the Security Council did approve on December 18 a resolution to find a political solution in Syria as soon as possible, and even gave up the debate over whether this should take place with or without Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still in power.

The Security Council called for a political process to establish “credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance,” within six months and for free and fair elections to be held within 18 months.

So things are looking up after all.



  1. It seems as if division is the object in all of the 20 anti Israel passing. Seems as if the objective of hate is motive. Yet only those in world seats not GODS people are behind evil . We need not be puppets on strings to allow blame being cast on innocent sinless souls.

  2. As an American it pains me to know that my country bankrolls the un with lofty intent but it has rarely achieved anything beneficial for free men.Many blame the mess in the Arab world on American involvement in the region but to me Saddam had to go but Obamas quick withdrawal did allow for groups like the perverted isil to emerge In the end the Arab spring was people wanting to be free of tyranny but rarely If at all do Arabs govern themselves without letting the letting dictators or crazed imans lead them to death and destruction so women and children die while evil men full of hate rampage.

  3. "A credible inclusive and non-sectarian government in 6 months and free and fair elections within 18 monthes? Really??
    Do these pathetic, overpaid clowns in the Useless Nations even realize just how silly they sound ?
    Well, probably not.

  4. Remember it was Hillary, who as part of her ficticious Arab Spring launched the Strian civil war with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Was she motivated by stupidity or by the millions the Saudis were paying her usband and their foundation? Either way, the woman is unfit to be president.

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