Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, half of the Ari and Jeremy team at the Land of Israel, and regular contributor at JewishPress.com was arrested by police on the Temple Mount this morning.

He may have been one of the reasons the Temple Mount was temporarily shut down for Jews earlier today.


Jeremy was making a video documentary of his entire visit to the Temple Mount today, from beginning to end, when it took a turn he wasn’t expecting.

After other groups reported being able to pray on the Temple Mount these past few days, these Jewish visitors were not expecting that on this particular visit the police were going to try and stop them from praying, but to a certain extent that’s what happened.

The police allowed them to pray in silent meditation, but anyone even slightly moving their lips were told to stop.

Jeremy describes that at a certain point, when standing opposite the Holy of Holies, he felt spiritually and emotionally overwhelmed by his visit.

He went over to a policeman and said to him, “I hope you’re not mad at me, but I have to do, what I have to do.”

He hugged the police officer and then prostrated himself on the floor in prayer, which he described as a spiritual explosion, after which he was arrested.

Jeremy said it was one of the highlights of his life.

Watch the 11 minute video of Jeremy Gimpel’s preparations and visit to the Temple Mount today.

Jeremy was released a short time after his arrest.